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  1. Don't lose hope! I was just handed a travel bug that hadn't been logged since 2006!! Needless to say I will be moving it along. They had no idea what it was.
  2. I was just handed a travel bug by my neice. She had been given this as a gift from a one time cacher over 3 years ago and had no idea what she had. We had had a great talk about Geocaching and I showed her one of my travel bugs and she looked at me funny and said I have one of those. She brought it to me today. It has been lost for 3 years!! So don't lose hope!!!
  3. We purchased Unactivated geocoins to place in our new caches as FTF goodies. Why not? I think it just adds to the fun
  4. That's what I was thinking, but from a different angle. If you could rig a power source, a motion detector and a robotic hand that grabs at anything poking around inside, you'd certainly raise some blood pressure. Or a simple infrared trigger, set back from the opening so it isn't activated until someone reaches or pokes inside, that causes a skeletal hand to emerge clutching a plaque with the stage two coords? Just sayin... L.M.A.O.
  5. It happened to us today. Saz and I went out on a cache hunt and one of the caches was a 4 difficulty. So we knew that we were going to be looking mighty hard for it. There we are on this little foot bridge. One of us on our belly reaching under the bridge, the other one of us bent over a guard rail and we hear "Are you all right?" We both looked up, got up and dusted ourselves off while saying we were fine. We hadn't even heard them coming. We were mortified. I can't even imagine what we must have looked like. #2 Here is a log we wrote: Ever have a hunt go wrong? 1. Hunting in the wrong area. 2. Having a child ask their mother why those two women are in the bushes. 3. Attack of the ants. They were EVERY where on us. We ended up almost beating each other to death trying to get them off. 4. Jumping man. What person stands in the middle of a park and just jumps up and down for no apparent reason. Then he turned into walking man who walked by us about 4 times. 5. Basketball boy. It almost got to the point where I wanted to shout at some poor kid to go home lol. 6. Butterflies that wouldn't cooperate. I wanted to show Saz how this certain type of butterfly will sit on your hand but they were determined to make a fool out of me. 7. Stepping in dog crud. Enough said there. So this child repeatedly asked it's mother why we were in the bushes. Loudly. It is not like we can slowly remove ourselves from the bushes to look like we weren't in the bushes. #3 Not really a groan moment more of a WTF moment. Saz and I are searching a picnic area and surrounding area for a cache. Lifting up bushes, feeling under the bench and a muggle walks up to us with this really strange look on his face. He asked us if we were looking for bugs. Bugs???? I don't think the first thing to come to my mind if I were to see people looking for something would be bugs.
  6. Micro or Regular? Regular Traditional or Multi? Traditional Mystery or Earth? earth In a group or alone? Two people Hiding or Finding? Both Virtual or Webcam? Neither Letterbox or Wherigo? Letterbox Favorite GPS? Car garmin Social(event) or not? Some FTF'er or not? Not bothering Podcast listener or not? Not Out of state or In state? in "Extreme/Hardcore" or Layed back? middle Urban / Rural? either
  7. Yes. And with two of us searching. Log #1 May 24, 2008 by Hellolost (129 found) We decided not to try after seeing that it was in a persons yard. Then decided to drive around to the back of it and walked through the park only to have the coordinates show it was on the other side of the fence in that persons yard. Didn't feel comfortable searching private property. (WAS NOT on private property) Log #2 May 31, 2008 by Hellolost (129 found) OK I can't tell you how frustrated Saz and I are on this one. Second DNF. Doesn't help that the gps says it is in the front yard on another street. We fanned out and looked and looked for over a hour. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!! Log#3 June 4, 2008 by Hellolost (129 found) Well we were going to look for this again today even though we are stil not sure what part of the park it is in. However once we got there we were sidetracked by a baby injured crow.(there were kids with sticks on the other side of the park) I tried to pretend I didn't see it but my softy heart couldn't handle it. So with 4 seconds of looking for the cache it switched to crow rescue. We walked it into the corner. Well we walked and it kind of flopped/jumped. I picked it up and we headed back to the car to take it to my neighbor who rescues birds. As I walked up her front walkway he cawed at me. very cute. One rehabilitation on the way!!! Hellolost and Saz Log#4 June 7, 2008 by Hellolost (129 found) We went to this one first and last on a day filled with hunts. We are getting pretty bummed out that we can't find it. We spent a hour or so in the morning and about 30 minutes in the late afternoon. We actually moped on the way back to the car. If we could have thrown a temper tantrum we probably would have but we tried to act like the adults we are. This cache is under our skin now. We have no freaking clue what we are missing. We have gone over the entire left side of this park from the parking lot over to the walkway. We are positive that we have either touched it, walked over it or looked at it and are blind. We are at a complete loss. By the end of the second trip in we were just standing in the middle looking around wondering what was wrong with us. I wonder if we can motivate ourselves to look again Sigh..... Hellolost & Saz Log #5 June 8, 2008 by Hellolost (129 found) YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Even after getting a clue we spent a hour looking for this cache. I swear to you we had cache blindness. We looked everywhere. Over and over and over again. At one point I was even sitting on the ground staring at the whole area. FINALLY Saz goes... hey...look at this. We looked at each other and both of us thought how stupid are we. We both had been there at least three times but didn't see it. We sat down and signed the log and added a few frogs. It was a strange feeling. Part of us was so excited to have finally found it. The other half of us was disappointed that it wasn't extremely camoed to the point that our search would have made sense. We left with a feeling of happiness but also a feeling of stupidity lol Thanks for the hide!!! Hellolost and Saz
  8. We have one. It is in my signature. For the life of me I can't figure out how to make that stupid link clickable Which reminds me I need to type up part 2 of our last adventure.
  9. I have learned that you can find caches with a car garmin... In fact all of our caches have been found with the car garmin since for the life of us we can't figure out how to use the "real" gps units we have.
  10. There will be firsts. First maniacal running from a snake First injury First spider web eating/attacking experience First poison oak First meeting of a geocacher in the wild First DNF First Find First running from bees First reaching into a dark hole before looking You also learn that a good day of geocaching means you will have leaves in your hair, dirt on your clothes and a smile on your face. Children will see you when you least want them to. "mommy why are those two women in the bushes?" UGH No matter what kind of hide you hide someone will complain.
  11. Caching with a buddy creates a great friendship. Trees can grab your hair and try to rip it off your head. If you hide a cache and are breathing heavy and bleeding you will have to move it by a few feet. Sometimes a 1.1 can be harder then a 3. That you start looking at the world differently. Everywhere becomes a potential hide location and everything becomes a potential cache. Nobody quite understands what the hell you are talking about. Unless of course they are cachers. When you forget water or snacks or any important equipment you will end up on a 2 hour or more hike that you were not planning up a giant mountain you didn't know existed. That one last cache before dark will leave you walking down a mountain in the dark.
  12. Drilled inside is a bison container with a logsheet. This one had to be moved due to location but someday we may put it back out.
  13. but can I use a hole that is already in the ground and camo the top of a container? The container wouldn't be buried exactly. It would just be placed in a hole. The entire top would be camo.
  14. Saz and I have a different approach. We hunt and find a cache. We look at everything in it. If there is obvious trash such as a splenda packet (wtf) or a golf ball with a slice taken out of it (again wtf) we remove them. But we put more stuff inside the cache. In fact we have found that stocking a almost empty cache back to full makes us happy. So that is what we do. Restock. After all the next person to find that cache may be a first timer or a child. Why shouldn't they be happy. In our own way we are trying to spread joy Sounds cheesy right. But you know what, It works for us. We rarely take things any more but we both carry a full back pack when caching.
  15. Do you have a car garmin? We have found 88 so far using our car garmin.
  16. What if part of the requirement was to put the used key into the final container. That way you would be able to keep transfering the used keys back into the first phase.
  17. Not really a big deal but learned a good lesson. I have long hair. I was searching inside a tree whose canopy went all the way to the ground. After ducking inside the canopy and standing back up to look around I decided the cache wasn't in the tree. I went to duck back under but the tree had a different idea. Somehow a bunch of branches had become entangled in my hair and I swear to you that it felt like the tree tried to rip my head off. After spending the next few minutes untangling my hair with tears in my eyes I emerged and told my caching partner Saz that a tree tried to rip my head off. I now wear my hair in a ponytail when we go caching.
  18. Go to the cache like you would to log a find. Put in a note that says just dropping a bug and drop it in. I would wait until the cache is approved first
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