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  1. "THATS AWESOME, Those were a special version,, and i never recieved my shipment of them and was gifted one so i could have one in my collection.. hope you like it! " I'm thrilled, Jay. I think I have the others from our multi trade. They came out great.
  2. Indeed it did! Since Chick and I are always talking all things garden, when the mission arrived in a camera case I thought she wanted me to take some pics and send it back to her. lol Actually, she sent the garden to me: a beautiful white Yorkshire Day rose coin, one of Jay's green and copper Eye of the Tribal Flower coins and the cutest pair of rainbow flip flops coin. I can't choose a favorite. Thank you so much! When deciding where to send Mission 1 next, I noticed that some people have been waiting forever. I got it back on the road today though so hopefully it will arrive soon. Regnat populus! Thanks so much, Chickahominy and opalsns.
  3. Beautiful! Definitely need to get this set!
  4. Hilarious! I love the idea. Might even make me laugh instead of cry when I think about my coins and TBs currently being held hostage.
  5. What a nice idea. In lieu of a coin, how about attaching a travel bug tag to something Airedale related?
  6. Well, it's finally time for that recycled shipping box to leave Freeport, Maine. 52 PICK UP #2 and I made a pitstop at LL Bean before hitting the post office and both were swamped. Freeport is bustling this time of year thanks to our downtown that is full of outlet shopping. There were so many people to choose from on the list that I decided to make a new friend and send it to someone I don't know. Hope you like it...
  7. ********** MISSION 2 ********** Arrived at my doorstep today and what a package it was! I recognized the last name on the return, but not the address; it was the other Britton sister! Echo Echo send me wonderful goodies: a beautiful card with a Trick or Treat sticker seal (who finds that?!!); a new log book and CITO reminder sticker for our for our next cache and a blue Crab Nebula pin. And then she added 3 coins, none of which I have, all of which I love! Snow Wolf has a beautiful wilderness scene and the Thoreau quote "In wilderness is the preservation of the world". Moose on the Loose is an awesome stained glass coin of a moose and is most appropriate for us Maine cachers. Even though I live in Southern Maine, just outside Portland, we've still seen moose tracks on our road almost every year we've lived here; maybe they know LL Bean is in town... The last coin is so very touching. It is the Nurses Have Heart coin. This fall I decided to go to nursing school and it has taken over my life! No joke. The sheer amount of work is staggering, especially since I'm still working in the OR. I still try to take a day off a week to spend with Trick and the GPS, but am not able to surf my favorite coin forum every night even though I'm up most nights. I swear it is an experiment in sleep deprivation. This week I am just buried in work and was wondering on the drive home how I will find enough hours before next Monday to finish all I have to do. To come home to this coin today reminded me of my goal and focus and reminded me that I can do this. Plus, after I pay off the loans, I'll have more money for coins! Thank you so much Echo Echo. I'm taking this coin to my clinical tomorrow and after everyone uses their hand sanitizer, I will pass it around! lol [/img] I'll get the deck back on the road next week! Hmmm, now just where to send it....
  8. I checked out their new coin and the irony of it gave me quite a chuckle.
  9. Email sent. Sadly, I've been trying to avoid the coin forums in honor of my new "I thought I was too old to have to go back to school", practically nonexistant coin budget, but my friend Hollora knew I wouldn't want to miss this one and alerted me to it. Looking forward to adding it to my others.
  10. Count me in! Todie's Wild Ride II: Please Don't Visit Me at Work Todie's Wild Ride II: Skid Lids Thanks Maine Family for the invite and the coin donations!
  11. I've also found an unactivated coin in a cache before. After looking at the previous logs, I was able to narrow down who might have left it and it turned out to be someone who didn't realized it wasn't activated. He activated it, I took a pic and moved it along. Might be worth a look. If not, congrats on the awesome swag!
  12. That is awesome and so totally true!
  13. Greetings Bar Harbor. Congratulations on your first coin; it's lovely. I'll be in your neck of the woods Labor Day weekend for our annual Acadia camping trip. Perhaps we'll run into you on the trail. And I second and third the Relay invite. It was great time this year. Cheers! Freeport
  14. Switch the comma to a semi colon and don't capitalize the second we're. Or change the comma to a period and keep the second we're capitalized. Cute design!
  15. Now if only we could have some of that with the Quilt Trail coins. *sigh*
  16. That's so great! Lucky you.
  17. Use the 'Grab it from current holder' option under the log menu. Then virtually 'drop' it in the cache you found it in and virtually 'retrieve it' again. This is called dipping and makes sure the coin shows the mileage. Congrats - you'll make some coin owner very happy...especially if it's been a while.
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