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You might be a geocacher if...

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You might be a geocacher if...


Your 14 days away from your sons wedding day and your thinking of how many caches are on the way to the ceremony site that we haven't done yet and what time you need to leave the house to get them all. Allowing, of course, enough time to change clothes in the car before you get to the wedding!!!! :lol:


Hmm...wonder if they are any at the site!!!! :):lol::(

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... when you have been to a cache location soo many times that you know every feature around the area... but cant find the cache.


... when you have your internet open at work and have the geocaching site waiting in another window ... just waiting for a cache to pop up and to go on your "lunch break"

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...as you leave the funeral headed for the cemetery, your husband asks, "are there any caches in this cemetery?" ;)

Actually, I never thought of that... Though there was one (a multi no-less.. GCWB0V The cemetary is in the corner to the left) just outside there.. And I actually went cache hunting after the after-funeral luncheon in my suit. (didn't even bother explaining to the drycleaners why there was mud on the pants legs.. It'd been raining the previous night.)

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You are addicted when you discover a new cacher is placing caches in "your territory", and it's on! Racing around creating and placing willy-nilly so no one else can encroach on "your territory". Oh yeah, this is just a game... then WHY DO WE KEEP SCORE!!! Yup, it's the truth, a noob placed 2 in a park that we had hid in prior, only to have this cache muggled. How did we handle this encroachement? By looking at every concievable location, then hid two and bought a dozen bisons to counter this menace...serenity now! :)

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-You have to take the batteries out of Wii and DVD remotes for your GPS because there's no more rechargeables.


-You can't bear to leave the house without a GPS and a pen.


-You type up a list for where you want to cache, and it take you three days. Then, you realize you wasted your time because you could've just used Magellan Communicator.


ALL TRUE STORIES!!! (Not kidding about the last one)

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