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  1. I got nothin'. But might be helpful to know what that 'latest plug-in' does....or 'fixes'. & to sooth your Jonesin'....can't you just plug in the coords manually? ~*
  2. *slapping pockets* But see, I'm fresh outta o-rings. ~*
  3. A-a-ayep....at'sa good'n awright. I couldn't even find the puzzle!! ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ~*
  4. Looks good. Think I'd Magic Marker that red seal, then speckle it with some WhiteOut or Liquid Paper, to match the body more. ~*
  5. Actually, I do have one just like what you suggest. The first is a monument, then there are three other stages with plaques to calculate the final. The final is within 100 feet of the original (and, presumably, they are right back at their car). I just didn't make the final TOO close. Anyone attempting a puzzle cache without reading the cache page is, well, doomed anyway. Best of luck to them. I'm developing one, using that same strategy. We have a memorial park on the National Registry, & under the state's Dept. of Cultural Resources - I had to fill out like 9 pages of paperwork to get permission to place a cache there, & I feel privileged to have received it. It'll be a walking tour of several 'artifact' sites* there, at each station finding info for the next stop. After what I went thru you better believe you're gonna have to work for THAT smiley! * • Richard Caswell (our state's first governor) memorial & museum - & the park's namesake • Display of reclaimed remains of the Confederate ironclad gunship/ram CSS Neuse (Story: http://www.nchistoricsites.com/neuse/recovery.htm ) (Also, a full-scale seaworthy replica has been built in our downtown area; I'm hoping to tie in) • Vietnam & Korean war veterans memorial • Coastal Lowlands Nature Walk w/footbridge • Scenic view of Neuse River with picnic area You also better believe there won't be no film can or Mr Blinky at the end!! I ain't quite ready to be tarred, feathered & pilloried just yet. ~*
  6. Sounds like might've been a good spot for a CITO ALR. Bu-u-u-ut............ Amen to that....wish more were like-minded. In fact, we got bunches around here I think I can set you up with.....if you'll let me re-visit 'em! ~*
  7. Maybe TPTB thought that the answer was so completely obvious they didn't consider it worth their time to answer and then deal with having to defend every word, nuance, and possible variation of that answer. Ignoring a nonsensical thread like this seems pretty smart to me. Wish I had their level of self-control. Nonsensical? Well, that's your opinion & you're welcome to it. Re-reading just the first page will reveal several who obviously oppose that smug assessment. ~*
  8. Boy, did YOU ever miss a couple of threads!! \yea-a-a-a-ah....i know, i know \\mine too ~*
  9. Congratulations!!! Lots of people haven't figured that out in their first 5000 caches. Name 10. Not always - geocaching don't work like that. You don't find the worms 'til you've bitten, & who bites 'em while still on da tree?? -2 on analogies. ~*
  10. I have one of this type near me. Its a test. Are you geocaching maniac, obsessed, addicted?... Do this one. And dont find a cache in next 4 weeks. If you can do you are ok. Has anyone tested the CO to see if he tracks all the finders for the four weeks to see if they log any finds?? And what about if they wait 2 months to log their finds. Seems to me the guy has created himself untold grief trying to constantly check on all the finders......forever. Hmmmm..... I might be tempted to 'borrow' that cache, & keep it with me the prerequisite 4 weeks (maybe even 5-6), THEN sign & return it. Meanwhilst, can you imagine CO's angst steadily building while he wonders why nobody's logging it? ~* ~*
  11. Like a local cacher we have who found a new, 'nerdy' passion: Su"Dork"u #1 & Su"Dork"u #2 ~*
  12. By all means, as Wimseyguy notes, list the new ownership so folks will know who to contact if needed -- but "...all good caches" speaks for itself. I agree with the philosophy of 'Uncle Rod' Mollise, author of 'Choosing & Using a Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope', who says: "The biggest enemy of good enough is mo' better." ~*
  13. Here too, Keystone....I gave up on that other mess when it hit page 11! Noting that that reviewer takes it upon himself to speak for TPTB, & realizing we're not privy to any 'back room discussions' he might've had with THE Powers, I do note however he disclaims, "...as I see it", so can't help but deduce it is less than 100% 'official'. That, and moreover his expression of there possibly being some circumstantial doubts, or, "questions at the margin". Additionally, his final 'back to Happy Valley' sentence actually addresses the 'ALR change' effects more than it does, directly, my specific issue. BUT, if that's a policy we all can lean on, it'll have to do I guess. I'm taking it to say if someone indicates or I have knowledge of a find outside the site's stated and description expressed hours of operation (when it's germane), that's a deletin'! With 100+ posts in this thread, & well over two thousand reads, I'd hoped sufficient interest was indicated to've deserved a direct answer.... it's prolly best I quit right there. Slogging on, thru the fog....... ~*
  14. Not to 'jack the thread but.... that scenario surely can't be considered typical. How 'bout editing your cache description or add-a-note asking the next finder to send you a PM listing the log contents/names on, or somesuch -- would that work for ya? ~* Isn't that an ALR? Actually I would only take time to cross check if I suspected something. Otherwise I'm perfectly happy reading the log book and not worrying about it. That's true if it's been 3 days or the 12 years. That's why I said "...asking the next finder...". Even edited out final sentence "Asking, mind you....you know where them nasty ol' ALRs'll git ya." ~*
  15. Not to 'jack the thread but.... that scenario surely can't be considered typical. How 'bout editing your cache description or add-a-note asking the next finder to send you a PM listing the log contents/names on, or somesuch -- would that work for ya? ~*
  16. You've omitted the part where the contributor is demonized by the community for quitting because of the very things he stands for. His principles, while a participant, are noble aspirations for all......but seek independance or strike out on your own when their path is no longer headed towards where you want to be, is cause for damnation. Frankly, the stench of burning witches reached overwhelming proportions some time ago....& too many are too eager to now flog the ashes. "Don't hit a man when he's down. KICK him - it's easier!!" Would a moderator PLEASE lock this thing, & let it slide off into eternity fer chrissakes? ~*
  17. *LOL* You don't reckon it's part of that 'entitlement' thing, do ya? "Oh, that's stuff that other people catch......not ME!!!!!" ~*
  18. Aaaaaah.....uh-huh.......must be all that global warming. Blame it on Bush! Serially, I did a cache yesterday morning -- one of those places where you gotta jump over above-ankle-deep standing marshwater (ie, Mosquito Nursery Universal) into heavy brush, & once you penetrate 'the wall' you're in that 'Ancient World' pinestraw 'marsh' (Chigger-fest, USA) where your feet disappear with every step. In other words, Tick World Central! Found the cache, & sweartagawd when I emerged & trekked back to the cachemobile, it was like I could feel the li'l vampires crawling all up my legs & body! YeeeEEEEESH! Thank providence I was out in th' tulies....when I got to the Blazer I practically stripped naked one garment at a time checking! I dread it for anyone going after that hide in about another month when things warm up a bit more! ~*
  19. Where did you find the snake mirror? I've been trying to find a telescoping one, but this looks even handier! Sorry F&H - I didn't see your inquiry 'til just now. Harbor Freight Tools....got one nearby? Here's a PA stores listing: http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/retail_stores.taf#PA Or you can order by web. And the item....only ~$3: http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/disp...temnumber=97217 And the telescoping one, only $2 if you still want: http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/disp...Itemnumber=7361 I got the telescoping magnet (like it cuz it has the 'antimagnetic' shielding around the mag-tip....keeps it from getting 'distracted' when reaching past other metallic objects), plus it's the longest one I've found) from an Auto Zone ~$4. But last time I's in HFT they had a knockoff; can't remem price but it'll be low. There ya go! ~*
  20. Ticks are SO out! So is Gucci, pastels, & brown & grayish earthtones. Go with bold reds & blacks....and pearls always make a statement! \just doin' my part ~*
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