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  1. Beautiful indeed, but please always try to add a link to the the closest cache.
  2. Mysteries e Tradicional no Rio Grande do Sul http://coord.info/GC9HG3W Parque Gabriel Knijnik São Paulo http://coord.info/GC9AV9N Pilotos brasileiros - Nelson Piquet http://coord.info/GC9AV76 Pilotos brasileiros - Maurício Gugelmin http://coord.info/GC9AV0V Pilotos brasileiros - Felipe Massa http://coord.info/GC9AV0F Pilotos brasileiros - Ayrton Senna http://coord.info/GC9AQKR Pilotos brasileiros - Roberto Pupo Moreno BOAS CACHADAS!
  3. CITO e Evento no Paraná http://coord.info/GC9HBMP Domingo no Jardim - CITO São Paulo http://coord.info/GC9HGKQ LXIX Geomeeting Mensal Cachístico-Gastronômico BOAS CACHADAS!
  4. Multi, Mystery e Tradicionais no Amazonas https://coord.info/GC9HC8A Paz Peace Paix Heiwa Goiás https://coord.info/GC9HD7M Mude 1 Atitude Santa Catarina https://coord.info/GC9HD6B Imaculada Conceição da Lagoa São Paulo https://coord.info/GC9HE2B 4 Queijos e 220 Tijolos https://coord.info/GC9AV32 Pilotos brasileiros - Emerson Fittipaldi BOAS CACHADAS!!!
  5. Tradicional em São Paulo https://coord.info/GC9HBDW Socorro BOAS CACHADAS!
  6. CCE e Tradicionais no Rio Grande do Sul https://coord.info/GC8HM8Z Community Celebration Event https://coord.info/GC9H6YZ M41 "Walker Bulldog" https://coord.info/GC9H6YA Memorial Irmãos Bertussi São Paulo https://coord.info/GC9H81J Pedra do Cambury http://coord.info/GC9GVQ5 Richard Rasmussen BOAS CACHADAS!
  7. Tradicionais em São Paulo https://coord.info/GC9H5G7 Seis Furos https://coord.info/GC9H5EV Laranja BOAS CACHADAS!
  8. Tradicional em São Paulo https://coord.info/GC9GMX2 Cache Parque Ecológico BOAS CACHADAS!
  9. Answering the question in your title. No! Maybe you are talking about the absence of the Final Points and Physical Stages of Multis, Mysteries, Letterboxes, etc. Every geocacher would go straight to the Final Points of all the caches, if their were visible on the maps, don't you agree? But if you are talking about the few Premium Only Caches... they are decided from each owner, not HQ. And finally, if you are talking about the official app, while being Basic Member, it will show only easy (in D/T) Traditionals close to the location where you use it. If you move, the app will show others. But, that condition is totally absent from the homepage.
  10. Earthcaches e Tradicional no Ceará https://coord.info/GC9F2JH Stack Goiás https://coord.info/GC9H1GA Na Fronteira de Pirenópolis Paraíba https://coord.info/GC9DZK0 Lajedo do Pai Mateus BOAS CACHADAS!
  11. And don't you consider also the opposite... that those folks will work to improve their writing? The old story of the wine glass... some will always see it half-empty, while others will see half-full. I'm one of those.
  12. Probably not if many people start to sort the logs by "Best story", by instance.
  13. Tradicionais no Distrito Federal https://coord.info/GC9GZ40 Triângulo das Corujas São Paulo https://coord.info/GC9FK76 Estação Engenheiro Goulart BOAS CACHADAS!
  14. Mine... Try with a different browser, maybe...
  15. This is what I got, when clicking over your Lists...
  16. Tradicional no Paraná https://coord.info/GC9G3PD Geocaching em Rio Negro BOAS CACHADAS!
  17. Tradicionais no Paraná https://coord.info/GC9GF5Q Praia Grande São Paulo https://coord.info/GC9GHBB Cachoeira do Saci BOAS CACHADAS!
  18. Mysteries em São Paulo https://coord.info/GC9FX0V Recycling https://coord.info/GC9GA8D Metal Recycling BOAS CACHADAS!
  19. Earthcaches no Paraná https://coord.info/GC9GF5E Varvitos: Um Registo Geológico Ano a Ano https://coord.info/GC9GF3J A Pedra Caída da Era do Gelo BOAS CACHADAS!
  20. Evento em São Paulo https://coord.info/GC9GB6M LXVIII Encontro Geocachístico "O Retorno" BOAS CACHADAS!
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