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You might be a geocacher if...

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You have a car accident and when the rescue squad arrives they find you unconcious with a GPSr in one hand and a PDA in the other.


You show your vacation pictures to your friends and they consist of old tree trunks, fallen trees, pictures of kitchen containers in natural settings and several pictures of your family posed like tourists in front of virtual caches holding your GPSr.


Your Birthday cake is a rectangular shape and has olive drab icing. The candles are bison tubes with a flaming cache log paper sticking out of each one.


You take batteries out of your digital camera to feed the GPSr.


You forget a pen so try to use a sharp stick and a leaf as natural "carbon paper" to sign the log.


You hide the kids presents in the woods in ammo cans and fill the christmas stocking with home made cache pages. The kids draw straws to see who gets to use the family GPSr first.


You tell your kids that 2 of the 8 reindeer are named Cacher and Dasher.

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...you have to sort through the batteries in your pocket(s) to find change for the phone.<BR><BR>------------------<BR>Remember, character is what you do when no one is watching. TTFN, logscaler

...and along with the batteries there's scrunched up listing print-outs, pen knife, TB's and more batteries, PDA, camera, phone, trades...

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you have a late night (around midnight) argument with your spouse...


and its about caching...


cause there's a new puzzle cache in the area...


that you just figured out...


and its only a half hour away by car...


and you just have to try for FTF!


and finally, the spouse (husband for me) says "fine, on one condition..." and you don't argue about the condition because there's an FTF to be had.


and when you come home with the FTF, you get p'o'd that the spouse in question is now asleep so you can't even have a private victory celebration.

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...you buy a backpack child carrier for the sole purpose of bringing your baby on cache hunts, that way you don't have to leave her at the babysitter.


We got ours 2 weeks ago, and tried it out the very day we got it!




We got ours 3 weeks ago and Jr is only 8 weeks old. We're waiting for him to hold his head up sufficiently so we can use it! ;)


Mind you... he's already getting dragged around in the front pack!!!! :P

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You're at work and notice something in your shoe, and you pull out a thorn at least an inch long and you think nothing of it while everybody around you wonders how you didn't know something like that was there. (this happened to me on monday)

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Duh. We all know who Santas reindeer are, just remember that part of the poem.


With a little old driver so lively and quick,

I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.

More rapid than eagles, his coursers they came,

And he whistled and shouted and called them by name:


Now Cacher! Now Dasher! Now, Lorance and Garmin!

On, Navstar! On, TomTom! On, Magellen and Glonass!

To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall!

Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!

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you might be a cacher...


-you are known to drive hundreds of miles just to find a tubberware in a forest


-you give people presents from thing you find in an ammo box


-get up at crack at dawn to find something outside (but would not get up to go to work)


-people ask direction to your house..."oh it is at North 42 53.888 West 085 12.677


-people ask for direction to a park..."oh it is at North 42 22.075 West 085 15.667


-if the only thing you talk about is tubberware...ammo box....a hole in tree...gps


-you drive to your friend's house and make a detour because there is a nano nearby

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When you go on a weekend trip to Chicago with 2 of your best friends. And while they are shopping and looking in the store windows you are taking pictures of every virtual on Michigan Avenue. And posing in front of, inside of and above the Garmin store. And nearly passing out when you realize that your hotel window looks right down on it, so you sleep all night with the curtain open so you can keep an eye on it.


And longingly looking at every park you pass that there is no time for, because you just know there is a cache there waiting for you.....



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... you rush out at lunch to mail off your taxes, look at the clock, realize you /might/ just have time to hide that new cache in the woods... and end up trekking a mile and a half and getting back to work late anyway. But happy. And end up complaining how long the lines were in the post office, which of course is why you are late...


I did this today! (McGator, if you are reading this, shhhh! Don't tell!)

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You may be a cacher if


Your upcoming vacation to Maui is divided into Caching Days based on geological terrain: Lahaina, Bamboo forest, snorkel caches and lava beds


You have two lists of caches for each area. Each day we will pick a list and those are the caches to find.


Son #2 shows up Sunday morning with a brand new shiny Garmin after calling Son #1 and telling him not to plan anything because they were teaming up to teach the "Old People" how to find caches.


This of course after my husband suggested that Son #2 couldn't find his butt in the woods with a map a flashlight AND a GPS.


So much for hanging around the pool sipping pina coladas..... ;)

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heh heh heh...you come back from lunch an hour late, your dress shoes are caked with mud, and you the bottom 6 inches of your pants are covered in burrs....busted!


... dripping wet from being caught in a storm, only to find that your boss has scheduled a meeting for you that same afternoon with one on the vice presidents of the organization. I bet I made a good impression _that_ day. And I didn't even get the FTF ;)

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. . . You can pick an easter egg hunt clean in 45 seconds.


. . . In your mind you picture easter eggs as dozens of brightly colored micro caches.


. . . you've ever actually looked for a micro cache.


. . . your work notepad can only be translated by a cartographer.



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... you can't wait till your doc gives you the postpartum okay to do things again because you don't need no stinking backpack carrier, you have your sling for the babe! Hey, walking soothes a cranky baby.

... you shatter your toe and cuss out the doctor because he won't put you in a cast

... you ransack second hand stores and liquidation stores for unique cache treasures (ty beanies with tags still on? score!) and other swag

... you beg friends to come with you because although you can now walk without wincing, you can no longer go diving into bushes or scrambling up and down side hills just to get a cache

... you've infected said friends with the cache bug

... you have no less than 3 caches waiting to be placed - including their own webpages!

... both your spouse and roommate who are looking for a new place for the lot of you to move to decide that they want to jump for a specific place because of the location and that it would be a good place to place a cache ala Big Boy.

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