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OK I'll bite and add our novel to the thread. When we where expecting our first rugrat, I was working at a large software company. Said company called all new systems in development "projects". A friend at church wanted us to name the child Fred. We did not want to know the sex of the lil one until the birth of the child. SOOOOOOOOOOO projectFRED was born. We just added our aniversary for fun.

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infiniteMPG was coined from the fact that we like anything that doesn't burn gas... as stated on our webpage :


Dedicated to Geocaching, Pedaling, Hiking, Paddling, Skating, and anything that brings man and nature together burning desire rather then oil


Thus, the infiniteMPG (Miles Per Gallon). I did originally have my old BBS handle as my GC name which was "phlyx" for my liking of movies (phlyx = flicks = movies) but it didn't fit well with the GC theme.

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I have many names around the internets.


Neuropheliac ("Messing" with the mind)


The MetaCognitionist (Its the name of my blog)

Huelo Ho'Okele (Means Pigtails in Hawaiin, the nickname of a lost friend)


For GC'ing, we needed something to log with. TeamTaqleberry consists of me, my wife and my 2 year old Corgi, Taqleberry. We plan on getting another Corgi, of darker complexion and call him HighTower. We're not really fans of the movie "Police Academy", just the names.


I have another login name for GC'ing, but it hasnt been used yet because all the caches we have gotten have been together.

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Mine started out as my AvP online name, (Kid=as in the gunfighter nickname, Ripley= I shouldnt have to tell any Aliens fans) then it stuck through DeltaForce online games (Black Hawk Down) ......

In the live world... It stuck as my SASS alias for Cowboy Mounted Shooting, So I use it for hobbies and such 'cause its pretty easy to remember.

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In 1849 my GGgrandfather was one of the first white men to cross Death Valley incuring many hardships very similar to the illfaited Donner party of 1846. They left Utah in an attept to get to the California gold feilds but many died from lack of water and food. The story is on the internet. for anyone interested just search for" Death Valley in 49" and you will find the entire story and the many accounts, Including the story about "the lost gunsight silver lode(mine), some called it mine but it was never actualy mined thats why the correct name is lode. Just another exciting chapter in american history that most are not aware of. There is a monument somewhere in utah to commerate where the group sepperated and headed toward the desert that they were resposable for giving Death Valley it's name when one of the party looked back and said" GOODBYE DEATH VALLEY!".

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I am usually Flo everywhere internetty (alhough my name is Sarah, it makes sense in my universe <_<)


but I knew when I set up my account on here that I couldn't just use my usual handle, as I would rarely be caching on my own. So I needed something that could apply to whatever friends and family I managed to drag along each time, a team style tag.


both I and my other half are ex punks, and something anarchic seemed appropriate, plus I wanted something alliterative, so the Chaos Crew was born....

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Never really felt a need to post anything, but after finding my first cache the other day this forum seems a little more interesting. So with that, the name "shoegazer" is a genre of music. Since I do a lot of backpacking and tend to look down, the name kinda fits, plus I like the music.

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I used to be good friends with a guy named Wesley, he called me his Princess Buttercup (refrencing to "The Princess Bride" movie) I have been called Princess by others before and I love the buttercup flower so I liked the name.

Later I joined the furry fandom and wanted a new name to use as my furry name so I used PrincessB (short for Princess Buttercup) since then the name has gotten more and more popular and I'm starting to run into teen girls who use the name PrincessB so sometimes if necisary I use PrincessBTigress since my fursona is a white tigress.

I'll answer to Princess, PrincessB, Princess Buttercup, PrincessBTigress or just PB, it all works for me lol!

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I've been NikkiPoooo for everything internet since I got my first AOL account back in '94. I originally picked the oh so creative NikkiPoo, but amazingly that was already taken and rather than having numbers that would not mean anything to anyone else after it (and have people get it wrong all the time) in my 13 year old wisdom I decided to just max out the characters with o's. That did not eliminate the "spelled your name wrong" problem... imagine that?

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Freth is the name of an old Dungeons & Dragons character a friend of mine made. I liked the name so I started using it for a chat and gaming nickname. I've used it for years. I've noticed that there are some other people that use the name on the internet, but it's rare. I think it might be a real name used in a foreign country somewhere, I'm not sure.

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mine comes from an old nickname i had in highschool. It stuck with me through college with friends from my home town.


It rhymes with my first name. Come to find out is also an old word meaning crawfish.


The Crawfish shows up in many of my finds and soon in my hides...

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Zolgar the Insane.

I've had this name for 13 years or so now. How did it all begin?


I was sitting at the computer, getting ready to log in to Battle.Net for the first time, evar! I was making a warrior. And I was stumped for a good name.


So I said to my sister "Hey AJ, what's a good name for a barbaric fighter?" and she said "Zolgar."


Zolgar, I picked up "the Insane" somewhere along the way, but I don't recall where. But the name has since followed me though:


Diablo II.

Star Craft.

City of Heroes.

Ultima Online.


World of Warcrack.

And .. countless others. Not to mention all the forums, single player games. One of my college classes..

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Ours actually did not originate with Geocaching -


A couple of years ago, my son Ronnie wanted to make a user name for a computer game, and was really into Fisher Price toy - GeoTrax... so we tried to use RonnieGeoTrax - it wouldn't fit, so shortened to RonnieGeo and it has stuck ever since. Especially since we have not found a site yet that it was already taken.


Funny story with this - when my wife and I first found out about Geocaching, I went to the site to start the account, and RonnieGeo was taken!!!! I told her about it and that I wasn't surprised as this is the one site where I would expect it... She then told me that she had already set up an account and she was the one that had the name :)


BTW - this is the only site where I've used the name and nobody has asked me "Hey Ronnie... do you drive a Geo?"

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My GPS was originally bought for outdoors stuff (hunting, fishing, travelling, etc.), so that's the "woods" part.


The "tramp" part is more geocaching related. I've always been interested in depression era hobos and tramps. Those folks had a secret marking code of symbols they'd leave behind to signal info to other tramps. Kind of like the way GCers do.

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How did I come up with my screen name?

I believe it was syncronicity, or just the way my weird mind works. (who knows)


My lovely Bride has many times called me her KNIGHT in shining armor. (no really, not bragging)


I have worked for a company named OverNITE for about 15 years.


and for those 15 years I have worked predominantly at NIGHT.


KNIGHTZWORK just seemed to fit in all the right places.

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My, this is a popular thread...

I have had many people ask me about my geocaching name and so I guess I should just put the story out there, then when asked I can refer people to this thread.


Years ago, a buddy of mine and myself worked at a ski resort in California called Mt. Reba (Bear Valley). We used to telemark ski which is downhill skiing on specially designed cross-country skies. One day a few of our supervisors decided they would try to humble us on what they called our "wimp-boards," and decised to take us down some challenging mogul faces. They expected us to crash and burn, but when they reached the bottom of the run and turned around to revel in amusement at us sliding down the mountain on our butts, they were shocked wide-eyed to see us right behind them, still standing, and not covered in snow. Needless to say they were impressed and shouted that we were the Rad-Nords! (radical nordic skiers)


We, of course, embraced the name and became known on the mountain as the Radnords. We have called ourselves that ever since. There is actually another Radnord who still lives in California. If you ever visit the forum sight, Practicalbackpacking.com, you will find him on there as "Flyingyetiman." You will have to ask him how he got that name... I might have had something to do with it, hehehe (evil laugh)


Happy caching

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I went through a video gaming phase, so i always liked "Hero" (also on a side note my favorite character from Gundam wing: "Heero"). Zero just dropped in there because i needed more then 4 letters for a lot of things.


During the jump to the internet years and years ago HeroZero was taken up in alot of things. So i just dropped in the two r's in there. Finally arriving at: HerroZerro.

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When the tv show Lost first started I wanted to join the message boards at ABC. I had been reading a while and was dying to talk to others who enjoyed it as much as me.

So I started to create a account. Only every name I tried was already taken. After about 10 different names I finally got pissed off and with giant heavy fingers (ok kind of smashing the keyboard) I typed in HELLO!!!!! LOST!!!!! without the exclamation points and the stupid computer took it.


Now it has been with me for so long that I answer to Hello. LOL

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