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  1. Absolutely. I never post the photo and delete them when I am sure I no longer need them.
  2. I often take a photo of the trackable with the number showing in order to avoid this situation. Then I can delete the photo when I do actually drop it off or pass it on.
  3. If you use Cachly you can change the order of your caches. I had to do that a while back. You can specify the date and time of any cache by editing. Best of luck.
  4. That is like 254 counties in Texas but without all the miles.
  5. One way to avoid that is to move the event every year like MOGA. 2022 in Illinois, 2023 in Michigan with several other moves previously. GC9BX4C
  6. Here in Florida I did some geoart caches and completed the whole series. Some time later the series was adopted out to another cacher because the CO had moved out of the area. I happened to look at my D/T grid one day and found that it was completely filled out. The new CO had changed the. D/T ratings on this series of roadside caches to false numbers. I contacted the new CO and he defended the changes by saying that some people thanked him for the changes. I have a complete D/T grid that I did not earn and I don't like that. Not everyone plays by the same rules.
  7. That is wonderful. it just makes me jealous a bit.
  8. If you host an event it could be a blatant request for someone to adopt your cache. Moving Away so Please Adopt my Geocache Event. Then I went to see what events were in Sacramento and I found your going away event. Sounds like you had a good group attending. You could send an announcement to the cache attendees and offer your caches for adoption. Good luck with the adoptions and your new Tennessee location.
  9. I have personal trackables that travel with me when I am geocaching and I log a visit for them in each cache. I frequently take a photo of them beside the log sheet, That helps to show that I was really there, lets me post a photo for my trackables, and it lets the CO look at a few other signatures. I have not had to deal with fake logs on my own caches but I have on my trackables.
  10. I have seen scooters on a paved trail on an old railroad right of way here in Florida. But some of the trails prohibit motorized vehicles. That restriction may predate battery powered bikes and scooters but I believe it has to do with where the money came from to create the trail. Some organizations want those restrictions before they commit their money. I think the scooter would be very advantageous in urban areas.
  11. I happen to like cemetery caches, partly because the residents don't seem to mind me walking around looking. In Florida they do not allow geocaches in cemeteries but I have seen some on the periphery, such as the fence or a tree just outside the confines of the cemetery. In Michigan and Indiana they are common, even at times right at the headstone, although that is not the norm. I recently included a cemetery stop in a multi-cache.
  12. It was in an email to premium members, Which Tracker Are You?
  13. Welcome to our activity/hobby/activity/obsession. A good way to get acquainted with other geocachers is to attend events. The closest one I saw to you is GCA09FD, MGS 2022 MGS Holiday Swap and Potluck. Check it out.
  14. I’m glad I learned how to open and close ammo cans without the mandatory service.
  15. That will help if the cacher is active but if not, one may need to enlist the help of other cachers.
  16. In your post you do not give any indication of your location. It is possible there is a geocaching group in your area and they could help.
  17. I am not the guy who does either the long or significant hikes. Legs too short. Body too old. So what is significant or what is long for me is much different than for you. I remember being somewhere in Ontario years ago about a mile from my car by myself without cell phone service (in Canada) and thought what would I do if such and such would happen? And I usually cache alone. That event modified my caching. But I like it that there are those who do those long and significant hikes. Cache on.
  18. One could be jealous of those who live where countries are small and it is relatively easy to go from one to the other. On my trips to Europe (before geocaching) it amazed me how easy it was to travel between countries. In the USA we have to be content with adding states and if you live in the east it is much easier than in the west. But one geocaches where one lives and plans trips to add interest to our hobby/sport/activity/pastime.
  19. Some hikes may be long and easy. Others long and difficult. Terrain and other features may rise to significant without being long.
  20. A Straight line between two points is the shortest distance. As the crow flies or as a GPS indicates when it is not in navigation mode.
  21. I have left FTF prizes outside the geocache with a note inside with the log that tells where to find the prize, such as ‘under a rock by the post’. I also left one outside the container with camouflage in a situation where discovery by a muggle was very unlikely.
  22. In my area it is not uncommon for a new cache to include something for the first finder in the form of a gift card or a geocoin of some sort. Two questions: 1. What have you seen in your area that was placed in the cache as a FTF prize? 2. What have you placed in your new caches for the first finder to take?
  23. I guess I am fortunate to have the opportunity to travel so getting the souvenirs for the current promotion has come without much effort. A few times I have hunted for caches of a specific type to get my points quicker but in the end it did not hurry things up much. Some of the promotions have not interested me much but I like Signal so this one is fine. Back when the 31 days of caching promotion came along, I was not paying attention to the promotions so I have several but not all of the 31 souvenirs. If that one happened now I would certainly work to get all 31. A personal goal over the past year was to have at least 10 caches per day on my calendar. Many times I had to travel 45 minutes or an hour to get them but my summer and winter quarters both have plenty of caches to go after. I am glad I don’t live in a geocaching desert.
  24. I bought a GPS because I was going to Ecuador and I wanted to stand on the equator and mark 0 degrees N/S. After I returned home I wondered what I would do with my expensive toy. I heard about geocaching and gave it a try. After a couple tries I contacted a geocacher that had found the one I was looking for and he pointed me in the right direction. For me it is the right combination of tech toys, getting outside, travel, and discovery. After 20 years I am still enjoying it. Northernmost - Iceland Southernmost - Argentina Highest - Pikes Peak Lowest - Dead Sea Farthest from home - Kenya East/West - Japan/Hawaii Most recent accomplishment - Contiguous counties Atlantic to Pacific
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