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You might be a geocacher if...

Guest ClayJar

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.. Your ENTIRE car and car contents smell AWFUL from the stink weed you managed to trek through.


.. You HAVE to do laundry by your day off, just to make sure you've got your thermals clean to cache in.


.. You have to grocery shop some other day, due to the lack of space in your trunk at the moment.


.. You've ever bought out a store of all of their Fob keychains, camo tape, and black model pant and had to explain it to the cashier.

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You might be a geocacher if you own a vest that is just used for geocaching or geocaching events.

I wear my vest to geocaching events, the vest has lots of pockets and many places to stick patches and pins and each one is geocaching related in some way. If you own a geocaching vest you might even make your own name badge.


A geocaching vest;




Here is a description of my geocaching vest and the permanent attachments from the top down;


The Right Side;

A Rendez-vous 2008 Pin, Canda's first Mega-cache and planned to coincide with Quebec's 400th anniversary, the last event I attended.

A patch from the first Geocoinfest in Temecula California where I had the honour of meeting Moun10bike.

Two San Jose geocaching pins (for which I also own the matching geocoin) that were given to me by California geocacher/geocoiner Marky. I had the pleasure of meeting Marky during the Poker game at first Geocoinfest. I came in fourth place, just out of the winners circle, and I think he felt sorry for me! He shouldn't have, I was the player who managed to stop Groundspeak employee/ringer Raine out of the tournament, it was a lot of fun and Raine gave me one of his Version I coins, it is one of my favourite geocoins.

A Harriman Pirates pin, the pirates are an important group but they don't take stuff, they make you take it, not very piratelike that. ;)

A Geocoinfest pin.

A Caching Place pin and an Oakcoins pin, great people there at both of those places.

A Dinosaur Provincial Park pin, this is one of the neatest places on the entire planet and I live just one hour away, a favourite family camping spot and special part of southern Alberta.

A Garmin patch (I couldn't find a Magellan patch - not).


Left side;

A BC Pin given to me by the Landsharkz, a great source for geocaching items and more importantly, the ultimate source for great and truly "Canadian" geocoins. Chris and Helen are truly gifted and talented people and they created and support the Park Friendly initiative, I try to place Park Friendly caches whenever I can, I think it is vital to continuing good relations with the park and land managers.

A Support our Troops pin, I support the young men and women who fight for freedom with the Canadian Armed Forces and I think it is vital that citizens stand behind their efforts. I was given this pin at the Alberta Geocoinfest Event which was part of the international Geocoinfest Multi Event.

A GeocoinFest Multi Event pin. I helped organizre the Alberta Event and we had a great time, it was held in a central community and geocachers came from everywhere in the province.

A geocaching.com pin, naturally.

A Medicine Hat pin, this one is not often seen, you won't get this pin at "The Post". I found and purchased a bunch of these pins as swag items and kept one.

A Bronze Earthcache Master pin.

An Alberta Wild Rose provincial pin capturing for me the experience of creating the Wild Rose coin with Calgary artist Miles Finlay and a group of geocachers representing every area of the province.

An Alberta Great Horned Owl provincial pin, this small pin signifies my love of birds and serves to captiure my Birds cache series.

A 2005 Alberta pin to celebrate the centennial.

A Silver Earth Cache Master pin.

My name tag which featrures my forum avatar and my real name along with my geocaching handle.

A Geocaching.com patch.

A cacher patch.

Not part of the vest but geocaching related, a Yellowstone tee-shirt purchase while visiting Yellowstone and geocaching along the way. We found one of the oldest caches in the world on that trip, GC18 Tarryall, we also found the oldest caches in Wyoming and Montana, a great trip and a true family adventure.

That is everything so far but I keep adding things as times goes on.


So that is my geocaching event vest, and if you have one of those you might be a geocacher.

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...your name tag just has a picture of a north arrow...


...the boss isn't surprised to see you rolling into work an hour late... he got the notification too.


...you honor the loss of a loved one with a travel bug in their name.


... your Christmas list is a series of hyptertext links to geocaching swag websites.

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This may have already been done at some point, But here I go any ways.

Post you best, You might be a GeoCacher if ……………………

I will compile a list of all posted, You might be’s in a couple of weeks and then get you all to vote on the top 20.


Here is mine.


You might be a Geocacher if you plan all your vacations and trips around caching!

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You might be a geocacher if...


You find yourself distracted from the plot on a Tv show, by noticing great hiding spots in the scenery, or items that would make excellent cache containers. This has happened while watching many different shows.


Had an episode of "Hogan's Heroes" on in the background the other day. Looked up to see Hogan and his men coming back to camp, disappearing down into their tunnel through a hollwed out stump. Now that would be a great cache!

(Of course, if caching existed back in the 40's, the German cachers would have been on to them in a flash...)


Just knowing that the fake stump may be sitting in some warehouse, covered in dust on the back of some shelf, makes me wistful. :)

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You know how to jump a curb with a Buick, to get on to the fire trail that leads to a coveted find.


You find yourself deep in the mud on an offraid trail, and your vehicle is a Buick LeSabre. Just because you happened to be using the Buick when you saw the cache looking so close on the little map. while driving someplace for a completely different purpose!


You realize you don't care about the Buick just yet, as you still have to find the cache.


You realize how well a Buick can do offroad, and this makes you happy. Not because it can get you out of the sloppy mud your mirred in, but because you know you can do it again should the need arise for another possible cache in the future.


You get home and realize that you didn't accomplish what you left home to do initially. But you got three new finds to add to your list.


You return home to find the entire kitchen covered with debris and are panic stricken for a moment. . . . Not because of the mess, but because you think the dog has destroyed your new cache items. Once you realize it is only trash and garbage, it somehow seems OK, and you are relieved. But now you still have to clean up the mess, and really don't care.


You walk around the area you work in with the smug knowledge that you are privy to the secrets of all the local cache locations. AND . . . You don't care that others really don't care about their existance, locations, or even what they are. Your still one up on them anyway!


You care enough to sit down with 4 packages of 100 tiny stickers each, and sort them by character and pose, so each cache will get the same assortment of of swag items. AND . . . you think a kid is going to care about the count being even and fair.


Okay, everyone, here it is. (I'll let you guys kick it off.) You might be a geocacher if...

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......you can't watch any movie with your wife, even one on the Lifetime Channel, without proclaiming "That'll be a good spot for a cache, right there."


Just happened! I'm sitting here, minding my own business, as usual, watching "Lord of the Rings" when this scene comes on.




What should be feelings of fear & suspense, is instead replaced by yearning. Now there's a good cache spot! Even fooled the big scary muggle!

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...you get sent 2 isles over in the grocery store to get a bag of sugar that you and your wife forgot, and she then comes looking for you just to find you checking out the water-tight seals on the TupperWare containers!<BR>(TRUE STORY! icon_rolleyes.gif<!--graemlin::huh:-->)<BR><BR>Team Shuey<BR>Riverview, Florida<BR><A HREF="http://www.apollobeach.com/geocaching/main.shtml" TARGET=_blank>Shuey's Web Site</A><BR>Buy CamelBaks<BR><A HREF="http://www.reliancesales.com/camelbakstore.shtml" TARGET=_blank>CLICK HERE</A><BR><BR>QUOTE:<BR><BR>To be happy with a man you must understand<BR>him a lot, but love him a little!<BR>To be happy with a woman you must love her<BR>a lot, but try NOT to understand her at all!


...if you can name each and every kind of geocaching container that you have seen, where it comes from, who makes it, when it was bought,where it was most likely pruchased from, and probably how much it costs. And if you can do this for each and eavry site that sells caches, and what size it would be listed as, and what would be the best place and way to hide it, along with when in the day, week, month, and year. Thanks. gwf[:ph34r:] ;)

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:ph34r: ...you've ever broken a major bone while geocaching and you crawled the rest of the way to the cache before calling for help. :P


Notice that word "before". :P Make that capitalized. :huh: Okay, now let's try that again. :P


...you've ever broken a major bone while geocaching and you crawled the rest of the way to the cache BEFORE calling for help.


Much better. ;) Thanks. gwf :)

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You know the first names of every CVS, Walgreen and Kmart photo department employee within a 20 square mile radius just to have first dibs on the empty 35mm containers.


I don't, but I do go to stores to find containers like that. :unsure: Here is a hint: always go to the large stores. Never the small tiny ones and gas stations unless it is a photo store. :rolleyes:B) Then it is allowed because you will actually have something to call a prize. :( Thanks. gwf

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...you've copied and pasted the previous "ifs"... just because.


...you keep telling yourself you can't hide more than you find.


...you are kept awake all night because of that creative cache you found. now the ideas for similar ones won't stop.


...your family and friends still don't understand your hobby, but love you anyway.


...you wonder if you could get that catnip smell out of the "real look" mouse you seen in the store.(it has a pocket and everything. just imagine :rolleyes: )


...a micro is hanging in front of your computer screen"drying".


...you are sure you ate, just can't remember when.


...you feel sorry for towns with no caches.


...you feel the need to place caches in said towns for someone to find.


...because of lack of nutrients and sleep deprivation, you feel the need to find someone in said town to teach about caching.


Let me add a couple.


...if you are kept awake at night trying to devise that cache or series of caches.*


...if you are waking up at night and start thinking about caching almost immediately after you wake.*


...if you fantasize about that you designed or are designing, found or are trying to find.*


...if you are wondering how to go about designing that cache,* find that far off cache,* sneak out of the house without anyone noticing, getting back inside and in bed without anyone noticing so you can say you were in bed four hours before you really were(works really well if you share a room), etc.


...if you are trying to think about how to design that cache so it won't be considered an agenda.*


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...if your Medical Alert Bracelet says "In Case of Emergency, GoTo N37:34.911 W85:33.911"


you actually go to google maps to look at those co-ordinates!


They are acually easier to find, since you don't have to wait for the server to load all the geocaches within the area. Especially if you don't want to go outside to get a place picked out. It is a lot faster too. Not kidding. B):rolleyes::unsure::(

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.. if you decide to make alive an old post (post above)


.....you decide to go caching in long pants, with a knee brace underneath. and your going biking


you decide that the best spot for a cache is in the middle of a thorny sticker patch and your wearing shorts and a t shirt when you place it.


I did (GC1FNA7)

That will probably happen to me, owing to the fact that I ride me bike A LOT! That is the bold part I was talking about. Everything else willprobably also happen to me at some point in time. Thanks, and have a great day! gwf :(:D:D:unsure:B):rolleyes::D

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