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  1. Now is that Mary Katharine Ham or Mary Kay Hopkins? Jim Mary Katarine Ham is a hearkbreaking babe.
  2. Once when benchmarking I had to wait for a freight to pass so I could cross the tracks. I love watching trains pass (from a safe but close distance). I think that as long as you are off the right of way it should be fine. IMHO just ask yourself "Is this reasonably safe?" If so good to go. It is impossible to make anything totally safe. Some idiot will always find a way to get themselves in trouble no matter what you do.
  3. One time I was transporting a rattlesnake in a 10 gallon metal trash can with the lid bungied on. Every time I hit a bump or rounded a curve the snake would rattle vigorously. It would be a hoot If I could get a recording of a rattlesnake to go when the door is opened. Alas, I'm doing good to keep the thing running. At the moment it's laid up with a bad starter.
  4. If my truk is swag, its an old used golfball. I wonder what I can do to make it even more unattractive to theives. I could fill the back with horse crap but it would blow in the slider when I had it open and the windows down...I already have an NRA sticker. I'll have to ponder this...Ideas?
  5. After ATV boy left I took off through the empty lot (which is about a square mile in area) and found a place to hide it in a really large bush. I had three more caches to hide but my mellow was really harshed. I went back a couple of days later and hid the other three. I parked in a park parking lot and hid a cache on foot which was good exercise. After that I was running low on time so I picked park and grab locations for the other two. I had no problems with anybody. I'm just chocking the whole thing up to experience. I guess we are taking a risk whenever we park a vehicle alone out in sticks and walk away from it even for a few minutes. Proceed with caution everybody!
  6. I do this too and it usually works for me. I confess I don't have that many finds so sometimes it takes me awhile to find the caches.
  7. I've got to get one of those "This is not an abandoned vehicle" stickers. I'm also going to make sure I take my stereo faceplate with me when I park. The thing is if I had not been placing a cache I would have left the truck at the nearby park and hoofed it in. I think the trick is to park your beater vehicle next to a nicer one so you get left alone. All the same, I was in sight of my truck (that is so ugly dogs won't pee on the tires) so let that be a lesson for all of us. Be careful out there. Keep your eyes open and carry some kind of personel protection because you may need it.
  8. Yeah, I even have a "Don't hassle me I'm local." sign on it. If people are going to screw with such a manky old truck, I might as well get a new one. It would be nice to have AC!
  9. Jim Morrison was right. People are strange. The worst things seem to be human related. You would think wandering around out in the sticks would get you away from human wierdness. Think again (sigh).
  10. I lock up my geotruck in an open field. I check the time because I want to hike for 5-10 minutes before I place the cache. I want to put it a bit off the beaten path. I'm hiding an ammo can so I want a good location that won't be too easy to spot. I'm away from my vehicle for 13 min and change when some joker roars up to my truck on an ATV and starts going up to the back and looking through the windows like it's the most interesting thing he's ever seen. If you had ever seen my truck you would understand my puzzlement. It's a beat up old minitruck with nothing that anyone would want on it or in it. He does not see me even though I'm not that far away. He did not even look. I'm sure his ATV is worth more than my little blue beater but Hhe thinks he's found buried treasure! I yell "HEY! THAT'S MY TRUCK!!!" and start back. No response. He starts trying to pry open the locked driver side door. WTF. He's so intent on getting in he does not react to me until I'm less than 50 yards from him. I'm thinking, I'm gonna have to clock this clown with the ammo box. What a mook. Does he want the Sparkamatic stereo? He finally notices when I bellow "LEAVE MY TRUCK ALONE!" Than he's all apolagetic. and mumbles something lame to the tune of "Some kids out here steal cars and stuff. I thought it was stolen" I tell him "Then it would be evidence. Get away from my truck. It's not abandoned it's just old." He ambles off on his ATV. What a dirtbag. I'd understand if my truck were alot newer or alot older but its ugly, beat up, primered, dirty and sports several dent's to boot. My truck is so ugly that any decent person would not want to touch it. Who knows where it's been? I thought that it would be safe. Go figure.
  11. I would welcome the opportunity to meet a fellow cacher in the field. I would probably say "Mind if I join you?" too. I think you experience is really nice.
  12. Why would you be concerned? Just lookin' yet another thread to troll? That's an ugly accusation. Have I posted something that offended you? Seemed a bit snippy to me. I don't understand why anyone would fake a log. That's wierd.
  13. I log all my DNFs. Even if you don't find what you are looking for, you still succeed in finding something. Great things have been discovered that way. Besides the objective is the hunt as much as it is the find.
  14. Thanks for the tips. I tried to use a liquid paper pen and it did not really work. The crayon, babypowder and spray paint sound like really good methods.
  15. Thanks for the tips. I tried to use a liquid paper pen and it did not really work. The crayon, babypowder and spray paint sound like really good methods.
  16. I don't think it's puzzle caches per se. It could be this "new breed" doesn't like to walk far enough to break a sweat, can't handle anything heavier than .25 oz., has a hard time distinguishing objects so only wants a logbookscroll in the cache, and measures "quality time" by the number of logs he gets to write when he gets home. I say leave the cache. Don't fall in the same trap of measuring by how many find your cache. Measure by the types of logs it is getting. If folks are logging more than "Thanks for the smilie" then you're golden. Our puzzles go months between finds. Some of our favorite finds the caches go years between finds. So, if I follow your logic, if a person does not like puzzle caches they are a n00b who is lazy, out of shape and stupid?
  17. The horror............the horror. These stories are hideous........Keep them comming.
  18. Today while looking for a benchmark I almost stumbled over what I first thought was a part of a sofa. It turned out to be a dead cow. Little of the flesh seemed to be left. Things dry out pretty quick out here. It looked like boney, hairy, jerky. About 1/2 of the hide was still there. The body was complete. It even had an ear tag still there. It did not smell at all which was a blessing really. I almost recovered the head but it still looked pretty meaty so I decided to leave it be. No idea about what killed it. Could have just wandered off and died. Too far out in the brush to be roadkill and too complete to be butchered out remains. It was not really gross but it got me thinking about what I COULD HAVE FOUND. I bet some of you have found things far, far worse. Tell me your stories.
  19. I've had a similar experience. The logs are gone. Pictures I posted are gone. The finds are gone from the map of the area. I don't get it. It's like they never existed.
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