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  1. GC9CBB The Grotto ...a virtual in Memphis. 424 fave points or GC132 LPS001...375 fave points and the first geocache placed in Tennessee.
  2. The Tennessee Zero Milestone is located in the Tennessee Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park in Nashville.
  3. August, 2001 here. Started caching in Memphis and moved back to Texas in 2003.
  4. try this address http://web.hgcs.org/forum/
  5. Geocoins seem to disappear less on your side of the pond than they do here in the US.
  6. Just got a package from my "secret cupid" today Inside was a nice card with 2 cardinals on the front and a hogwild benchmark coin, a 2006 Camp Explorer coin, a 2006 Oakleaf with santa hat from Oakcoins and a VT-GeoDevils sig item Now I have to get off my --- and mail a package! THANKS!!!
  7. Still doing a bit of research for my "mission". My absolute favourite geocoin is a personal non-trackable from Pepper, a very sweet lady She gave it to me at an event.
  8. Have recieved my email and name. Now have to check and see what coins they need or want!
  9. Email sent I can hear it now, my folks asking me who sent those coins? Dont know who I reply
  10. Been caching in England, Scotland and tried to locate a few inside Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan(LOTS of armed muggles at Bagram
  11. Ranger 216 Christmas Series Geocoins Cache Is King Geocoin with a note thanking me for purchasing the coin, now thats service with a smile
  12. Just got mine today Its supposed to go to Moju, Brazil. If I dont hear from any cachers in Brazil, will just send it somewhere else.
  13. I just recieved a Unite For Diabetes TB and it is meant to travel to a cache in or near Moju, Brazil. If any cacher in Brazil is willing, I will post it to them.
  14. "Santa....Is it too late to be good? "
  15. Thanks for the coin nielsenc (Just read the label on the package!) Im gonna place it on the rack where Mom hangs our Christmas stockings
  16. In the mail yesterday I got an unexpected coin that I know I didnt order Must be from a secret Santa......Its an oakleaf with a Santa Claus hat from Oakcoins. THANKS to whoever sent it my way
  17. Another nomination for Geek-Qualizer! Jason has given more to our favourite sport, game whatever you choose to call it than anyone I can think of. He is always ready to help any cacher in need.
  18. I met Ewan in April 2005 at an event on the Isle of Bute. Have 2 unactivated UFO coins to send. Email is on the way.
  19. email sent. Ordered 2, one for Mom who is a breast cancer survivor and for my Aunt Hattie who lost her life due to breast cancer.
  20. Mtn-Man Admin Brick coin 2 Cdn Reviewers coin GeoPenguin coin Caching Around America coin These arrived in the mail today along with a few bills which I dont have to pay
  21. Just ordered a coin for my collection here in Texas
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