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  1. You have not added a description to the photos as I have asked. I have checked these to see if they have been modified, including just now. The pictures have no descriptions, so you can't tell which is the Ansel Adams photo and which is yours. You need to clarify. In addition, if you would quit replying without your email address and just send me your email address, communication would be much easier. The Waymarking site is difficult to use on communication, but your email from the geocaching site also did not include your email for easy reply. Frankly, it's easy just to contact someone through the message system. It works with the apps and is very easy to use. I am sending you a message through the message system right now to get this resolved for you.
  2. Since the topic was bumped, I wanted to thank those in the topic that helped the cache owner with their questions. The cache owner was nice to work with and it was a pleasure to publish their cache after it was refined. The great advise given helped it move quickly along. Cheers and thanks to you all with a wink from the puppymonster.
  3. Challenges add to your found caches totals? That's news to me. I don't do challenges because they aren't caches so I'm not interested. They do not add to your geocache finds. They are separate. They show on your profile page and they show next to your geocache find count on caches if you log them. I've found 12 so far and have created 3 so far.
  4. Two words... bonus cache. Or is that two finds? Ironic. Know what? I love my stats. I go geocaching for me and my own enjoyment. I don't get wound up about others cheating themselves to up their stats anymore (multiple logs for an event). It is their problem. I do look at some folks stats and love the stats generators and how people display various stats on their profile pages (I do that too). I've planned almost all of my milestone finds, some months in advance. I seek out special caches specifically for them most of the time. I've worked hard to find a cache placed in every month since the beginning of geocaching. I missed three days last year to complete finding a cache on every day of the year. I am setting Outlook alarms this year so I don't miss them again. I was one of the first people to find a cache in every state in the contiguous US and was working on that long before it was cool. I even know the dates I've passed smaller milestones in individual states for heaven's sake. I've loved going out on number runs and I've loved spending an entire day doing a difficult single cache. I've enjoyed solitary days out caching all day and I've loved spending all day with groups. The beauty of geocaching is that you can love the numbers if you want or you can just find a cache here or there. It is your game to play the way you want to. Go play, go enjoy and don't let others make you feel bad about how you choose to geocache as long as you do it within the guidelines. Period. I learned this a long time ago. It is still true today.
  5. You just cannot do that with this large of a site. Hundreds of thousands of users yield hundreds of thousands of variables. At times a company has to just make the tough decisions themselves. They sought out opinions from a group of people and then took those thoughts and suggestions into the company internal discussion and made the management decisions you now see. You are not going to make everyone happy. Change is going to happen over time and I've seen several of the forum alignments happen. Some people will voice their disappointment and you are free to do that of course. Change is here I am ready to move forward with it -- again. It won't be the last one I'm sure as geocaching continues to grow.
  6. Weee ewww Weeee ewww Weeee ewww! Pull over, this is the cache police, you will be given one warning only! Actually Lil Devil is a member of the cache police. Perhaps you should tone down the smartaleck remarks before the cache police from Pennsylvania pulls you over. You are correct sir. More like the common sense police I guess.
  7. You folks really don't want me to come out of the woodwork, now do you? If you have something to add, then great. Otherwise...
  8. I don't know. I still see a valid concern here... There is still an issue here that has been left untouched. No one mentions the question of whether the reviewer is a canine or a human. I see at least two more pages as that issue really needs to be resolved here too.
  9. Could be. Picture after a hard day at work you have dinner and spend a little time with the family. Once the kids are in bed you check the queue and see over 100 caches awaiting review. It's late and you're tired but you have to get up early so you avoid a cup of coffee. Bleary eyed, you try to get through the queue as quickly as possible. Oops, there was a proximity issue you missed. Happens. Zero excuse whatsoever. I appreciate that our Reviewers are Volunteers, but if they can't handle the job competently along with the rest of their daily lives then they don't need to be in it! I hear that all the time as an excuse... they are volunteers, they have a life, yada yada. I'm a volunteer too, in other communities, and if I get to where I can't balance everything (and it does happen) I ask for help. 'I'm over-worked' or 'I'm too busy to do what I do well' is never an acceptable excuse. I guess I am only somewhat surprised by this response TAR. Sadly. Keep in mind that you were once a reviewer. As the one who took over the area that you previously reviewed, seeing these words written by you is rather disappointing. Did you write that? Really? I am going to go with the caches in the original post, but it applies generally. Wiz has done an outstanding job in taking on reviewer duties. She took on a busy area in BC from me and now has additional help there. She knew when to ask for it and got it. She is so well respected in her community. At GeoWoodstock, I had some long conversations with people around her area. We chatted some about her. I had no idea about some of the things she has done up there before putting on the reviewer hat. Such a class act. Such a great person. Such a simple mistake, easy to make. You throw her under the bus for that? Knowing the people up there pretty well, your comments won't sit well with the community there. I know it is offensive to me, and I feel like I am still a part of that community is a small way (waves, miss you folks). I said in another topic that we are all human. You, me, even Keystone. OK, maybe not Keystone. Your comments above show how human you are. You are pretty far off base here. As I try to strive to learn from my mistakes, I hope that you will learn from yours as well. You made a pretty good one with that post.
  10. Ironically, when I pass on, I've been one of many cachers to consider a compartment in my headstone for a cache. If I give my permission and the cemetery knows it is there by my wishes, then the reviewer should publish it. Perhaps you should consider that permission might be given.
  11. Reviewers have to consider many things when publishing caches. Proximity depends on circumstance. I published two caches today that were by the same owner and are only 432 feet apart. If you would like to take the direct 432 foot path between the two caches, you should probably bring your personal jet pack or maybe a trebuchet. http://coord.info/GC2ZTYG http://coord.info/GC2ZTY4 Click the link below to see these two caches on the Geocaching.com mapping. http://coord.info/map?ll=30.545337,-89.648506&z=17&mt=satellite There are no absolutes, which is why we have the ability to be flexible. I've made mistakes though. We are human. It happens.
  12. (note to self-Purchase rubber undies before GWX.) As long as I get to take the picture again! You're on!
  13. You have already met me. What else matters? I want my chance with the duct tape. I also own a cattle prod.
  14. Next year we need to get a forum topic going and set a time and place for forum folks to meet. A group shot of everyone would be way cool. It could be as simple as saying that we meet at the area where the log for the event would be or something to that effect. I am sure we can figure something out.
  15. MNGL DNMPHR!! Hey now... this is a family friendly forum. Just because your mouth was taped shut doesn't mean we weren't able to understand you. <--- Oh, Keystone!!! No no, you misunderstood. What he actually was saying was "mtn-man rocks". I mean, you saw the avatar. No wonder Keystone duct taped him mouth. Can't let that get out.
  16. Well, it is riveted to my arm. Sorry Man. You know Im just kidding. I would rather Hockey have stayed in The ATL and both teams leave Florida! I know you were kidding! I should have added a And really, I think the Jets should go to. We may differ on the destination though!
  17. I measure the fun by the number of smiles I can put on people's faces. I feel very successful in that regard. It was fun to be a volunteer once again. It is a great way to meet more and more people. Once again I get a great job, working with my wife around the log log and maps and giving a little relief to the two folks working there. They were such hard workers and Sarge was really funny as he was passing out the pushpins. My wife had nothing but great things to say about him. The event has grown so large that it is hard to spend enough time with everyone. I even took Tina to the hotel and returned back to the event site and chatted some more with a few pals in the campground. She was just too tired after the long day. I ended up chatting more than looking/trading at the coin event that night. Even little gatherings at the Holiday Inn were great, though I did not get to chat with some folks like I wanted. (Missed you the last night Deermark. Turned around and your group was gone. Awesome to come back to your area again.) Gof, you are as much of a treat in person as you are in the forums. Your hat was priceless. Saberfan7, ouch! Great to meet you. briansnat, that's why I wear my Real Deal Brazil hat all day. C of D, thanks for the time and I hope I get to that cache. So funny that I wasn't the only one who ate at Anchor Bar. Niagara Falls, wow factor and then some. If you are a friend on Facebook, you see that even my flight home was a laugh a minute ride. I bet Keystone provided the superglue to the flight attendants. I would also like to give a sincere thanks to all that have and will be logging my new personal travel bug. As always, as long as I can put a smile on your face it is all worth it. Yeah, we found some caches and missed some caches. Love putting more dots on the map. JoGPS, thank you. See you in Sellersburg my friend.
  18. It isn't found everywhere, really and truly. It is found only in California. http://plants.usda.gov/java/profile?symbol=TUPA2 Since this isn't a worldwide issue, I am going to move this topic to the regional forums.
  19. I'm not that old. Either would be happy to help you. I will say it was an honour and a privilege to serve the cachers of BC for so long. I've never had a chance to really say that. You folks were so nice.
  20. I just wonder how many mtn-man's will be there this time.
  21. Exactly. I've been over it before and it isn't open to discussion. I also know the reference very well, but don't use it please. ESPECIALLY in the context that I have had to edit out.
  22. That's about 4,00000000000 times more expensive than a watertight 35mm film container. And if mine get's muggled I can replace for less than next to nothing. since when have film cannisters been watertight Some digital film canisters, ie SD card holders and the likes, are very much waterproof... not much room for a paper log, but maybe leave the card in so people can electronically leave a blank log on it! Sorry I can't beleive that someone wanting an Ammo Box is been pointed in the direction of a film can or similar. I have not found any to be waterproof even the ones with small rubber seals but I have yet to find a wet ammo box. Sorry Yorkie - Chili-K has got the hang of the sarcasm warning button yet Yes, Chili-K, better known to people here as currykev until the change in the user name, has a habit of being a disruptor. Please drop the off-topic discussion that he has decided to interject in to the topic and please just get back to the question from the original poster if people would do that. Perhaps if he would stick to the topic at hand, he would not have to see the moderators step in to some topics. I wish I never had to post as a moderator, but once again I sigh and do just that. Please carry on with the original question.
  23. As you noted, not geocaching related so I will close this topic. Please refrain from solicitations. That isn't what this discussion board is for. Best of luck.
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