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  1. I do that but I also take UTA if it is far, since I can't drive. That would stand for Utah Transit Authority. They are buses.
  2. That is evil, man! Reminds me of the 5-gallon water jug I was going to fill with film canisters. I have about 550 film containers so I should have enough.
  3. Hey anybody in utah know where I can get a stump about 6-12 inches wide and a foot or two tall that is still in great shape and doesn't have a ton of cracks? I am looking for one for a geocaching container.
  4. I have a Trek. Nice bike. 3500 miles on it and climbing.
  5. How's this? Not very big or cheap, or even camoflauged, but this is one of my recent ideas. Put this in a yrad, or something, it is not only cool to hide something on there, but cool to take a pic of. go to sugarpost.com or google Fred Conlon for more info. http://www.sugarpost.com/gnome-be-gones/gbg-bird-wave.html http://www.sugarpost.com/venus-fly-traps/m...h-plug-bug.html
  6. Why not just use real PI leaves and increase the difficulty rating? Dont know if a rash and itching would be a good first impression and a way to make friends. lol Yes. Go to your local arts and crafts store, and get a basket of it. Or just go to a pet store or something like that and buy some. Using real ivy would mean you would have to plant it in your or someone else's yard, and since it can be very invasive, it isn't a very good idea unless the owner, perhaps in one case being you, doesn't mind having real ivy planted in their yard if they don't already have it in their yard. The ivy has to be planted somewhere if it is real, otherwise 2 weeks later, it will be completely dead and brown.
  7. Hi. I am trying to create an earthcache in Yellowstone National Park. I have everything I should need, aside from permission, but I for got to get the coord's! I was trying to get an earthcache set up at the paint pots but I need two sets of coord's. The first I need is the Fountain Paint Pots. It is the big one with the sgn next to it. The second, is the Grand Prismatic Springs. IF anyone goes by yellowstone, PLEASE GET A A COUPLE SETS OF COORD'S FOR THESE TWO! It will be much appreciated.
  8. Hi. I am trying to do a cache and I need some help as how to upload pics or images ONTO the cache page itself, so it SHOWS on the cache page, not just as a little icon the at says "Image" at the bottom of the screen before the logs or in the log. How do I do this?
  9. Lol we noticed this after 3 of us climbed on the ruins - when we were leaving - wow. Where is this? I can't remember and would like to go back... Here is one I saw in a thread called "Interesting signs seen while caching" or something like that. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...66-1d01ae9f9bf8 Here is one I saw while caching by my neighborhood. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...c4-503c96dba87f And one more also by my neighborhood. This one is archived, but was called Vegetarian Cache. The sign inspired AD0OR (now JAC0B) to place it there. http://img.geocaching.com/cache/92fc1a67-4...e7397472b47.jpg
  10. Same here in utah. Utah is reffered to as the melting pot or the culmination of all nations, and also as the the land of opportunity. We have almost every kind of element and climate here, and you would not believe what opportunities you would have here, even with all the crappy hides that are done over and over again between all the actually really great hides. I feel for you. THat is why I try to do as many creative(!) and original hides as I can. Thanks, sorry to see you go, sorry that not manby people will learn a good lesson from all this.
  11. Depends on where you hide it. I don't plan on making it very easy to find in the first place, such as 20 feet up a pine tree.
  12. SOunds fun to drive to. I have a friend that met a guy over here in utah county who goes to Cali every couple months and gets a bunch. He met the guy, got his number, and then after a few months for some reason it got thrown away. So when he told me about it, I almost tore his room apart looking for it. Didn't find it, otherwise ifd I had, I probably would be buying some from him right now. I almost fricking killed my friend when I couldn't find it.
  13. YEs, I have a couple a friend brought me a couple months ago. Do you know where I can get a couple Digger or Coulter pine cones? I can't seem to find a good thread in Cali or Nevada located around the mountains, especially the higher elevations.
  14. Cool. Sounds fun. Really puts gas mileage into perspective. That is why I wna t to get something like a Chevy Volt because it has 40 miles of battery life plus then the gas comes in when the battery runs out of juice and has to be recharged. About 250-300 miles of travel still going. Plus if you can find a station that has cheap prices, and good gas, then all tyhe better. I could go from provo, utah all the way to St. George without having to stop for gas once. About 220-50 miles straight as the crow flies one way. Add about 30-40 miles to that for road curvature and its pretty good.
  15. YEs, my apologoes. I don't know howlong the drive would be but something tells me I don't want to know.
  16. Cool. Any way I could convince you to go get some for me? I think for me to go would be suicide and I can't get anyone to even consider the idea. One cacher told me "Are you nuts?!?" Yes, I am apparently.
  17. I am looking for big pinecones so I can use them for geocaching. I want to use them for geocaches and TB's, as well as FTF prizes. Anybody have a few extra in good shape? I am looking for Digger pine cones, Sugar pine cones, and Coulter pine cones. You know, the big ones. Yup, them. The 6-inch plus ones. The big spiky ones. The super long ones. The ones that make your friends go "Holy crap! Where did you get that thing?!?" And as a side note, maybe for a present or two for cachers I know.
  18. How much does it expand and contract? Does it expand with heat and contract with cold? What about metal or steel? If you come across anything like that for metal or steel, let me know. And I'll let MarshllOD know that he is missed. He lives up in Layton right now. I actually had the pleasure of hiking up a medium sized mountain named Mohagany Mountain. It is in front of Mount Timpanogos over in utah county, utah. About a 9,000 foot mountain. About a 3,900 foot climb and about 11 miles up and down.
  19. Is there way to make a slightly bigger one? Prefferably out of wood?
  20. Well, since I base my entire expertise of caching on creativeness, then I could be one. Not kidding.
  21. I have been using pill bottles and just about everything I can from around the house and yard to make them. I have probably hidden about 25 containers and spent about $60 or less on containers. One of the containers, a big metal 5-gallon dairy container, cost me about $25, but the rest I have gotten for about $35 and the only reason why they cost that much was because I ordered them online and they are really sneaky containers. I have used two or three of those, and the rest I have made myself from what I could find. Some of them are really hard too. And the stories are really great too. Go to my profile and you will see a few examples, among the couple hundred pictures I have taken of the mountains and stuff while caching. I set my caching expertise for hiding caches on doing them creatively. And believe me, that is not to be taken lightly on some of my caches. I know how to hide a small, regular, or large, and completely throw you off the mark with a hint and combine it with a creative container.
  22. You walk around looking at every cache placement spot and wish that the caches could be placed a little bit closer together so that you might have room for that one(out of 50) really good hiding places and use that certain container that would go soooo good there. True story. When you wish that if they were hidden by you in your neighborhood, they could be just a little closer together. True story for that one also. Thank goodness that last one isn't allowed though.
  23. I resent that! There are plenty of hard mountains around here. Take Cascade mountain. Northeast of provo, utah where BYU is. Most of it is at least a 30-45 degree incline unless you take the nice part of the trail, a.k.a. the bottom half(even then it is still near the incline of the rest of the mountain) and goes up about 6000 feet above the valley, ending at about 10,800 feet. And for those of you who don't hike a lot, that is actually pretty steep. It is actually harder to climb by a good length than Mt. Timpanogos next to it is, even though Timp is about 1000 feet higher.
  24. I never even made it to 2nd class. That would be because they took 4(!) very good leaders out of our ward when they split the wards, and it crippled our ward for about 3 years. Now we are starting to do fine again, but I am still ticked a bit with that happening. I also do hiking and camping at every opportunity.
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