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  1. I've been meaning to search for this topic for a while. With the &note=1 solution, I was able to get them then created a new bookmark list with the results. Was going to mention that but's it's already been covered. Thanks for the help!
  2. I too was looking for the origin of the name. As an FYI, the new link for Bison Designs is on their new geocaching page.
  3. Another comment: I reverted to the old search. One click on filters, type "Christmas", choose caches I've found, click update search and I have all (including archived) caches with that keyword in the name. This was not possible from what i could see on the new search. This is a feature I used often to help checked qualifications for challenge caches or just plain interest sake.
  4. I noticed this new behaviour only yesterday or today. Haven't been able to read all the replies yet so some of what I found may already be covered. A few first impressions: -owned caches show up with regular icons, I like the old star icon from the previous version -when clicking on More Info then going back again, the map zooms in to the current area of that cache selected, not the previous view I had a moment before -there is less space in the filter window which makes it more inconvenient in my opinion -why does it have to default to map view, sometimes I want to look for a cache by name or distance from home, or by favourite points or any other number of ways, it doesn't seem as friendly now -I didn't think there was anything wrong the old search. I'll watch this thread but for now I'm going back to the old search.
  5. Hi all, I've tried searching through this forum but have not found any reference to my particular error. My apologies if I missed it. I'm on Windows 7 32 bit SP1, running the Builder v2.0.5129.5086 and have applied the Google maps v3 fix. When starting a play anywhere cartridge, it asks me for a start location so I select 'Yes' and enter an address. Then I get an error that reads: "Error looking up address: The remote name could not be resolved:'api.local.yahoo.com'" Then it will default to Greenwich (Prime Meridian) on the map. If I say 'No' it also defaults back to Greenwich. Is there anything that can be done to either fix the address search or stop it from going back to Greenwich. It's a pain to have to keep scrolling the map back to Alberta. Thanks in advance!
  6. I do the same (naming the notifications) but just because I have three distinct areas I usually cache in (and don't want to miss remote, mountain top FTF possibilities) which covers 80 km each. Then I have text notifications for anything within about 15 km of home which is about the furthest I can go before any chance of an FTF is possible.
  7. Depending on how the caches got onto your device in the first place, reloading from a filtered list in GSAK would be the easiest way IMO. Do you load your caches regularly with GSAK? If so, just create a new list with the User Flag or a different database and load only those caches. That's my regular workflow and it is slick. To add to what StefanD said, you are probably looking for the geocaches.gpx file in the Garmin\GPX\ folder on your device. I have the 62s and believe that's the right path/file name but don't have access to it right now.
  8. Cool. What a great way to remember a member of the community!
  9. Thanks, I'm aware of this page and some of us in Calgary have tried to tease information from this and compare to the Brass Cap Cache (BCP). It doesn't seem to be comprehensive though as there were a few known users missing from that comparison.
  10. I've been looking for a reliable way to see who and how many people have found both the Brass Cap Cache and Ye Ole Survey Monuments. I understand project GC can do it if you're a paid member but I don't have the budget for that right now. Does anyone know another way or would be willing to check for me? Also, I'd like to compare Cleopatra's Needle - London with Cleopatra's Needle - New York. These two sets are quite far apart and hold special interest for me. I'm curious as to who else has been lucky enough to get both sets. Thanks in advance.
  11. After logging a cache from Field Notes (ok, fine, Drafts... ), it sends me to the cache page. When logging a bunch of caches, that's a bunch of extra clicks. Any chance it could go right back to the Drafts page as it did before?
  12. Ok, I gave it a try and got the same results. Looks good as far as the actual log date when editing my field notes. I had some existing field notes that I haven't had time to log yet. I also created a couple of notes each in Geosphere and Cachesense at varied times to simulate the same day locally but different for UTC. They both exhibit the correct day when logging before 5 PM local time (UTC-7) on the drafts page, those after 5 PM show April 13. Finally, I created a note in the official geocaching app and it showed up on the correct date regardless of time. Now, once the time comes back to the drafts page, I'll be completely happy again.
  13. I use this page a lot. It's the quickest way I know to find other user names. It's not location specific but you could quite easily find all the name that start with 'gator.' Because it only lists names that start with your keyword and does not accept wildcards like % or *, it could be of limited value for you. For my needs though, it works. https://www.geocaching.com/find/default.aspx After typing the above, I realized this thread is a year old. If you go to the main search page (Play | Find a Geocache), you can filter for caches hidden by a user name. Again, no wildcards but if you know the beginning of the name, it will actually autofill as you go... https://www.geocaching.com/play/search
  14. I have been having this issue too and it has been causing me great frustration. My testing scenarios are not as extensive as theBruce0's but I can confirm it is not an issue isolated to Geosphere. In the attached photo, I tried four different apps and all produced inconsistent results. It should be noted, I was in BC for the first one (UTC -8) and all the others were done in Alberta (UTC -7). The last column lists the app and date/time the log was created. The discrepancies range from six hours before to nine hours after. Let me know if I can be of any further help in testing/troubleshooting.
  15. Yeah, I reset mine for Sunday (today) and they ran at 00:01 Seattle time.
  16. I'm also having issues today. Three of 9 ran OK but the rest are still showing as queued after four hours. After reading some replies above, I also tried editing one of them and resubmitting it. No difference, it is still queued 30 minutes later. As things go, this is a minor issue but it feels so disconcerting to not have the latest cache info before I head out tomorrow...
  17. No, it doesn't look like they do. If you like, you can send an email to contact@geocaching.com top bring it to their attention. It could be aas simple as more than one person entered data into the picklist in different formats.
  18. I heard from ChileHead today, there is an alternate URL that can be used instead of this one which does not seem to keep me logged in. http://geotrailsw.com/wm/ Its a pity its not on an app so that you can download to an offline folder for when you are out. You are in need of a good signal on your phone which is not always possible I agree about the offline list. Not to mention I do most of my Waymarking away from home (ie. out of the country so data rates would be expensive or otherwise not an option). It's probably a case of not enough love for Waymarking and the bulk of the resources are put towards the more popular and moneymaking areas.
  19. I heard from ChileHead today, there is an alternate URL that can be used instead of this one which does not seem to keep me logged in. http://geotrailsw.com/wm/
  20. Details at Geocaching in Alberta's Provincial Parks Here's the latest official word directly from Alberta Parks.
  21. And don't forget, we're about an hour from the Rockies with tons of hiking, national parks and well, just the best looking mountains around.
  22. PM sent to OP regarding activation code. Also, I know that fridge door. I brought it from Great Falls, MT to Calgary (where Andronicus probably saw it) then had someone drive it to Vancouver Island when I flew there for Island Spirit 2012.
  23. The most common reason I see for that is duplicate logs. Do you log with a smart phone? Sometimes they will post two logs at once. If that was the case, maybe the CO deleted the duplicate.
  24. I also noticed that yesterday, when trying to log some TBs. Turns out I was hitting the enter key (ehich I've always done) after entering the code. When I entered the code then clicked the 'Track' button, all was good. Could that be the issue? If so, I'll report it on the release notes thread.
  25. While c:geo is a popular app, it is not one officially approved by Groundspeak. I don't need to get in to the details here but just search the forums for c:geo and you will find an abundance of opinions but some information too. In addition, smart phones are great for finding but the accuracy is not good enough to trust on its own for placing caches. Not to say it can't be done, just make sure you verify with someone who has a GPSr or check on google Earth/maps.
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