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  1. Problem is, the Usage Page specifically states "These items may not, under any circumstance, be sold." Putting myself in the shop manager's position, what I read is that if I produce these logos, I can't sell them. Considering what I'd pay if I got caught infringing on someone's copyright, I'd also say "Good riddance" to anyone who was pressuring me to print copyrighted material or else I've "lost a customer for life." Frankly, as someone who has thought it worth watermarking his own work, I would expect a big "Thank You for Protecting My Livelihood" from you to the print shop guy, not some ridiculous ultimatum advice. Sheesh.
  2. Still interested those pre-hide agreement situations.How about post-hide/pre-publication? I agreed to maintain 6 caches for someone visiting NH from CT. They hid the caches, then were told they needed a local maintainer. Rather than let them be geo-litter, I agreed to maintain the caches. 4 of the 6 are still going strong.
  3. Ok, so in this thread, cache_test_dummies responded to the question of "Should I move someone else's cache that is about to be bulldozed, or leave it alone?" by saying: It made me think "That's a great name for a cache!" Great, now what will such a cache look like? For those unfamiliar with Schrödinger's Cat, according to Wikipedia: Discuss.
  4. I have one out like that. It is located on Buffalo Rd. 2 bisons and a buffalo.I have a "Bison Tube" hide, too. I used a different tube than a pill container, though. Had I had a drill press at the time, I'd have been able to drill the hole in an anatomically correct spot, but mine is drilled through the sides and the tube (a preform container) runs through the bison. Had you found such a creature in the wild, they'd not have survived.
  5. For starters, you'll need a Chirp-compatible GPS to program the Chirp. The Etrex H is not, so you'll need to invest in a new GPS if you want to have a Chirp. I suppose you could borrow someone else's, but the Chirp will be tied permanently to that GPS, so make sure it's someone that'll be around if you need to reprogram it. A list of Chrip-compatible GPS's can be found here.
  6. The mention of "spray paint" should specify that it is the container being painted, perhaps even leave out the "s" word altogether? Camouflaging can be simply hiding the container under a log or rock, using paint or patterned duct tape to help obscure the cache, or even custom building a container that will seamlessly blend into the surroundings.
  7. The last "Big" vacation I went on, we flew to California to visit my sister, then drove over to the NV/UT border. Saw Grand Canyon, Zion, & Bryce NPs, where there are some great virts and EC's. Well before leaving, I came here to the regional forums and asked what caches we shouldn't miss. With some recommendations plotted on a map, we made a day of it, driving a big loop to some locations not even AAA would have shown us. It was AWESOME! Had to include the dark, blurry pic, 'cause it was probably my favorite experience of the day. So, my advice? Pick a place you want to go. Ask the locals what caches you can't miss while there. Make a list based on that, plus all the caches near the touristy things you know you'll do. You'll have fun with the touristy/AAA caches, but I bet your favorites will be the ones "off the beaten track".
  8. UPS Unusual Pile of Sticks? United Parcel Service? Uninterruptible Power Supply?
  9. Jane caused trouble for the cache owner if the original cache is still in place, now they've got to go retrieve Jane's cache. Only difference between your scenario and the one I presented earlier is the price of the throwdown.
  10. +10 Some (now deleted) "Found It" logs on one of my caches, and my maintenance log. I was pretty steamed by the end of this hike. The "Bulldozing" that took place was some grading to the road, and they obviously didn't pay a bit of attention to the cache listing, replacing a custom container with something plucked from the recycling bin, filled with a scrap of paper, and tossed on the ground.
  11. What a horrible idea! Oh, and the bullet isn't allowed.:
  12. Why? According to the LBNA website FAQ: I see no restriction on where the clues for a letterbox must come from, do you?
  13. I bet if one were patient enough, such a pair could be found. Looking at the GC Map centered at zero, you could probably find a couple within driving distance of each other... Map Link
  14. Northern Central Montana and Northern Alaska would work, too.
  15. Shhh.... I may have misstated a bit my reason for wanting the Audit Log. I want the perception that the page is being watched. Anyone who frequents the forums knows that dirty little secret, I'm just hoping any potential cache pirates might not read the forums often enough... That said, this is my first PMO cache, it is pretty cool to see the activity on the cache page already, even if it is just forum denizens... Speaking of this, I wish we could see who has the cache on their watchlist!
  16. So, Another Update: The cache disappeared! I found the timing interesting. The cache basically sat in place all summer waiting for me to list it, and it remained there, unmolested. It then disappeared within 2 weeks of publication! Muggle, or as someone suggested to me, Rogue Cache Police removing what they didn't like? Well, I put out a new container, made the cache a PMO cache so that I can watch the Audit Log, and am prepared for it to disappear again. Next time, I move it to a new location. If it goes AGAIN, I can be pretty sure it was another cacher...
  17. At least here in the states, I'd imagine that a demographic that is concerned about racial profiling might avoid activities that might increase suspicions.
  18. Snoopy Oh! Just realized the Snoopy caches are all on a of bookmarks on Geo Art.
  19. Woah! What exactly did you get into??? My goals: Hide a 1/5 Puzzle Hide My Tract Cache Get a cache ready for next April 1st Don't increase my Longest Streak for Not Caching Build a Railbike to hit the Rail Trails with. So far, so good. Bike is almost done, I haven't increased my streak YET, the April Fools cache is almost ready, and I completed everything else.
  20. Why would you pay them $25 to $30 per hour plus benefits. I'm sure it could be outsourced to India for a fraction of that. I can see it now:
  21. You forgot one. From a a DNF log of mine long before I went paperless:
  22. So, I'm working on a new mode of transportation, at least along some of the abandoned railroads around here that have so many geocaches. A Railbike! Here's a pic of a completed one: Here's mine, so far:
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