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  1. First rule (and one I learned the hard way): Never release anything you have a strong attachment to. I have many coins that have been stolen. I have many coins that have logged thousands of miles. My coins traveling abroad seem to do much better. I've had better luck since requesting coins be placed/returned to caches that are either Premium Members Only or have higher difficulty/terrain ratings. Yes, it is sad that the actions of a few ruin the joy of moving coins for the many. But I strongly believe in karma, so in the end, they'll get what is coming to them by way of a life's lesson.
  2. Were you coming in from the east? In that case, yeah, that's blocked off due to construction. Reed Market is closed east of Shadowood; I'd scratched out that road on the map to show that you can't drive on it. If you were approaching from the west, even through Reed Market was closed to through traffic, you still should have been able to get to 81-83 at the Larkspur Park Senior Center, and 84 on Teakwood Road. At least, that's my understanding according to this announcement ("The first stage [is] complete and open to traffic Friday, September 6. Reed Market will be open from Newberry Drive (Senior Center) to Teakwood Drive.") and this project description ("Stage 1: ... During this stage, Reed Market will be closed from Newberry Drive to the west side of Shadowood Drive") If Reed Market is still closed to local traffic, then the detour would be to go one block further south on 15th and sneak in via Twin Lakes Loop. (Edit: adding link to Google map for context) I came from the west. I did see signs the senior center was open, but I followed the detour signs and couldn't see how to get to those caches. I probably missed the sneak around, trying to follow the signage and not get somewhere I didn't feel I was supposed to be. Oh well, you all will probably have better luck - and maybe the construction won't be going on on Saturday in the rain?
  3. Hi everyone! Came to Bend today and had a few hours to do some caching, so thought I'd hit part of the route. Anyway, heads up because Reed Market Rd. is closed to through traffic at 15th Street with a detour in place. This affects caches 81, 82, 83, and 84. I could not find any way to get to them. I was able to swing around and grab 80 (I DNF'd 79 but made it to GZ). Anyway, it was a beautiful day and I reall enjoyed the virtual at the top Pilot Butte State Park. The views on this lovely sunny day were awesome. Guess the weather isn't planning on holding though. Oh well. See you all on the trail somewhere...
  4. I think the most important thing is to follow what the owner has requested on their trackables page. Personally, I prefer my trackables visit more out-of-the-way caches that get less visitors because then it cuts back on theft. Plus, we get to "visit" caches that are more off the beaten trail. But to each their own. The bottom line is, read the trackable page and try to follow the directions set forth by the owner and you should be fine.
  5. You planning on contacting the owners and letting them know about the attempt to sell their property on eBay? I know if I were an owner of one of those items, I'd sure like to know about it. Maybe that's just me though.
  6. I just sent him/her a note asking if they were his/her property or if they were collected from caches. We'll see if he/she responds. It is certainly against eBay policy to sell stolen merchandise.
  7. Finally earned my coin today. It is a beauty too! I had fun exploring parts of Clackamas County I had never been to before. I so appreciate all the time and effort that went into making this challenge. I only wish there was a similar challenge for Washington and Multnomah counties. Maybe someday....
  8. 2 weeks is a good guideline but one must use common sense. If it is winter or otherwise a difficult time to cache for folks weather-wise, it is best to be patient. If your TB or GC has a specific goal (some of mine want to visit higher difficulty and/or higher terrain caches, some want to visit puzzle caches, etc.) then it is best to be patient. Since finding a suitable cache, large enough to accomodate a traveler can sometimes be a challenge in certain areas (like mine) I find it is best to be patient. I don't start to get concerned until about 2 months, 3 months if it is winter. At that point I just send a polite reminder note. And a good way to be less concerned about the 2 week rule is to release a lot of travelers. That makes it harder to stress out about any one or two of them.
  9. Possible throw down alert: GC22066
  10. The last log on this cache (NM) indicates the container was found broken: GC1XKQ7 It is a newish cacher who posted the NM log though - maybe just one to watch for now.
  11. No problems here. I copied my link and tried it. That worked for me (I copied so I won't make a mistake typing it ) Thanks for the reply. I'm getting it to work now too.
  12. Anyone else having problems accessing the site again? I can get there through the link in my signature line but cannot access by typing in the url. Strange...
  13. Nevermind - I think I got it. The 3rd cup of coffee did the trick. Thanks Moun10Bike. People like me must make you want to shoot at things. My husband says to get in line.
  14. Right, I did that. But how do I get that information loaded onto GSAK when the email arrives without the zip attachment? Sorry, I know this is probably a dumb question but I haven't had enough coffee yet this morning!
  15. Does anyone know of a quick/easy way to get all of their cache finds (over 1000 in my case) available to download onto GSAK?
  16. No - they would have both been over 500. I was not aware of that. Sorry for the post. *embarrassed* I can't believe I've never tried to run a PQ over 500 before!
  17. I feel your pain. One of our coins was carried around by a cacher for over a year. No logs, no response to emails, but the person's cache ID showed them to be active. I eventually wrote the coin off as stolen and changed the name of it to STOLEN, so when this person looked at their inventory, they'd see they have a stolen coin listed in it. About 2 weeks ago, I received notification that the cacher dropped the coin into an upcoming event. Then between the email notice and the event, they went back and dipped the coin into numerous caches (about 3 pages worth) over the course of the year they had it. The coin has now been logged by another cacher and is back traveling (yay!!). I wonder if this is some new thing - cachers keeping TBs/GCs for long periods of time and just dipping them all around. I'm not sure I like it but I'd rather see the coin or bug moving at least. What I can't forgive is the complete lack of response to my emails about what was going on with our coin, leading us to believe it was lost or stolen, when obviously the cacher had a plan for it. Why not just tell us what the plan is and avoid all the angst?
  18. Sorry if someone has already reported this. I requested a PQ yesterday to run today. I show the PQ in my email but there is no attachment containing the files. So to double-check it, I ran a "My Finds" PQ and this also just arrived in my email without any attachment. Yesterday morning, my weekly PQs came in without any problem. Thanks
  19. Reading this thread made me smile. Great stories!
  20. We now know the answer to the final! The next time we are in town, we will finish it. It was great to meet you! Hey you too! I would love a nudge on the final (if you don't mind) - at least tell me where we were going wrong with the numbers. (I imagine we had the wrong sign) I hope to make it back up in that area in March. Help!
  21. Well, I had a blast even though I did the majority of the CM solo (meaning two of my trio had to stay home). I wasn't able to attend the dinner but met up with some great folks on the trail. I just had to ask though - because I got a little bit behind in the afternoon - too much time on a multicache - when I got to the Pickled Pepper series, I met up with a carload of cachers and we attempted to get from stop #40 to stop #41 but found a sign saying the road was closed to motor vehicles. Did you all just go around the loop of caches the opposite way from there? I actually just wound up using the cut through to cache #59. Thanks for another great CM Travis. We hit the weather perfectly. Sunday was an amazing day in Long Beach weather-wise!
  22. Sounded interesting so I read some of the cache page and logs. I saw a couple of folks posted find logs suggesting it was an "easy arm chair log". Are those legit? The descriptions indicates there is an actual cache to find. How can you find it from your chair?
  23. My PQs from yesterday finally arrived - about 24 hours late. Glad to hear others have gotten theirs too.
  24. Even if you've released it? If you found a coin in the field, 99.9 percent of the time it is a traveler and you should NOT keep it. That is stealing. Did you log the coin and read the travel goals for it? Please try to follow those goals the owner of the coin set out for the coin if you can. As for a keepsake - yes you get one on your profile when you log it. Most coins have unique icons that you keep in your stats. TBs are more generic, but they show up too. And this thread will soon be moved to the geocoin or TB part of the forum. So when you check back in, don't be surprised if it isn't here.
  25. Can someone from TPTB at least acknowledge they are aware of the problem and are working on it?
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