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  1. Do a web search, Lostinjersey has some nice write-ups and pics. They are right down the road from my stable, ans we ride past them all the time, I think thier time is short, they might be cleaning up the area for development.
  2. OOOOooooH I got it I forgot to log into the DeLorme forum. (a duh) LOL
  3. I can only find 2.4 to download where is 2.5 update?
  4. I have placed one of my caches with my horse, and plan a few more along an area that is popular with trail riders. I also take my GPS when we do MSAR training to try for a cache when possible. Oh and great idea, go for it.
  5. There is no requirement to post online or even to sign the cache log. Finding it is enough for some people. Then why take an keep a TB without sending along ? Sounds as bad or worse than muggles, because now they are deliberately seeking a cache, taking a TB with little or no intention of moving it along as the owner wishes ... if the owner wanted the TB to be a "gift trinket" for someone to keep, they would have just left it as swag. Taking a TB out of circulation is putting an end to someone else's game, how is that fair or proper? Especially if you are a "ghost cacher"?
  6. What is up with people who use this site to get info for caches and TBs, go find the caches, take Travel Bugs, but never log them in? I had a great backstory to my first TB I put out, by pure chance it was picked up here in NJ, and moved to FL only a short distance from a longtime friend, pure fate... the only conjolling I added was asking the holder to maybe put it an a very easy cache as my friend is a newbie. They were happy to help, (and I still thank them very much RobnSue.) A recent cacher was very nice and helped me do some detective work (thank you very much Windz) and wrote me back to tell me there is a log in the book : " 4/6/08 "...Took Knight Chess Piece..." and signed by "Johnathan" but this person never logged in for either the cache or TB. I mean is it just stupidity? or some other new type of being a wise-@zz?? I tend to lean away from the possible excuse of "maybe they dont know how to log it..." or "...they should log it" as you do need to be somewhat computer savy to find caches you want to try for, get co-oords, put then in your GPS, maybe read hints, so at what point can you say "...aaaah duuuhh i dinin see da part about loggin da finds.." ? Any newbie (and try to remember we all were or will have been) and remember how stoked you were to log your first find? and even now if you "arent about the numbers" still, you probably have a good caching ethic and have a respect for the game and know it is the ediquette to log, and maybe even advise of "need of maintnence" etc... This bug A Little Horsin Around TB21DW7 was my first (and at this time only TB out there) It has has a close call or two with muggles in its short career. If anyone has an idea of who this "Jonathan" cacher is, please ask them to move the TB along or at least log it.
  7. QUOTE a·gen·da [ ə jéndə ] noun (plural a·gen·das) Definition: *list of things to do: a formal list of things to be done in a specific order, especially a list of things to be discussed at a meeting *matters needing attention: the various matters that somebody needs to deal with at a specific time *personal motivation: an underlying personal viewpoint or bias So then GS needs to define what "agenda(s)" specifically they are prohibiting, because; * Going out and finding something with a GPS is an agenda * Any "Multi-Cache/puzzle-cache" is an agenda * And yes again, CITO is an agenda * Caches that can only be done during park hours or daytime only would have agendas * Members only caches- someone needs to buy a membership to get the details of it. * Event caches, coin swaps, etc... * An opinion that a scenic landscape "...Has a wonderfull view..." or that the scenic view is the reason for cache being placed at the location * "kid" themed caches etc....etc....etc...... Also remember; anti-something is as much of an agenda as pro-something. Using moderator or reviewer status to OVER-scrutinize a casual word in an entire page is completely unprofessional and stinks of bias. And before anyone goes off... please notice "over-" is in CAPS! to emphasize an excces of srutiny of a word, but the same zeal for correction and grammar is non-existant (as stated above by another...there v thier, where v were, etc...) And now back to the start.......... Has the actual infraction of the OP been sited yet? and/or explained by the reviewer who caused the issue? Not just a c&p of the text and a GS guideline, and everyone's interpretation of the rules, but HOW IT WAS A VIOLATION??? as seen by the REVIEWER. Or just establish what agendas are OK and what are not....and post the "Official List"
  8. There was NOT an "agenda" by the CO in the cache page, the one with the agenda is/was the reviewer, such as, being "anti-American Legion". "Anti" something is and can be more agenda ridden than anything else. It's like saying something like; "...this park/area the cache is in is in danger of being developed...and some people are trying to save it..." not asking you to support said groups, many caches in a certain area near me (that I hope to hunt for, fall into this, and I am NOT bashing, tattling on, or saying that is the motivation of the caches) are on a historical site and have some very famous caches near there, one of the cachers has even posted on this thread, so this issue could pertain to those caches (coughcoughfederalhillcough) since they state the history of the location(s) the caches are placed on/near. These caches are some of the most famous caches around here and would be a great loss if they were targeted by "reverse-agenda" such as anti-military/ anti-war, anti- whatever agenda a reviewer could have, even though the history of the area is just that...history. By the precident this issue sets, a "dog park cache" could be turned down because the reviewer is pro-PETA. Even one that mentions "pet friendly". Also for all the micro lovers, by hiding a micro at a place of interest, and on the cache page for it, write a well researched explaination of why you thought it would be a place to hide a cache, it could be rejected. the CO just stated history of a well known organization ( that so many see every day, and dont know the history of) and did NOT ask for or pressure anyone reading the page or hunting for the cache to join or send money or the like. LET THE CACHE STAND if anything, the reviewer has the agenda, not the CO. This reviewer might need to be reviewed themselves, and possibly "un-volunteered"
  9. "......aaand average co-ordinates!!" "the next cache to be reviewed is a ........."
  10. It's some Adventure race or bi/tri- athalon thing at Shepard's pond/Ringwood SP/Tranquility Ridge. I wont put up any links, you either know about it or will have to search for it yourself, last inquiry got "hidden" for being too advertising or something.... LOL <----------- I will be on one of these horses on Sat April 12th I am going to be there as MSAR/ safety, So When you/if you see a Mounted SAR team say "Hi" <----------- I was hoping to hit a cache or two the other weekend when we went there for orientation drill, but I didnt have an opportunity. But On day of, I might "wander onto one" maybe even drop one too. We were around the "Beech Road" area of Monksville Res, and they put up those info/history boards for things like "Long Pond Iron Works" and I saw a few others along trail at a distance. Pretty nice walk along the West side of the loop of the trail, they did some grooming it looks like. So If anyone goes up there caching dont be afraid to say hello.
  11. Close a park to save money? hmm so now it will cost more to enforce closures, and when illegal dumpers turn it into a trash pile and/or toxic waste dump...do you think that will be cheap to clean up? It is probably just another discusting ploy for this low-life to open up these lands for developers of those crappy eye-sore condos, so he can line his pockets with even more kick-backs. This is NJ, with a long history of corrupt, backroom dealing, lying, cheating, shady, pompus, useless, TAX HAPPY, nothing of real value to show, sleeze-bag Demonrat Gov's. !!!!! Dont forget to tag onto the park closings.... he also wants to kill the Dept of Agriculture. But I am sure all of those crackhead, non-American, criminal supporting, con-artist, "inner-city", kick-back perpetuating, under the table, useless, money sucking, programs will get a nice influx of cash. Dept of Ag closing = $300k. Which is a fraction of the Office of the Gov's annual "Entertainment" account. One thing that scares me.... I was going to and probably still will, post a rant on, is ; There is a guy around here who takes it on himself to post public lands as a "Wildlife Santuary", and I am sure he/they are just drooling at the chance to hijack more areas with his false posters. All this little ____ is, is an eco-terrorist, anti-hunter. Every year his posters creep onto adjoining lands to "stake claim" to them. Some or even many may have seen the posters : "Wlidlife Preserves Inc" out of Parssipany PO Box. As it would pertain to Geocaching= he/they will consider it littering or something just as lame, as according to him: you cant even pick flowers, camp, boat, ATV etc... and it is NOT HIS LAND!! If anything, he has a few suits in some towns where he owned small lots (then hijacked surrounding ones) and HAS NOT PAYED THE TAXES ON THEM!!! but this special interest hippie will probably get a pass, because on the surface it will make a good sound bite/ snippet for "Conservation friendly Gov...." ABSOLUTELY SICKENING!!!!
  12. Just a bump up and crossing fingers it might be spotted with Spring round -ups comming.
  13. 1) taking a pic could get you persued, so maybe not best idea. 2) get out cell phone, act like you are talking to someone- and ignore pervert or call police, BUT---do this as long as there is a fair amount of distance between you. Perv will most likely flee from a phone rather than try to stop a call, vs camera pics. 3) keep pepper spray handy (and learn how to use it!!!!) local PD might even have classes. (buy 2 or more, use one for practice, ask a few friends over and all of you can familiarize with its use, AND see what effects are... it does suck, but once you know what it is like you will know its limits and what to expect. It wont kill you so just buck up and take it) 4) maintain a good distance between you and perv. 5) make a noticable reaction (of embarassment)..." tehehee" "OMG giggle giggle" fain blushing, NOT "ooooooh-ahhhhh" LOL but not in a "come-hither way" and move off. 6) point and say "awww how cute, its like a p__nis, only smaller" ok #6 maybe be picking the fight but it is still funny. But as the OP mentioned, YES give someone and idea of where you are going to be. OR --- text it to a few people, your own e-mail address, you can set it up where ICE (in case of emergency) others can look at e-mail account and see if there is a recent addition. as for firearms--- OP, myself, and a few others live in NJ where only the criminals can CCW. (but I will NOT get into that )
  14. " I know it's a really nice Geocoin, Mandrake, but you have to move it along...."
  15. My hat is off to you for being so mellow, calm, and nonchalant.... I would have blown a bolt, used words that would make a drunken sailor blush.
  16. Then again for a fantasy vehicle.........I always loved this thing.........
  17. The ULTIMATE ATVs----- My pal Cappy, ready fer anything Hiding our first cache together "KR 3 GC18F4J " and keeping an eye on a couple of "quadders" nearby... Just before a swim... and before I was into caching, there are several right around us, we probably walked right by a couple...guess we will go back Sussex Fair.... wouldnt it be funny if someone hid a nano right there? And he is great 'cause you can share your snacks with him....LOL
  18. I dont know if that Energizer phone/PDA charger thing could work for you. I have a couple of them they recharge from 2 e2-lithum AA. Works great for phones and PDA, batteries can even be used in GPS. and onliy like $15-19. might at least give your camera a boost. Might be worth a look as it multi-tasks. JMHO
  19. 3720 to 1.......... Oh no wait, that's the chances of succesfully navigating and asteroid field, nevermind LOL
  20. I get asked that and I am not sure... I think it was when I got a new GPS for my B-Day and saw the icon for "Geocache" and just "Google'd" it and got into it.
  21. Its that many people have heard or read about it in mass media, and they really arent know for accuracy, more just simplifying it down. In a recent Readers Digest, and article titled "21st Century Scavenger Hunts" "Geocaching= The grandaddy of GPS games. Started in Oregon in 2000. Players locate BURIED trinkets and caches around the world, then log their finds online. geocaching.com " they also mention "Minutewar" "Shutterspot" and "Waymarking"
  22. Yeah thats what I meant It doesnt seem like that PQ thing is that great, and I just read about it, so let me understand this.... you select criteria, submit it, then wait for an email to be generated and there is a limited number per day and such? How is a PQ easier than a "tag/filter search" type thing on the web? where you can tweek it to narrow or widen results as you go. Can still be only for "Premium Members" listed like "Advanced Search" like almost all membership type websites have. Oustside apps are neat but we shouldnt have to rely on them.
  23. Old cave paintings/carvings= we hunted here, good game in area, raised family, battles fought here, ...more like a log or information board for whomever may follow. 1700's -1800's name carving= probably wishing they had TVs. But yeah true, they lived there. It might even be the last thing they did before a battle of something and it was the only marker they would have. Modern spray painters = "dude, I got so stoned here" anyone who supports them..well I guess if I went by your house or car, and thought "this would look better with my name on it" that would be OK? If they are caught, strip them, the rest of the paint should be used to mark them, un-cerimoniously cram the empty can in a body opening, then send them on thier way, naked spray painted and crying. And dont start that non-sense about "freedom of expression" and "artistic blah blah blah" get a sketch pad! or buy your own building and you can paint it however you like. As you might guess I feel about "taggers" the same way Cartman feels about hippies.
  24. I have come to like Chickory coffee sometimes better than the big brands, and its only like $3 /lb when you can find it (even tougher if you are a yankee) (( one of my main reasons for considering becomming a "dadgum yankee" ))
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