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  1. I would suggest you speak to the IT dept. of your place of employment and see if they can add an exception to the site - not make the site itself change. I use to add sites to the software we had in place when first setting the software up. If your company uses an outside company for the service, it would be up to them and your IT dept. to setup the exclusion.
  2. This is why I carry an epipen in my bag and in my truck.. Still, the icon wouldn't be any use to me..
  3. I've ordered a few things from them and they are legitimate. You can click on any of the images on their webpage or blinking words and you'll be taken to various things for ordering.
  4. you can export them to the SD card for the phone and have cachemate import them from there (sd, micro sd, or any other card you phone might use).
  5. Don't know about the OP, but one possibility - prevent the spouse from finding out you've been geocaching Exactly!!!!
  6. I can look at PI, PO, and Sumac and breakout.. It's been mentioned before - the scrubs, but I also keep large sterile wipes, water, and alcohol to wash the poison off. If you can wash it off within a couple hours of exposure, you're less likely to have a breakout. All this is kept in a first aid kit in my truck underneath the backseat. I've actually used Windex (no reference to the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding) to wash off the poison when I didn't have my first aid kit.. )
  7. That would be my response. If you don't like my hides - don't hunt 'em - filter my username out of your selection of caches. GSAK does a great job of filtering caches. Frankly, I think asking someone to hide something different than what they hid is quite pompass. I hunt for all traditional caches, nanos to large - makes no difference to me if it's in a park or parking lot. I try not to hunt caches where I live. I like to travel out of town and the trip to the area is 1/2 the fun.
  8. Cemetery caches are one of my favorites to find - all the history and great headstones / monuments. I have a couple caches BY cemeteries, Not in them.
  9. If I'm not mistaken, the Curve, the Storm, and a couple others (verizon) - the GPS is not locked. If it's unlocked you can always use CacheBerry. As far as I know, there is no way to connect your phone to the GPS.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, the macro will upload the field notes, but you still have to go to each one and log/save..
  11. I have used them. a 9mm and a 45cal + a #2 O-ring. Then you'll need to make a handle on one of the casings to be able to remove one from another.
  12. I use CacheBerry on my Blackberry Storm
  13. My first question is which GPS? My 2nd question is have you installed the drivers for it?
  14. I have found 3, but they were inside the dove (in 3 different ways). The clip held up great, but you can always re-do the clip when needed
  15. I finally found an ignore function I Like!
  16. Here are a few reviews of the PN-30
  17. I use a Blackberry Storm and CacheBerry - works great
  18. Easy enough around: Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Found it TFTC Oh! and Thanks for the Cache! Found it!
  19. I'm guessing either you saved the page, have it cached for quicker loading or have never cleared your browser cache. I just F5'd about 11 or 12 times and never saw that picture.
  20. Up to 72 hours is about the norm. I think it's mentioned in the guidelines..
  21. GSAK has a macro that will do it. Itsnotaboutthenumbers.com will do it CacheStats will do it. And a few more places and programs will also make up the stats for you.
  22. I'll 2nd this.. I'm not sure what parental controls would be needed..
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