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  1. Mystery em Minas Gerais http://coord.info/GCAEGFA Sagui de Tufos Pretos BOAS CACHADAS!
  2. Eventos e Tradicional em Minas Gerais http://coord.info/GCAEGEN Passeio pelo Horto dos Contos Paraná http://coord.info/GCAEPV5 Meet & Greet: Iguaçu Rio de Janeiro http://coord.info/GCAEPY9 Meet & Greet: Praia de Copacabana BOAS CACHADAS!
  3. Tradicional em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCAEF9N O Guarani BOAS CACHADAS!!
  4. Tradicional em Santa Catarina http://coord.info/GCAE28V Ponte Grande BOAS CACHADAS!
  5. Mystery e Tradicional no Amazonas http://coord.info/GCAE7PN Metamorfose Rio Grande do Norte http://coord.info/GCADP31 Bosque dos Namorados BOAS CACHADAS!
  6. Precisely... without any previous NM (then another one, which wouldn't make any difference) or several DNFs, you should not use NA (or NM IMHO).
  7. From the Help Center: Do not select this option (NA) if: You didn't find the cache — use a “Didn’t find it” log.
  8. After seeing a lot of NM logs here in Brazil, I posted a link to the Help Center about it in social media... and even if the text is not precise concerning to NM's, it is when related to NA's. So if we shouldn't use a Need Archive log when we didn't found the cache, surely we should not use also a Needs Maintenance. Makes full sense for me. Besides, most of the times, a NM log just seems to be used to substitute a (shameful?) DNF... which is plainly wrong.
  9. One of those are certain if you didn't found the cache (DNF), the other not so much, because you can't be sure. Simple!
  10. All Premium Members are able to get a query of all found caches (My Finds).
  11. Mystery e Tradicionais em Minas Gerais http://coord.info/GCAE6T3 Senhor dos Anéis Rio Grande do Norte http://coord.info/GCADP4C Parque das Dunas Rio Grande do Sul http://coord.info/GCAE1KJ O Enigma da Praça Modelo http://coord.info/GCAE1KV O Enigma da Pedra http://coord.info/GCAE30X O Enigma do Rotary BOAS CACHADAS!
  12. Evento em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCAECFN Zweiundneunzig ou segundo nonagésimo Geomeeting BOAS CACHADAS!
  13. Evento e Tradicionais em Minas Gerais http://coord.info/GCAE0YX Campus UFMGamers 2 - Música http://coord.info/GCAE0YA Campus UFMGamers 3 - Bruxa Rio Grande do Sul http://coord.info/GCAE30C Enigma do Largo Vernetti http://coord.info/GCAEBRQ Hot Dog, Xis e Pelps Santa Catarina http://coord.info/GCAE2H4 Boitatá Incandescente São Paulo http://coord.info/GCACBE2 Romeu BOAS CACHADAS!
  14. Tradicional em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCAE2HJ Suba que a vista vale a pena BOAS CACHADAS!
  15. Please specify your setup, it may be helpful, to understand what it's happening.
  16. CITO e Tradicional no Amazonas http://coord.info/GCAE6QE MinduCITO 2023 Rio Grande do Sul http://coord.info/GCAE1KE Enigma da Dom Joaquim Santa Catarina http://coord.info/GCAE2FM UFSC - CDS BOAS CACHADAS!
  17. Tradicional em Minas Gerais http://coord.info/GCACYXA Warwick Estevam Kerr BOAS CACHADAS!
  18. Earthcaches no Rio de Janeiro http://coord.info/GCADJ97 Rock'n Río: Quartzo Rosa http://coord.info/GCACHMR FilãodaCachoeiradoMatoLimpoEstradaCunhaàParatyRJ BOAS CACHADAS!
  19. Evento em Santa Catarina http://coord.info/GCAE175 Encontro Floripa 2023 BOAS CACHADAS!
  20. Tradicional em Santa Catarina http://coord.info/GCAE0MB Nosso Cache Aparecido BOAS CACHADAS!
  21. Tradicionais no Paraná http://coord.info/GCADWNE Capelinha Mãe Rainha - UFPR Palotina Santa Catarina http://coord.info/GCADX1W MArquE BOAS CACHADAS!
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