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You might be a geocacher if...

Guest ClayJar

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-You spend your only 2 free hours on a business trip to Brussels crawling through a public garden looking for a film canister.


-Your planning another trip to Brussels to look for that film canister again.


-Your spouse calls you a Geogeek. (I resemble this remark icon_cool.gif)


-You now look forward to the next trade show to collect more marketing give-aways.

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-you've been stopped by a cop in a park

- you have fantasies about caching with people you've only met in the forums

- you cache instead of study for law school finals

- you cache after finals are over to relieve that stress

- you get really worked up over such things as 'land maintinence policies'

- you had to choose between either 4x4 or good gas mileage on a more/harder cache schedule

-you've ever searched 'geocaching' on e-bay just out of curiousity

-youre glad to have three hours between classes

-you're friends and family shop at a army surplus store for your presents

-you can, at this very moment, physically touch your gps'r from where you are sitting


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You may be an obsessed Geocacher if:

1. There is a tupperware shortage in your kitchen.

2. You go to walmart to collect 35mm film canisters that they discard.

3. You go through more batteries in your GPS than your 10 year old son does in his Gameboy.

4. You know the zip codes off the top of your head to all the nearby towns.

5. You carry around a folder with local caches where your going.

6. You are late returning from your lunch break at work because there was a local cache approved and you wanted the FTF.

7. You are curios and check under payphones when you pass by one.

8. You suddenly are anxious to visit your inlaws when your wife asks.

9. You by altoids only to discard them to use the container as a cache.

10. You know words like "gzxrt", "enfg", and fjekt".

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When you'r co-workers no longer ask "how was your weekend?"

Instead they ask "how many cache's did you find?"


When every vendor who delivers to your store know's all about Geocaching, travel bugs, geocoins and multi's. They know the difference between a regular cache, a micro and a mini-micro...............and they don't even own a GPS (yet) :mad:





I am not addicted and I am not in denile...

De Nile is a river in Egypt and I'm nowhere near there.

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...your kid go with you into a camera shop, sees a film canister and yells:

-There it is! There it is! I found it!


... you are about to pick up a film you have developed and the clerk asks you:

-Your film was ruined by daylight. What does FTF stand for and why was that written on the film?


... you call any green plastic bag "a good cache wrapper".

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...the entire time that the doctor is putting the cast on your leg, all you can think about is finding your next cache...you see your crutches as an advantage, because you can poke them deep into bushes...

1) You're ecstatic over getting a "walking boot" cast instead, and spend every night pulling new foxtails out of the foam part until your medical leave is up.


2) You've navigated up and down rock jetties and riverbanks on your tush because the walking boot STILL isn't good enough.


3) You haven't bumbled into poison oak, but have still shed all your clothes in a trail from the front door to the shower to rid yourself of a) pollen you didn't know you were allergic to, b ) the evil stench you rescued your hide from, c) (insert your own here.)


3a) You've called home from five minutes away and told your kid to turn on the shower, vacate the bathroom, and issue a general "Five Minutes to Naked Mom Alert!" so everyone can get safely sequestered.


3b) And they see nothing strange about the situation!


4) Your sweetie says "Did you dream about me last night," and you say "No, I was actually caching with someone else."


4a) You won't tell him/her WHERE you were caching in your dreams or what you found, just in case.

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You could take the truck to drive around caching because the weather is so bad and threatening rain, but in the convertible you can lock onto birds so much easier with the top down.


You just met a bunch of new people because while caching you ran into another cacher who told you about a big cacher's party/BBQ going on nearby that afternoon, so you crash (uh, cache) it. (I did this yesterday).


And the center console of my truck is an ammo box.

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When you refuse a plane ticket for a business trip to the far end of the next state and ask for a company car instead........just so you can hit every cache you can on the way there, and whatever ones you miss on the way back. (yes, guilty as charged) :angry:



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...you've helped find your first cache 4 months before you are to be born! (true story - the baby suddenly started bouncing around making her nausious, so she sat down... right next to the cache!)


...you convince your pregnant wife that geocaching is what the Dr. meant when she said we should get out and walk a bit while she's pregnant.

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...you inadvertantly leave ticks in the car overnight after a long day of caching, and the next day your wife, who has a major phobia of bugs and didn't even go geocaching with you, ends up with several HUGE tick bites after riding in the car and bans you from ever going geocaching again.


...you inadvertantly accumulate poison ivy underneath your fingernails and by scratching her back (like a good hubby should) pass it onto your wife, who didn't even go geocaching with you and develops a HUGE rash and bans you from ever going geocaching again.


...you take a video of a copperhead snake you found while geocaching in a swamp and show the video to your wife, who has a major phobia of snakes and bans you from ever going geocaching again.

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...you carry your gpsr everywhere and are REPEATILY asked "oh did you get a new phone?"

...you have a cache in your car, just in case

and the the one ... no food in the house, but i got my new gpsr i like that one , been there.

... you've tried to explained to your 80yr old grandparents with no success.

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