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  1. I downloaded the new app today and I only see three log option. Found it Didn't find it write note. Being as I have hidden 269 caches I really need this new app to allow me to log "Owner activities" Maintenance, Temp. disable, enable & archive. any word on these additions?
  2. As someone that has hidden 269 caches and takes pride in hiding and enjoys keeping up with the cachers that find our hides I would love to see the ability to log from the new app "Owner's Maintenance", "Temporally Disable" "enable" and "Archive" of my caches.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Spoke with the CO and she said just delete all of the found on dates. That worked.
  4. We have a challenge here that requires a long log. others have submitted their log but when I try I get the "Max Length Reached" error. Is there a trick to posting long logs?
  5. Only about 5% of my caches give me the option to log "Owner Maintenance" from my iphone. I did maintenance on about a dozen this weekend and only one listed all 8 log types. The rest only gave me the basic 5 log types. Any idea what I can do to be able to log "owner Maintenance" on all of my caches?
  6. I created a PQ for an area with poor cell service. When I try to download it to my iphone it is listed but is "unavailable for download" How do I make it available?
  7. Squirt and I use a Garmin Oregon and a Colorado and we never have the same ground zero. We have found the best this for us is when we get readings within 20 feet we hang the unit on our belt loop and start looking. I think it is called GeoSense
  8. we do understand. we also understand that each gps has a tolerance. say gps a is at one end of its tolerance and gps b trys to find the cache hidden by gps a and b is at the end of their tolerance. now we are adding tolerances and it could now be 50+ ft off. as well as if it was hidden by an old gps or on a bad reception day. this could make it better or worse. do your best to get good coords. ask here. learn about your gps. mayb find a local cacher to help you in person if you are intimidated by all this. someone who has hides under their belt. no harm in asking for help. we have been planning our first hides for the spring. the one i have gotten great coords for on dif days as well as dif weather. the other one i cannot seem to get good for the life of me. the location would be obvious when you got there, but to me that is not good enough. mayb i will have to ask for help on that one. i am using a 62s with the averaging feature. Monty If there is a spot nearby where you get a good signal you might consider making it an off set cache.
  9. I have hidden a few caches and I too get all sorts of comments. "Spot on" or "your coords put me inside the building" I do use the waypoint averaging on my Garmin to get it as accurate as possible. If I get several notes about my coords I will check them. Or when I get a note from mtn-man asking if my cache really is in the middle of the Indian Ocean....
  10. We have a sprinkler head cache in the middle of a large field. Grass took it over and I actually had to go buy a cheap metal detector to maintain it! Bounty Hunter Junior. I think it was under $50 It has come in handy on other cache hunts.
  11. Exactly. We've got somewhere between 4500-5500 in our metropolitan area, depending on how far you wish to extend the line. How you'd figure it out in the NE corridor I'd have no idea. I see your point perhaps I should change it to 20 miles from your home coords. PS I see from your profile you are in Co. I was born in Denver and spent childhood in Boulder. Small world....
  12. I did a quick search of the forum thinking this has been asked before but found nothing. What US city has the most geocaches? So how many caches are there within 20 miles of your home coordinates?
  13. When I log a cache from my iphone it would post to my twitter blog also. Then there were some security updates and Geocaching.com had not kept up with it. Is that still the case?
  14. I've gotten sever emails today like this... "[LOG] Owner: batesftw found What once was #10 (Not Published) (Traditional Cache)" I go to the cache page and I don't see anything different? Any idea what is going on? I know they are published and have been for years.
  15. Thanks to all that replied. I found the best way was to go to the " Hide of Seek page and do a search for "caches found by": user name. Thanks again!
  16. Is there any automated way to see when a particular cacher post a log? My with is on a caching trip up in Kansas and I would like to follow here logs. Is it possible?
  17. Thanks, My Oregon 400T has me spoiled with it's pre loaded maps. I forgot all about how I used to load maps from Mapsource. Now my sons Oregon 200 has everything he needs. Thanks again
  18. Is there any way to use Garmin's mapsource topo 2008 to place maps in the Oregon 200?
  19. I thought I saw something about a change to twitter and now my logs don't post. Anyone know how to get it working again?
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