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  1. You'll have to share with us your Yukon adventures. I'm in Calgary and am planning a multi week road trip in 2025 through Yukon right up to Tuktoyaktuk (Arctic Ocean). Hiking, geology and culture are our goals. You must not have crossed at Coutts then, they would have been very familiar with it. Writing-on-Stone is probably my second favourite place in the world, I've been going there occasionally for over 40 years. To sit in the hoodoos at sunset and look across the river valley, across the Medicine Line to the Sweet Grass Hills is a pretty spectacular experience.
  2. It helps that there is a prolific cacher who does/used to work at one of the crossings. They all seem to know each other so word would spread easily I think.
  3. I don't think a change is necessary. I get enough random friend requests from new cachers when they find (or don't) one of my caches. If it were available in the message centre, I could see the number of requests drastically increasing.
  4. I've noticed this for a few weeks too but had been too busy to come here to check. Just tried again and had a few minutes so it's encouraging that it's not just me. Hope to see a fix soon. thanks!
  5. Sounds pretty much like GeoWoodstock to me. They've done it pretty successfully about 18 times with volunteer organizations. GS probably does sponsor them to an extent and the organizers have to meet strict requirements I'm sure. So there is a proven track record of volunteer organizations (sometimes only a few individuals) organizing and executing (with help of many volunteers) a large event that would attract thousands of geocachers.
  6. I'd be ok with that. It would give people lots of time to plan.
  7. Yup, I would honestly love to get one more icon. Geocaching is a hobby, it is also a game. It can be played many different ways, that's part of what makes it so great. The way I like to play is to try to get as many icons as I can. I do it for me, not to compete with anyone else.There's satisfaction in achieving a goal for no other reason than to say to myself, "I did it." I'm sure there are others out there who feel the same, or don't, and would still like to complete their set of icons. I also don't think that me ("legitimately" because they are available) claiming a locationless cache in 2022 in any way diminishes the achievement of a charter member for instance who got one prior to 2005.
  8. To piggyback on that, invite your neighbours to the north to help out too. The British Columbia Geocaching Association had a few members who just pulled off a Giga recently (not that I'm volunteering them specifically) so we know it could be done with enough volunteers. I'd help out for sure if I could.
  9. Right, sorry. You are one of the people I mention that would have never had the chance to attend one. A block party was held near HQ on International Geocaching Day. Here's the list of the 5 times it happened. https://www.geocaching.com/play/results/?ct=4738&sa=1&hb=Geocaching+HQ&asc=false&sort=placeDate
  10. With a successful summer of attending my first Giga (GeoWoodstock XVIII) in Abbotsford where I also increased my count on the GPS Maze and Locationless caches, My attention turned to that sole icon I have yet to claim. The Block Party was held from 2011 to 2015. I had opportunity to go to most of them as it's an easy two day drive for me. However, there were extenuating circumstances from vehicle failure part way there to getting married (somehow I couldn't convince my snuggle muggle to honeymoon in Seattle in 2015). Beyond my own selfish desire to complete my set of icons (I do love icons!), imagine how many new cachers there are since 2015 that never had the chance. It may be a long shot but I'd love the chance to come back to Seattle (was there for GW 8) for a Block Party. If not Seattle, maybe they could be held in other parts of the world too so many others would have the chance to get that elusive icon.
  11. I had a sneaking suspicion I knew this cacher too. So a quick little geo-stalking and my suspicion was confirmed. What a great story. If you recall, I'm just down the highway a few hours from you. This same local cacher got an FTF in Kenya and I got the STF a couple of weeks later.
  12. I've met tons of cachers on the trail as we used to have semi annual 'cache and release' (CAR) events. New caches would be published at a certain time and people would got out seeking them. So much fun at those events. An early non event encounter though sticks out for me. I was parking in front of the building next to work and happened to find an empty spot in front of a lamp post. Standing beside the post was a lady I had gone to college with who I learned worked in that building and was also a geocacher. With her were two other cachers, one I already knew and another newer cacher. It turned into one big FTF party.
  13. I know that cacher, we've been friends since meeting at GeoWoodstock 8 in Carnation.
  14. I'd like to see the return of webcams and locationless, maybe in a manner similar to new virtuals. Cachers request them and are doled out via some kind of lottery to not overwhelm the idea. Challenge caches are another one I'd like to see with it's own icon but with the ability to filter for the attribute and most have 'challenge' in the name (at least in English Canada), I find it a workable solution when searching for them. My reason for finding this post is my desire for the return of the Block Party events. After attending a Giga this summer, where I was also able to get another locationless and add another maze to my profile, I'm eager to get that last missing icon. There were only 5 Block Parties (2011-2015) in Seattle and life events precluded my attendance at all of them. There are also a whole crop of new cachers that never would have had the chance to attend one. Maybe have them on the east coast of the US/Canada, in Europe and Oceania to give more people the chance to attend.
  15. I read on the cache page for the maze that Geeoh Go could also do it. I searched around looking for a way to do it and had no luck so came here to search. Just as I started to ask if anyone knew how, I was scrolling the logs in Geeoh Go and saw the 'Friends' button pop up as I scrolled through logs. When I tapped on that, I saw my own log (which was buried hundreds deep as I took two months to log it). At the point, I tapped on the hamburger stack on the right hand side and got an Edit Log option. From there, I scrolled down, changed date and time and submitted successfully.
  16. I had some time to check on challenge caches I might qualify for in Edmonton, AB. So I searched around one i know about and chose a 20 km radius for mystery caches with challenge in the name. In the photo, you can see I get over 32,000 results and all in Germany. So it seems the search is still acting rather arbitrarily.
  17. I have been resisting the new drafts page as I didn't like it. It's only in the last couple of days that I've been able to distill why. The old page has an easy to use and functional layout. I think what I like best about it is the columns that act independently.The listing column gives the cache name and a visual of the status (active, disabled, archived which I find easier than looking for text on a page full of text). The log type was very useful to me because of the icon. After a long day of caching, it's nice to upload my field notes (I can't shake that phrase) and scan through to log any DNFs first then scanning for notes that may need to be logged or more info gathered. I also find it very clean in its single line format. You can fit much more on a page and not have to scroll as much. One other item that troubles me has been discussed already but being able to upload drafts from two devices was easy before. Now, with the 'only newer than' functionality, I won't be able to do that. Also on occasion, I find mistakes in my drafts (count numbers which require each one to be updated) so go back to the source file and upload them again. Again, that will be harder and make for more end user workarounds. Now, for the positives, seeing a preview of the draft is not important to me but it is a nice add. It's also nice to have the 'upload draft' link at the top of the page. Thanks.
  18. I missed that at first. It's nice to see that back, I disliked not having it in search results.
  19. Well, that's terrible. That needs to change. We need to be able to see our own archived caches as well as those of others.
  20. Thank, I'm glad to hear it wasn't an intentional removal. It's so much easier with the link.
  21. I've been meaning to search for this topic for a while. With the &note=1 solution, I was able to get them then created a new bookmark list with the results. Was going to mention that but's it's already been covered. Thanks for the help!
  22. I too was looking for the origin of the name. As an FYI, the new link for Bison Designs is on their new geocaching page.
  23. Another comment: I reverted to the old search. One click on filters, type "Christmas", choose caches I've found, click update search and I have all (including archived) caches with that keyword in the name. This was not possible from what i could see on the new search. This is a feature I used often to help checked qualifications for challenge caches or just plain interest sake.
  24. I noticed this new behaviour only yesterday or today. Haven't been able to read all the replies yet so some of what I found may already be covered. A few first impressions: -owned caches show up with regular icons, I like the old star icon from the previous version -when clicking on More Info then going back again, the map zooms in to the current area of that cache selected, not the previous view I had a moment before -there is less space in the filter window which makes it more inconvenient in my opinion -why does it have to default to map view, sometimes I want to look for a cache by name or distance from home, or by favourite points or any other number of ways, it doesn't seem as friendly now -I didn't think there was anything wrong the old search. I'll watch this thread but for now I'm going back to the old search.
  25. Hi all, I've tried searching through this forum but have not found any reference to my particular error. My apologies if I missed it. I'm on Windows 7 32 bit SP1, running the Builder v2.0.5129.5086 and have applied the Google maps v3 fix. When starting a play anywhere cartridge, it asks me for a start location so I select 'Yes' and enter an address. Then I get an error that reads: "Error looking up address: The remote name could not be resolved:'api.local.yahoo.com'" Then it will default to Greenwich (Prime Meridian) on the map. If I say 'No' it also defaults back to Greenwich. Is there anything that can be done to either fix the address search or stop it from going back to Greenwich. It's a pain to have to keep scrolling the map back to Alberta. Thanks in advance!
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