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  1. Our very first TB (Red & Jada's Baby TB2JMBZ) was set out on its journey on March 1st 2009. After three months it went missing. The other day I received an email from a geocacher. After almost two years, our Red & Jada's Baby has been rescued and is alive and well. I couldn't believe it when I first read that email! Its was such a surprise! Never though we would hear anything from our TB again. Apparently, the last cache it was in was muggled and our TB has been living in the woods for almost for two years. Now we are excited to watch its travels once again. RedJada.
  2. I have to agree with this 100%. I have busted my butt to put together my CITO events. Just a short time to do a little clean up in the places we play. But what I have seen, the local cachers are not interested in picking up trash.
  3. I am hosting three C.I.T.O events in the coming weeks. Event # 1. Plum Creek Park CITO GC23T0E on 04/25/2010. This event is scheduled to be part of the 8th annual national C.I.T.O events. Event # 2. Fred Fuller Park CITO GC23Y09 on 05/02/2010 Event # 3 Al Lease Park CITO GC23YTX on 05/29/2010 At the Al Lease Park C.I.T.O, there will be a cook out after the trash pickup. I will be supplying burgers and dogs, buns, pop/water plates, etc… So please bring a dish to go with. Thanks to the geocaching community, I will be giving away some great geocaching stuff at each event. Including a Delorme PN-40 at the Al Lease Park C.I.T.O This is a great chance to come out and lend a hand, put faces with names. If you are new to geocaching, this is an excellent opportunity to meet fellow geocachers and get some caching tips. I hope to see you there, RedJada
  4. I believe the new Delorme PN-60w will have SPOT built in. Should be released in a couple months.
  5. I was just curios, I have couple non-geocachers that want to help out at my events. I was just wondering if it would be OK if they attended with out having to sign up on geocaching.com first. Thanks for your answers.
  6. Geocaching is a fun hobby. What you experienced doesn't sound like fun. My advise: Forget about it. It's just not worth the worries. There is so much more to explore. GermanSailor Sometimes people forget that geocaching is only a game. Its not a competition. But to some it is all about the numbers. Why? I dont know. If I were the OP I would just let it go and move on. There are more to explore.
  7. I am hosting 3 CITO events in the coming months. I'm just wondering, are events generally for geocachers only? Or my thoughts, should be promoted to non geocachers as well. Personally, I think the game/sport should be promoted. What's your opinions?
  8. It is in great shape, works just fine. Comes with head phones and the USB cable. Besides using it for music, it works great for paperless caching. You can load cache descriptions, hints, logs. (dose not support HTML) I use CacheMagnet to transfer to the ipod. You can sort by cache name or GC code. I upgraded to a new ipod with more storage and video. $50.00 shipped within the USA.
  9. Just amazing. The archive'er has never attempted to look for the cache. Just assumes its not there.
  10. Im hosting three CITO events starting in about two months. Plum Creek CITO GC23T0E Fred Fuller Park CITO GC23Y09 And, Al Lease Park CITO GC23YTX I will be summiting this one later today. I still could use some more geocoins or geo swag gear to use as door prizes. Writeshoprobert has committed. GeocoinGuy has made a very generous donation. Thanks you guys. Just wondering if anyone else would like to help out in anyway? Of course, I will list you on the cache listing pages. Thanks everyone. RedJada
  11. t4e, they want $15.30 to ship. I have noticed a key word here though "use too" There is a gun, knife, military show coming up at the end of the month here in Cleveland. Ill have to go check it out. I don't want to hide these. I want to give them away at my CITO events I'm hosting this spring. So if anyone wants to donate, I won't stop you. Thanks
  12. I will be hosting four CITO events this spring. The goal is to clean four of the Portage County Parks. The first event, Dix Park CITO GC232RB is part of the 8th annual national CITO events. One week later will be Seneca Ponds CITO. And the Portage Bike/Hike trail CITO and Towners Woods CITO will be published in about 3-4 weeks. Towners Woods CITO will include a cook out. There will be some great give aways at each event, Caches, geocoins, geo gear. And thanks to the people at DeLorme, I will be giving away a PN-40 (see cache listings for details) So come out, help out, meet fellow cachers and just have fun. Hope to see you there....
  13. I can get 4 of these ship to me for $42.00, just wondering if this is a good deal?
  14. str33ty, that worked. thanks. How did you get that img link? I tried everything last night and couldnt figure it out. I tried all the img links on photobucket but I couldnt get any of them to work. Did I miss something? Thanks for the link Touchstone. thanks again
  15. Hi everyone, I am trying to finish up a couple CITO cache pages. I have downloaded the CITO logo from the CITO page. I did manage to get on this listing Dix Park CITO GC232RB Now I cant figure out how I did it? The Dix Park CITO I did on my old computer with windows XP. I have a new computer now with VISTA but I dont think that would make a difference? Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  16. Thanks again GeocoinGuy. I got your email yesterday. Thank You RedJada
  17. Well, I don't really think so. As some of you know, I am hosting four CITO events this spring/early summer. The first one Dix Park CITO GC232RB When I saw Magellan was the sponsor, I thought what a better place to ask for donations for my CITO events. Just looking for some Magellan geocaching swag gear. T-shirts, hats, stickers, etc... Just something for some give a ways at my events. So I sent an email to Magellan and this is what I got back. Hi Patrick, Thank you for your inquiry regarding donations at Magellan. We have been privileged in the past to participate in great causes like your own and hope to do more of that in the future. Unfortunately, our corporate-giving program is currently not funded so we will not be able to accommodate your request at this time. We wish you the best in your efforts. Should you require further assistance about this or any other concerns with your Magellan unit please visit our website and review our extensive Self Help Knowledge Base (www.magellangps.com) . Thank you for choosing Magellan and have a safe day! Yours truly, Abigail (AM20166) Magellan Technical Support Email: SUPPORT.US@CS.MAGELLANGPS.COM And Magellan is the sponsor because? The Garmin and Delorme people have committed. I don't see why the sponsor cant help promote CITO???? Boy this is frustrating Any comments? RedJada
  18. I see my link didnt work so I will try again. Dix Park CITO GC232RB I hope it worked this time. I know its still early yet, but still looking for some geocoins, swag, etc... for these events. I have the Seneca Ponds, Portage Bike/Hike trail and Towners Woods pages almost ready to be published, But have wait about a month to summit. If you are interested in donating a coin or anything for these events, please let me know. Thanks to the cachers that have offered so far. Thanks again, Redjada
  19. I would like edit a post in the geocoin section to add a link. But I dont see the edit button anymore. Did something change?
  20. Look up MAGC Military association of geoCachers. they will be able to help you, search for their website Look at GC1QMWT, its an archived event by the MAGC in Iraq but it should give you some contact info. I sent a CITI geocoin there and they sent it back after the event. It was pretty cool.
  21. Saints shut down Vikings passing game. Saints 35 Vikings 27
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