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  1. I've been away for a few months, and I'm pretty hazy in the memory, but I don't think I made my cache GC1KTQA a PMO. And yet it is! Now, this is odd, as I am not a PM myself. I would like to alter this status, and can't quite figure out how.
  2. They probably did make the investment in the real coin, and don't want to release it into a game where most coins go missing within a week or two and never appear again. So she sends out the traveling laminate using the number, and gets to keep the actual coin in her collection.
  3. I'm moving back onto the Lady Washington in the beginning of March, and wondering if there are any active cachers in Aberdeen who'd like to be in touch while the ship's in her home port.
  4. Shouldn't this thread be in the offtopic forum?
  5. The islands aren't too cache-heavy that you couldn't do two in a day, then come back to Anacortes on the late boat for hotels/camping. Shaw, for instance, only has three caches, and could easily be done between one ferry arrival and the next.
  6. Yeah... I'd consider this if you had paypal, but giving out my CC to Joe Random over the phone? Not a chance. Sorry.
  7. So long as it's not a swan. A full-grown trumpeter swan can kill you!
  8. If anyone can get four of them up the Skagit/Anacortes area, I will absolutely buy them.
  9. I really want to get 4, but I'm up here in Skagit County and it's one heck of a drive in this heat.
  10. These are the big ones for me. That sudden adrenalin thrill is awesome. Sure, it's great to plan a caching trip and go find some cool caches, but it doesn't have anything near the sheer impetus of a FTF race. And in busier caching grounds, you're probably going to run into some friends near GZ.
  11. I'd love to take three or four off your hands. Where are you?
  12. What the heck is a small majority? 51%? I work on the Washington State Ferries. Every single time I've loaded that car deck, at least 15 cars out of the 100 we carry come aboard on their cell phones. And this isn't a normal driving situation, this is a close-confines situation where you are driving within 1-3' of steel walls, unprotected deck workers and other passengers, and other cars. Workers have been hit and put on permanent disability by cell-phone-drivers. And it's already illegal, since the WSF are technically part of the highway system of WA. I'm in favor of these sort of protective laws. Your right to live comes way above my right to fiddle with my GPS on the road.
  13. Will this offer still be there in 3-4 years? I'm sailing by Cyprus sometime around then.
  14. When I work on a challenge, I'm usually traveling a lot farther than I would be in my daily caching, so I'm careful to pick caches I really think I'd enjoy for that challenge. Hikes, boat caches, mountains. But in day-to-day caching, I just find whatever's in the vicinity of my other plans for that day. Micros, junk caches, whatever. So... which group would you rather your cache be in?
  15. I have a red coffee canister in the rocks of a breakwater, and have never had a report of damp log or animal disturbances.
  16. Ockette


    About this, though: A FTFer can only do this once per cache. Other cachers do it again and again and again with far less motivation. I've seen a favorite local cache retired because cachers, none of them the FTF, had destroyed the terrain to the extent that a small tree fell down.
  17. Any pharmacy has tiny bags for pills. I got 500 for $2.50 from Rite Aid a while ago.
  18. I was under the impression that GC/LB hybrids were offset caches, with the coordinates at a starting point and letterbox-style clues from there to the cache.
  19. Just today, eight stings from stepping ankle-deep in a wasps' nest. And three DNFs to add insult to injury.
  20. I hid a cache in the hedge outside my living room window for exactly that reason. Better than birdwatching.
  21. There are quite a few cachers with travel bug (the bug made from a barcode) tattoos I'm planning on getting this one in the next year or two.
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