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  1. Nothing you can dream up is going to convince anyone that RIClimber was in any way justified for placing an SBA log on the Brass Cap Cache. You appear to be an experienced cacher but I am beginning to have doubts about your actual level of knowledge concerning the basics. From the Knowledge Base on the use of the Needs Archived log (I added the bold) FINDERS:...Please use this log only when there are serious problems with the cache or its location. Do not use it if the cache needs repairs, or you didn't find it, or the location made you uncomfortable. Please consider first contacting the owner of the geocache with your concerns. Use the profile link next to the cache owner's name at the top of the cache page to send an email, as well as logging to the cache page about your visit. An SBA isn't used to contact the cache owner, you contact the cache owner first, at least that is what Groundspeak says you should please consider doing, but hey, what do they know. Well they know how to contact the local reviewer and you know what, they don't suggest the SBA log, they have a method...again, from the Knowledge Base If you wish to contact a volunteer reviewer for your area, load a list of local caches and look for a recently published cache. Find the Publish log near the bottom of the logs. Usually it will just say Publish; its icon is a green circle like you see here. That Publish log generally belongs to an area reviewer. Occasionally the cache owner will have deleted that log, so you may have to try another cache page. You can use the link of their name to get to their profile page, and email them from their profile. You don't need to know their email address. Clearly the cache RIClimber placed an SBA on had no serious problems. I believe he said he was doing it because he was the only one with the "stones" to do it but hey, that is his explanation. Both you guys should read the Knowledge Base more frequently, it will help clarify the basics.
  2. The fact that people enjoy finding the brass cap or any other cache is irrelevant. If someone posts an SBA on a cache it should be done if someone feels that the cache in some way violates the guidelines. If the reviewer or Groundspeak decides that there are no guideline issues then the cache will not be archived based upon the SBA log. If the reviewer *does* decide that a guideline has been violated, the cache should be archived no matter how popular it happens to be. Whatever the outcome, if someone posts an SBA on a cache because they feel it violates the guidelines, they should never get a hostile response or retaliation in the form of SBA logs on their caches from the CO or anyone else. Period. Geocaching 101 on the Geocaching.com website explains what to do when you find a problematic cache, it says "If you find a problematic cache, please contact the owner directly or contact us." People shouldn't post SBA logs on caches until they make some attempt to contact the cache owner. You can extrapolate from the word "find" that a person should "look" for a cache before they attempt to contact the owner or post an SBA log. It also says on the Geocaching.com website in Geocaching 101 section "We rely on the geocaching community to let us know the status of caches in their area." People shouldn't post SBA's on caches they didn't look for thousands of miles away from their home area. An SBA log isn't a tool to express your disagreement with a cache placement. If Groundspeak wanted everyone to review every cache they would make that clear. The SBA was irresponsible. You appear to be an experienced geocacher so where did you come up with... "If someone posts an SBA on a cache it should be done if someone feels that the cache in some way violates the guidelines." That is totally incorrect and gross misinterpretation of the actual directives, perhaps you should review Geocaching 101 area from the Geocaching.com website and you will see that I am quoting what is actually said, I am not making things up. It may suit your feelings personally but please don't pass off your feelings as facts. The SBA placed by RICLimber was irresponsible. The SBA placed by O Evil Rant was irresponsible. Mine was too, I will admit that I never looked for his virtual cache.
  3. If a cache deserves a SBA (and I am not saying this one does), it shouldn't matter if it has 100% favorite ratio and 1,000 finds. There should not be any reaction to the person posting the SBA. Again, as long as it is warranted. My point was that the cache was obviously active and popular, well maintained and had a history of finds extending back to 2001. If a responsible SBA is placed then there should be no reaction to the person placing the SBA. Prior to posting an SBA a cacher should at the very least; Look for the cache. Attempt to contact the cache owner. RIClimber was being irresponsible when he placed an SBA on the Brass Cap Cache, so was O Evil Rant (apparently not a sockpuppet). RIClimber placed an SBA on the cache because like you, he didn't get it, he didn't understand that people might enjoy finding the Brass Cap Cache. Moving caches are not available everywhere, the moving caches in Alberta are very popular, people enjoy them, I fail to see why this is hard to understand? RIClimber's reaction to the SBA I placed on his cache was not warranted by any stretch of the imagination. Satisfying your need to understand each cache placement isn't part of the activity and probably never will be. No one is objecting to your use of Waymarks to log your benchmark finds, feel free.
  4. I see that a geocacher from Belgium has logged the Brass Cap Cache as "I saw from my office". I suppose the desire to be part of any story is universal. I thought it would be a good idea to give people some idea of what a Brass Cap Cache hunt can be like so I am linking a story that tells the tale of my search for a Brass Cap. This is a search for single Brass Cap out of the 650 targets that are available on this moving virtual. It started with a log on a cache placed by Alberta cacher Sleepy_hollow and my intentionally understated comment was "This looks totally doable...I think I will skip out and grab this one tomorrow." So it began.... I did eventually find that cache but I did not find Brass Cap 465 - Mt. Loomis, that was what I was trying to find. So before you log a find on the Brass Cap, or denigrate the people who look for them, you should pay some skin, maybe get a few scratches, actually give it a try. I am amazed that we have Alberta cachers that have found 400+ Brass Caps, some of them much harder than Brass Cap 465. Here is my story, along with pictures, about trying to find ONE Brass Cap. A Mastercard Friday
  5. I am not sure if you can see the irony in this statement, for those connecting the dots it is pretty obvious. Did it actually never occur to you that posting an SBA on a cache with 79 Favourite points, 40+ watchers and 15,000 find logs might get a reaction. Were you looking for that reaction? So I posted an SBA in error. Why did you simply not sent me a note saying "What's your problem, stay off my cache page" and then delete the SBA. Do you see a problem with that course of action? But your friend "O Evil Rant" isn't a sockpuppet and you don't have a sockpuppet account, so now you are going to make a sockpuppet account and continue posting SBA's on caches thousands of miles away from your home that you don't bother to look for, tell me how that works out for you. I agree you have been flamed but I don't see a war. I am amazed you came back onto the Brass Cap Cache cache page yesterday after inviting me to the discussion here and made some comment about geocachers and numbers. If you understood that a smiley has no value then you might be able to prevent future repetitions of this type of activity. A smiley isn't a coin or point, it is a ...smiley..... it means you had some fun finding a cache. Having a large number of finds isn't a measure of worth or a score declaring you a winner, it is a sign of your dedication to embracing this activity, warts and all. Take things as they come, enjoy yourself. Perhaps I posted an SBA on your geocache because I wasn't aware that virtual caches were allowed, perhaps it was just a simple honest error made by a geocacher just out having some fun, did that ever occur to you? I hesitate to imagine what actions you take when a geocacher forgets a pencil and logs a find on one of your caches. You should be. As far as the photoshop thing, I have to say, thousands of geocachers all over the world know Brian (outforthehunt) and have enjoyed his caches since the inception of this activity. You may be able to convince your friend and confidante "O Evil Rant" that you have been maligned but in light of this whole affair and your demonstrated tendencies I have trouble believing that you are going to convince anyone else. Please go ahead and lock this thread now that I have had the last word (I am just being facetious), you can leave it open if you want.
  6. I never called you any of those things in these forums but thanks for accurately posting my remarks made elsewhere. Now it seems that the CO of the Brass Cap Cache has pointed out that you have misquoted his email and it is clear to everyone in Alberta who knows outforthehunt that your character is even more questionable than the evident factors that I pointed out. In fact since outforthehunt has placed caches in other countries there might even be a few international visitors who are not too impressed with your character. Are you a fan of Lenny Bruce or something? Whoa there sunshine There must be a rule somewhere I haven't told any lies. I am not sure how geocachers act in your neck of the woods but bragging about our "stones" and misrepresenting facts are not big selling points. So why did you react that way to my SBA? Did you think that you were demonstrating good manners? A little introspection and you would have been fine, you might have just deleted my log and sent me an email saying "What is your problem, stay off my cache page", did that ever occur to you? Were you having fun?
  7. This seems to be the problem, anyone reading the "Brass Cap Cache" cache page would understand it was a Moving Virtual. A short tour of the cache placers profile would reveal a moving traditional and moving multi, all maintained, all found regularly by people in the province of Alberta (and the city of Calgary). To get RIClimber's attention I placed a similar SBA on one of RIClimbers virtual caches (I was really just pretending to be as smart as he appears to be, I do understand that Virtual Caches are grandfathered) His response revealed a lack of character that I didn't find remarkable given his SBA on a cache where he never looked for it, took no time to figure out the history, no time to digest the basics, no time to read or understand and simply ran off at the piehole. It isn't that hard to figure out. In response to my naively placed SBA (I didn't do anything else, just placed an SBA that demonstrated the same simplemindedness as RIClimbers SBA demonstrated. Here is the link to my SBA Please archive this cache No evil intent, just another simple person who cannot read, right... Here is the response from RIClimber Cache looks to be missing even though he never looked for the cache. Can you imagine if an SBA was posted on every cache that a geocacher couldn't find? This cache is a long walk, it wasn't found once. He even has the gall to say "looks to be missing" when he never looked at all. Then this one Cache needs maintenance but the cache doesn't need maintenance. I just haven't cleared the Needs Maintenance attribute. The Needs Maintenance entry evens points out that log book is dry. The cache gets wet all the time because it is placed in a location where water gathers. Those who have found the cache know that it gets wet so the logbook is inside a double container, cachers put stuff in the outer container, it gets wet, I always wonder what they suppose the double container is for? Notice how RIClimber is getting a little more ignorant with each SBA he is posting. That should tell you something about his character. Then this one... Cacher is an a****** and should be banned. This was all in response to my SBA log on his cache. Clearly RICLimber has issues that extend a lot farther than his SBA log on the Brass Cap Cache. His defense seems to be that the cache he found thousands of miles away from home, the cache that he didn't look for, the cache he thought had been unarchived nine days ago was the recipient of an honest SBA log posted by a responsible cacher, you know what... "cows do too". RIClimber is the type of geocacher who drives people away from this activity. The attrition rate for geocaching is far higher than it should be because their are cachers like RIClimber who fail to understand that this activity is about having fun, it isn't a PGA competition, if you feel like kicking the ball back onto the fairway, go ahead, no one should care except a CO and if they care they will let you know. I have no problem with his infatuation with his profile start date or his use of an evil twin sockpuppet who unabashedly admires his greatness. I do object to his defense that the SBA log he posted was responsible or informed, a responsible geocacher reads and understands. Here is the email I received from the evil twin sockpuppet account "O Evil Rant" defending RIClimber, the fact that he sounds like RIClimber is just coincidence and the insults, what can I say, he is an evil sockpuppet account so I expect him to be evil. You have a problem with virtual caches on geocaching.com? I suggest you re-read their very own rules about virtual caches. But in case you can't read English I'll send you the relevant section: "II.2.10: Virtual and Webcam Caches have been grandfathered. Virtual caches and webcam caches are no longer available as options for new listings on Geocaching.com. Caches of these types that existed prior to November 2005, often referred to as grandfathered caches, are exceptions to this rule and may still be active. New listings similar to these cache types can be created as waymarks at Waymarking.com. If you currently own a virtual or webcam cache, you must maintain the cache listing and logs, respond to inquiries from cachers, and must check the physical location periodically. Abandoned caches will likely be archived by Groundspeak. Grandfathered caches will not be unarchived." Just what there do you not understand? Jonathan maintains each and every one of his caches. He answers all email that needs a reply. That virtual cache has existed in geocaching since the year you started, and if you can't tell time, 2003 comes before November 2005. Just because you never hid a Virtual of your own and only now realize that you can't ever do so should not make you want to shut down others. P.S. If Groundspeak determines that you have 'requested archiving' for many caches for no reason they will shut down your account before they shut down any virtual that you suggest unjustly needs anything. If anything, the virtual cache that deleted your logs should be shut down because it's not a virtual. Get a life.
  8. Thank you for the entries in the first International Geocaching Toast to Geocaching. We had a great time. Dutchlandian and StealthRT please send me your snail mail addresses. I am going to send you guys identical prize packages that will include three geocoins each. Thanks again for your entries and I will be doing another event for next year that will again ask people to submit pictures of themselves and the group toasting geocaching.
  9. That is great Ducthlandian. I will vote on the special icon for next year, a day that celebrates geocaching is a great idea and an icon for that annual celebration seems like a natural fit. I have published a new cache called "A View of the Hike" that will allow the geocachers not ascending the mountain to sit and watch the entire journey and/or join us in our toast. Toasting with Gatorade is a good choice for our family friendly activity, kids can toast along with their parents, what could be better. Both of my sons will be making the ascent. This is the view from where those not climbing the mountain can sit and watch.
  10. Pre-registration for the Brass Cap Convention II is now closed. I want to thank everyone who pre-registered for this years event, thank you. I will see you all Saturday. I hope you will consider making a contribution of a note or a small article to the Brass Cap Time Capsule, eight years isn't that long. I joined the geocaching.com website in 2003 and got my first GPS in 2005. I was the 94,487 person to join, I checked and a person who just joined would be around the five millionth member today. Where will we be in another eight years? I don't know but I really hope we are able to get together and drink another toast to geocaching when we hit Brass Cap 1000. I want to add a special thank you to outforthehunt. You have created such an excellent adventure, it offers a variety of experiences, it is a microcosm of the geocaching magic. A toast to your imagination and your effort in creating and maintaining this cache, thank you. I want to add another special thank you to Sleepy_hollow, this year's hike leader. Through the years you have helped shape the traditions of the hunt, it has become about fellowship on the trail, it is about inclusiveness, it is about encouraging others and sharing the thing most valued in our modern world, time, thank you. Thanks Everyone wavector Medicine Hat, Alberta August 2011
  11. Last call for pre-regsitration. http://www.brasscapconvention.com/BCC_II_Pre-registration.php Closing the page in 15 minutes.
  12. I am sure we will have fun! I think it is a great idea. A single day where everyone celebrates geocaching all over the world. There is only one place such an idea could have originated.... in the mind of a lackey. They only needed one person (who will remain nameless) to sanction the idea and whooooeee, away we all go. So are you going to drink a Toast to Geocaching on August 20th, 2011. I understand that Moammar Qaddafi is not invovled in the plan and refuses to sanction the idea, what a spoilsport.
  13. As long as you make a Toast to Geocaching and post a picture I will consider it for a prize. Purple Gatorade has a distinct edge over other beverages. Do you know how many people die each year in alcohol related accidents yet only a few winning coaches drown in Gatorade each year and they are always at their happiest moment when it happens. Water weighs about ten lbs a gallon so no one wants to haul that up the mountain. I am bringing a little thermos of coffee. My two sons (16 and 13) are going with us so I can ask them to carry things, young and fit as they are! I am going to look for plastic wine glasses to hold the Gatorade so people can imagine they are drinking Asti Spumante, Dom Perignon, Veuve Cliquot or other similar beverages. For Alberta geocachers considering showing up for the Brass Cap Convention II, remember it is a Day Use Area in Provincial Recreation Area, alcohol use is prohibited.
  14. I am not sure that Urban Nano's have a direct relationship to Gatorade. The people going to the Block Party are going to have the most fun, we will have to have the second most I guess! Here is what our tee-shirt will look like Here is the Red Shirt Edition of the Brass Cap Geocoin So please join us in a Toast to Geocaching, you could win one of these beautiful geocoins.
  15. I never said that but it really fits well. Maybe Sleepy_hollow actually intended it that way. I couldn't imagine geocachers who drank beer, strange thought!
  16. I thought it was something dreamed up by Hallmark on behalf of Groundspeak, the caching community has no choice in the matter because it is kind of like "simon says Saturday is International Geocaching Day" instead of "Saturday is International Geocaching Day". In any event (or at every event as the case may be) we will be using Gatorade because it is totally synthetic and non-alcoholic and not likely to cause an allergic reaction and it travels well. Actually many Alberta geocachers know that the champagne that Don (Sleepy_hollow) uses to toast a successful back country day is Gatorade. It is a friendly drink and helpful if you have spent the day caching with Don. This is a story about on of my days caching with Don... My Brass Cap Adventure The IGD at Cameron LO is dovetailed to the Brass Cap Convention II because a lot of Brass Caps are on mountain tops. The rteasure hunt at the IGD is actually Brass Cap 238 - Mount Burke. So how are you celebrating Riffster?
  17. I would like you all to consider joining us in a Toast to Geocaching. Here in Southern Alberta we are going to hike to a mountaintop where we will use reconstituted Gatorade powder to make a toast to geocaching. The elevation of our toast is 8102 feet above sea level, it is a Terrain 4 Event. Please consider joining us on the first International Geocaching Day by making your own Toast to Geocaching at your IGD event and posting a picture of your group on the IGD at Cameron LO cache page. Here is the webpage for the IGD at Cameron LO Please post a picture of your group toasting geocaching on International Geocaching Day. I will award a Red Shirt Edition of the Brass Cap geocoin to the geocacher who posts the photo I like the most. I will award one 2010 Attendee Version of the Brass Cap Geocoin to the geocacher who posts the picture I like second most. I will award one Retail Brass Cap Geocoin to the geocacher who posts the picture I like third most. I will randomly award two of avroair's Chess geocoins by drawing a name from all those who post who didn`t win one of the above prizes. Try to include your event name, GC code, elev, toasting drink, time of toast or any other detail which might interest other geocachers. Our toast will happen at 12:00PM (that is high noon) Canadian Rocky Mountain Standard Time (MST). If you can coordinate your toast to our toast we will celebrate geocaching from the top of the world down to sea level, maybe even lower if those attending events in Holland participate!! We are also hiding a Brass Cap Time Capsule that will stay hidden until 2019 (or thereabouts). I will inlcude email from any geocacher anywhere in the world. If you want to write a letter to future geocachers, send me an email using my profile on geocaching.com and it will be included. Please join us in a Toast to Geocaching on August 20, 2011 at 12:00 Noon MST Please post your pictures on the GC30TD0 cache page. Thank You for considering doing this.
  18. The Brass Cap Cache GC43F3 Albertans are lucky to have a geocacher who has been active since the beginning of the game and who has maintained his cache listings. Geocachers in Alberta can find three moving caches, all of which are owned by outforthehunt. The Brass Cap Cache may be the only moving Virtual cache left in the world. Benchmarks, survey markers, are the Brass Caps. outforthehunt selects a survey marker anywhere in Alberta (and a couple on the Great Divide that end up a few feet into BC!, they are so lucky!!) and that survey marker becomes a Brass Cap. The Brass Cap Cache has it's own web page where a list of every survey marker selected as a Brass Cap can be downloaded. If you look at the cache page now you can see it says Brass Cap Cache - Mount Lipsett. The current location selected is a survey marker that outforthehunt is calling Mount Lipsett. Any marker that has been selected in the past can be logged, only Brass Caps (survey markers that have been selected by outforthehunt) can be logged, there are thousands upon thousands of survey markers but only 539 are loggable as Brass Caps. The mix of Brass Caps is amazing, some are downtowm embedded in a city sidewalk in Edmonton or Calgary, some take two days to hike into to and then you have to climb a mountain. The target often moves close to Events caches, attendees at many of Alberta's events often see the Brass Cap Cache move to a target near the event. Finding Brass Caps is a favourite Alberta geocaching activity and if you have found a lot of them you have done some serious backcountry hiking and climbing and you have been all over Alberta, to almost every little hamlet and town in every corner of the province. The Brass Cap Cache has 50 Favourite votes, it is well loved by Alberta geocachers. We are currently at Brass Cap 539. This year on International Geocaching Day we are going to look for Brass Cap that has never been found, Brass Cap 238, Mount Burke. Attending this event will make you an attendee at what will probably be the highest Difficulty rated event cache in the world for August 20th. The difficulty rating of 4 was taken from the Brass Cap stats pages, I didn't set that level myself. Attendees at the Brass Cap Convention will be able to attend another IGD Event called IGD at Cameron LO posted by Alberta's leading cap finder Sleepy_hollow. The Terrain rating on the GC30TD0 is another 4, Sleepy_hollow has selected that terrain level based upon his previous ascent of Mount Burke and his experience as a cacher. Attending these two events on August 20th will allow you to attend both the highest Difficulty and highest Terrain rating of any IGD event caches in the world, a memorable way to spend the day. I invited Moun10Bike but Jeremy wouldn`t let him come because apparently Groundspeak is having a little get together on the same day. If you are an Albertan who can`t make the Block Party then this is the way to spend the day. Even if you cannot make the ascent you can come later in the day and enjoy the event. We are going to be hiding a geocaching time capsule that will stay hidden until August 20, 2019 or Brass Cap Cache 1000, whichever comes first. The time capsule is going to have some very cool stuff, a Version 1 Lemon Fresh Dog geobone, an original sequentially numbered CAC coin (567), an unactivated GeocoinFest geocoin from the first geocoinFest in Temecula and more. If you attend the event you will get a card that will allow you to take a treasure from the time capsule if you are there when it is opened. If you think you will still be geocaching in 7 or 8 years then this is a great way to get a cool swag item. A truly memorable way to celebrate geocaching Here are the event listings: http://coord.info/gc30td0 IGD at Cameron LO http://coord.info/gc2ymkv Brass Cap Convention II If you are going to come then make sure you get a souvenir t-shirt and the Red Shirt Edition of the Brass Cap geocoin, you must pre-register to obtain these items. Today is the last day to pre-register, the pre-registration closes tomorrow morning. Pre-registration is not required, it is only for the shirt and the coin. http://www.brasscapconvention.com/BCC_II_Pre-registration.php It will be fun and memorable and the day has other planned happenings. If you not sure about the ascent then show up in the afternoon for dogs and chips and stories. Our moving multi-cache is called Leap Frog. Our moving Traditional is called Stash N Dash.
  19. Hi Tom How are you doing? I ran into Hezza when I was doing a little brass capping up in your area. We had a nice chat by the river. I thought the cybersquatter as well but the anonymizing isn't regular with cybersquatters and they usually respond to emails because they do want to sell the domain back to you. This is a crackpot unfortunately, they won't even answer emails. I can tell it is hosted in Texas and I know I pissed off a geocacher from Texas. I didn't mean to piss off a geocacher from Texas. If you get a chance to come down for the Brass Cap Convention II event Tom it would be great to see you there.
  20. A great thread from way back! I pissed off a geocacher from Texas who then proceeded to squat on the geocachingalbertasouth domain after I failed to reregister it. I got very busy at work and a couple of months passed before I went to re-register the original GAS website and found the domain it taken and paid for by someone who used an anonymizing service to make sure they couldn't be identified, I have only pissed off a few geocachers from Texas but it is pretty clear that the person is a crackpot, the anonymizing service is a clue. I clicked the link in the first post and see that they continue to pay for the website, lunacy is often tencacious as well. I see it says "this account has been suspended" at the bottom of the page. The website I work on now is purchased a few years out, it is http://www.brasscapconvention.com The Brass Cap Convention II http://coord.onfo/GCY2MKV is scheduled for August 20th in Kannanaskis Country. Sleepy_hollow is hosting another event the same day that dovetails to the Brass Cap Convention II, IGD at Cameron LO so it is two events and both promise to be memorable and a great way to celebrate International Geocaching Day. There is a souvenir tee shirt and new version of the Brass Cap Geocoin made especially for the event. Thanks for dredging up this old thread and the old website. It is good to be reminded that there are real crackpots out there who take the whole thing way to seriously when it is actually just a chance to connect to others and have some fun.
  21. If you haven't yet decided what to do the weekend after this one then the Brass Cap Convention II in Southern Alberta would be a great way to celebrate International Geocaching Day. Don (Sleepy_hollow) is hosting his first event cache at the top of Mount Burke. I hope we uncover BCP238! When we come down from Mount Burke we are going to hide a time capsule that will remain hidden for awhile, until August 20, 2019 or Brass Cap 1000, whichever comes first! Brian (outforthehunt) is going to be donating his original gammon and reel from his early survey career to the capsule, I will be honoured to be able to hand it back on the day. I am going to add some good geocaching prizes to the capsule, I am adding the original CAC geocoin numbered 567. I am adding a Version 1 Lemon Fresh Dog Geobone, an antique silver CAC geocoin stamped with a distinctive set of 3 j's, a new unactivated Geocoinfest geocoin from the first Geocoinfest in Temecula, and many more. Attendees will be given a card that they will be able to redeem when the time capsule is opened to choose one of the items intended as gifts. So if you imagine that you will still be geocaching in 7 or 8 years pre-registering and showing up in the future could be rewarding! I am going to keep Card #1 for myself so I can reclaim one item from the time capsule if I have future regrets about placing any of my geocaching treasures. The time capsule consists of a carefully selected .50 call ammo can hidden inside another carefully selected .60 cal ammo can. They were wiped down with methyl hydrate to remove all traces of oil and painted inside and out. I have posted an update on the http://www.brasscapconvention.com wesbite about the days happenings. This promises to be a memorable hike and I really hope that you will attend and celebrate geocaching in one of the world's most beautiful places. This hike is rated easy to moderate and it will be fun. The shirt and geocoin make a great commemorative for International Geocaching Day and the event planned by Sleepy_hollow IGD at Cameron LO will be a highlight in the most real sense of the word, I think Don's event may be the highest altitude August 20th IGD celebration in the entire world. You are guaranteed to come home with some great memories, some awesome views and maybe a sore butte. The Time Capsule is chance to talk to the future about geocaching. I would like to hear from you even if you can't or won't attend. Will geocaching be similar to the activity we practice today? Remember that Moun10Bike made the first geocoin to celebrate finding 100 caches, people don't do that anymore. I will gladly accept any submissions made by anyone and would really like to see some predictions, letters addressed to people who might be there at the future opening, statements about geocaching, things we can read and reflect on in another 7 or 8 years. There will be some neat prizes on the day as well, not just prizes for the future. We are going to be placing a new Brass Cap. I would like to see a lot of Brass Cappers add their GPS readings for this cap. Brian has reserved a cap number so we are sure to find at least one new cap. If you think this hike will be too much for you then just come out and join us at the Day Use Area after we come down from the mountain. There will be a couple of new caches to find that will be relatively easy hikes. You are free to join in just for hot dogs and the time capsule, whatever suits your fancy, you are wanted and welcome. PRE-REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE TUESDAY AUGUST 16 AT 9:00AM IN THE MORNING. YOU CAN PRE-REGISTER AT http://www.brasscapconvention.com/BCC_II_Pre-registration.php
  22. Hello Geocachers and readers of the Geocaching Canada forum. It is time to start planning for the Brass Cap Convention 2011. (Well for me it is !) The plan is to move the Brass Cap Convention to another location in Alberta every year. If you would like to have the Brass Cap Convention be in your hamlet village town city then please contact me using my Geocaching profile. The website is up at http://www.brasscapconvention.com (it never went down actually). The original retail version of the Brass Cap Geocoin can still be purchased on the website. The Attendee version for 2010 will be available at the 2011 convention. I really hope that someone would like to have the Convention in their town this year so please write me if your interested. I can also be contacted using wavector at telusplanet dot net (replace the at and the dot) Thanks Everyone wavector Medicine Hat, AB
  23. My cache Swim has been underwater about 4 years now. It is moved to the lakeshore in the spring/fall/winter when swimming is not allowed or not possible. The winter hide is difficult to find but not as difficult as Swim. Swim sits in about 14' of water and has three layers, a diabetic test strip container inside a beach safe inside a custom container made out of a plastic lemonade powder container filled with bolts and cement. It has only gotten wet once, there was sand in the threads of the outer container and the previous finder had busted the o-ring on the beach safe so the water got in and some actually breached the test strip container which got the log damp but I dried it out and it is still the original paper log. Swim is a micro but when you find Swim you get the coords for a nearby Mystery Cache which is large enough for travel bugs and geocoins. Swim is a very challenging physical cache. It is very popular with teen swim parties and the lifeguards at the lake found it during a training session. It is in the deepest lart of the lake so that is where they were training, they all signed the log and put it back!
  24. Geocoins in the mail 6150 V9H 1N8 15857 04924 T3K 6A3 If you are expecting a geocoin to be mailed and do not see your code on the list please feel free to contact me. Pictures ofthe geocoin coming soon! We had a very succesful debut of the Brass Cap Geocoin tonight at the SAW 1 Welcome to Medicine Hat Event. Standing room only. The Tiny Bubbles Event was great, my homemade bubble ring didn't work too well though. If you are reading and aren't sure what you want to do tomorrow, consider coming down to the Fifth Avenue United Church, Wesley Hall. Medicine Hat, Alberta. Doors open at 10:00 and we will go to 4:00. A CARMH dinner afterwards. Lots of people out tonight I bet.
  25. I really really thought I would have that done by now! I will try and get to the post office tomorrow. Actaully for you I will send the coin to Austraslia for the US postage rate. Go ahead and use the US PayPal button and I will know it is you when I see the addy. I will mail the geocoin tomorrow. Today is the first day of shipping so you won't be too far off the mark Thanks for being patient!
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