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  1. I managed to fix mine. In case it works for anyone else: It was fine this morning. But this evening the new profile page was broken. Opening the site in a Private Window (Firefox), then logging in, was fine. So I removed cookies and data for geocaching.com, and it loaded fine after that. Note: DO NOT remove all cookies, or you'll be logged out from every website you're on. On both Firefox and Chrome, you can go into the cookies section, and delete only the geocaching.com / www.geocaching.com related cookies. I repeated the same thing on Chrome, and it fixed it on Chrome as well.
  2. Oops, sorry for slow reply. It's the sum of the score, not the number of finds. Only Groundspeak would have info on finds.
  3. I thought I was going crazy, trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Hope this one gets fixed soon.
  4. If you want to play around with the data, and you trust Google Sheets, feel free to play around with this. I even have a small calculator where you can enter the number of caches of various types to see if you will reach your goal for the month. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14vz8LZSXnpwTMTLeXNCB5VKD6SMgJffDrwptCVNVXq0/edit?usp=sharing
  5. LOL I should do that. Hang on ... 16, 16, 18, 19, 18 I don't know why November was a tougher month by all metrics. Maybe I should look into number of days for period as well. Edit: November's peak have 5 weeks for us to complete. August had 5 weeks too. The others had 4 weeks. January will have 5 weeks as well.
  6. I've been collecting the points awarded for different cache categories in a spreadsheet, to see how it changes over the months. There's still 2 more months of data to collect, but for now, I have two metrics: Minimum number of caches required to reach peak, and "average number required to reach peak". The second one needs some explanation. It's the points needed to reach peak, divided by the average for all cache categories with points. I'm not sure how useful it is. Minimum number of caches needed to reach peak has been fairly constant at 9, except for October when it dipped to 8. Average number of caches needed has been hovering around 11, with a small dip in October and a spike in November. They are 10.98, 10.97, 10.46, 11.89, 11.18. Since we only get the points a week before the month's challenge starts, it's not particularly useful. But it was interesting to me and maybe some others will find it interesting as well.
  7. When were they logged? Did you log it as something else, or as "Found It"? Are they caches or events?
  8. I'm not too impressed by the fact that the reason I noticed the new sort-by option is the messed up UI. I really don't see myself sorting by anything other than newest first, and fortunately uBlock Origin's eyedropper tool allows me to hide that element so I don't have to see it.
  9. A cache with 0 favorite points could be an under-appreciated one, or just one that nobody really liked. I thought what would be nice is if a cache you logged and favorited (is that a word?) but doesn't have 10 favorite points yet, gets to 10 FP within that month, you should get some bonus points. But that would seem a bit cumbersome to implement.
  10. I'm seeing the image below under "Wonders of the World" when viewing some caches - such as GC9GDC8
  11. It mildly annoys me that it's named "Second International Geocaching Day" so that it doesn't sort properly, and that they didn't give a separate one for 2013, but lumped it together with "31 days of Geocaching 17 / 31". But I'm mostly annoyed at myself for forgetting to get the one for 2019
  12. I came to the forums to report this bug, and noticed that this thread has already been created a month ago. And it's definitely a bug, as noted by @balu2003 - the first 50 entries are correct in showing "found by user X" and the remainder shows "last found". Anyone know of a workaround? I tried the old URL https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?ul=XXXXX which seems to work, but I couldn't figure out how to filter by cache type. Edit: I found that using https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx allows you to use cache type as filter, but it only works for the first page of 20 results. Subsequent pages are not filtered.
  13. I was going to comment on how difficult it is to find Challenge progress in the profile, when I decided maybe I should take a look at the "new" profile page (that has been around for a while) and lo and behold, there they are I guess it is finally time for me to move away from the original profile page.
  14. Looking at the photos and images for Perseverence on NASA's site, I decide to make an addition to the Rover Evolution Plate artwork.
  15. There's actually one that looks quite detailed on Amazon, about double the price of this one. It's not Lego though, and some reviews said that instructions are non-existent. Do a search if you're interested, been away from a while and not sure if shopping links to 3rd party sites are allowed. I also found the Lego Curiosity rover (close enough for government work) but the only price I found was over $500, so I'll give that a miss.
  16. Let's do one better than a virtual. Let's have an event there. Participants must show up in ape suit.
  17. You're right, it does say that. Seems like a short amount of time for people to log for this souvenir especially if they go beyond the asteroid belt. I thought the grace period for the pre-friends league event souvenirs were longer but I may not have remembered correctly.
  18. I don't know if Groundspeak will re-calculate the score, hopefully they will. Otherwise, unless you want to have the caches logged in the exact same order you found them in, you only need to re-log the missing ones. Still tedious, unfortunately. Groundspeak also usually allow a few days after the event is over to allow users to continue logging in order to get the souvenir (because not everyone can get all their logs in on time) so you can fix them then if it is more convenient. Either way, good luck, and have fun with your trip.
  19. You didn't read my post above The system is still unstable and may not record points correctly. Happened to me last week. Find out which ones didn't contribute to points (under Friend League, click on your username to see the list), delete those logs, and log it as Found again.
  20. I haven't been caching as much recently as I had in the past, and have been relying heavily on the app as well as online access. My own fault for not downloading PQs. Site is up / down intermittently right now. Advice for those logging to accumulate points for Planetary Pursuit - wait for the site to stabilize. Last week I logged a cache right when the site went down, the find was registered but no points were recorded. I had to delete and relog for the points to show up.
  21. Try the project-gc checker instead: https://project-gc.com/Challenges/GC4C8T4/20393 Apparently I need a cache starting with "X" above 300m to qualify.
  22. I have a script that I run to check for archived caches. The logic is something like this: 1. Filter for caches where last update is older than yesterday's date 2. Prompt user to update these caches using GSAK API to update their status (I haven't figured out how to trigger this through script - I think Clyde specifically don't allow this at the request of Groundspeak some time ago, don't know if this has changed) It will fail for caches that got unpublished, but those are few and far in between, so I don't mind handling them individually. Let me know if you want my GSAK script.
  23. Try this NASA page. It's not behaving properly for me right now, but it might be because of my office firewall.
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