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  1. here's an example of what you SHOULD do, logged by a friend of mine: Actually - I found this one a while back when I was on a ride with the wife...Since I use the Dakota for cadence and tracks on bike rides, I noticed the cache as we rode past on the way to Rt.22. On the way back I stopped to look for it and found it...Though - as I hadn't planned on cachin' - I did not have my trusty pen. I had planned on emailing Red with the particulars of the hide and in what color a certain log was written. However - I don't think it proper to claim a find when you don't sign the log (for whatever reason) so I had to wait until I finally had the extra couple minutes to find a couple of local caches...And go back for it... Thanks for the Smiley
  2. got this in my email today: Found it while in the Park 8/13/2010. Biked to it. Did not handle or sign but we sighted the cache. Thanks, MH&HJ and it figures, they only found 4 caches so far
  3. Seems like im immune to PI, PO, and PS, but im not immune to Stinging Nettles. Went through a whole patch about a year ago, just in my shorts, for a cache. i could literally feel my legs for the next week
  4. okay, Goku, here we are, and thats where the next caches are try Wikipedia next time
  5. okay, Goku, here we are, and thats where the next caches are try Wikipedia next time
  6. so far, 8. one was yesterday. we got some FTF hounds around here, so its kinda hard going for them. although i was able to snag 2 FTFs in one day a few months back. check my info for which caches they were
  7. Nettle?!? Injury?!? Give it 15 minutes. No more injury. i went through a whole patch of em. could still feel my legs two days later
  8. i guess you can call me the first jagoff to find the cache.........
  9. Your at 399 found caches, your 400 wants to be a hard multi that's notorious of having the cacher come back multiple times to find just the first stage of the 2 stage multi. Oh, and the first stage is a 35 mm camera thingy
  10. what im posting is mine and my friends first cache: June 16, 2006 by Keruso (383 found) i was with Red on this one, but at the time i didn't have a name, so i didn't think i could post in here that i had found it. BTW, Red really didn't find the cache, I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me being a little overweight, stopped right next to the area (talk about Karma, huh?) that held the cache, and, thanks to my Boy Scout skills, saw that something was out of place in that spot (btw, me have no GPS, and we didn't have a compass). i can't call this my first official find, that would be the Kuhns one Left a temp thingy and took a red truck SL [view/edit logs/images] [upload an image for this log] June 16, 2006 by Red 07Z (863 found) awesome! this was my very first cache! i took the red truck (red is my fav. color!) and left my friend washington and a temperature card thingy that my friend had on him. the pen was broken, the thing was pushed in to far soo i took the pen apart and left the ink thing out soo it could still be used. i forgot to bring a pen with me on this cache as well as the other item i was going to leave. the next person to visit should leave a pen or pencil there. it took me over 30 mins to find the cache since i didn't know what to expect! great hiding place! container was dry and solid Thanks for the Find! -Red [This entry was edited by Red 07Z on Friday, June 16, 2006 at 9:04:33 PM.] this one i found on my own June 26, 2006 by Keruso (383 found) This is my official first find, having found three others with my friend Red07z, and at this time i was a "muggle" so for me, those three do not count, i guess, and oddly enough, this one is where i walk to work. Took me almost 45 minutes trying to find this (that's 2 days worth, it started storming the first day). I also found this one without a GPS, i need to get one. Took nothing, left nothing and for the cacher who left this one, you need more paper. [This entry was edited by Keruso on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 2:41:41 PM.] I didn't even have a GPS, but Red did. He took me on this hunt and didn't even tell me what we were doing. I had to wait for him to go out and cache since i didn't have a car yet. found about 30 from then to the end of the year. I got my own car in '07, but still didnt have a GPS. I got one at the end of the year, and i still had to rely on my friend to go out and cache
  11. You know you're a cacher when you have ALL your countries caches + ALL caches within 50 miles around your house in your car GPS That's about 7000 of them you know you're a cacher when your girlfriend gets angry because she can't have a normal conversation in the car without you interrupting her "there's a cache", "and there", "and there", "and th... oh wait, I've already found that one", "and there",... well, here's an update to mine You know your a cacher when your tiny Garmin Etrex H tells you that you can't place anymore waypoints into the GPS
  12. you know your a cacher when you take your GPS everywere you go now, with caches loaded up to about 30 miles away you hear of a tornado in your area and wonder how many caches have been affected, never mind the people
  13. This is Germany. People are disciplined. But not so disciplined that the money box can be opened, or removed from the wall If I ever branch out into Geo-Tourism, I will organise visits to Ottenhöfen, and especially the multi nearby which takes you past seven (count 'em) Schnapps distillers. If you upload a picture of you drinking a shot at each one, you get some kind of binus (or maybe just a hangover ). whats a binus? and i wouldn't do that multi, i don't drink
  14. well, that's just...................odd what makes whoever put that up think that no one is going to steal any of the drinks?
  15. Butler Book Repository Moon Book Repository this one is mine heres two book caches for ya
  16. a cache is in this little park. i thought it was amusing
  17. this one is on a trail near me. why they decided to place such a sign, i have no idea
  18. found this one in a park. where there are actually no places to park
  19. at the moment, i have a golf ball travel bug in my water travel bag
  20. i've got 6 FTFs so far in my 2.5 year caching career, two in one day, one was a Multi cache, another was when i was looking at the maps looking for another cache and happened to notice another. Did i mention i didn't have a GPS or my Tomtom yet when going for it? i think i qualify as a hound........
  21. yep, what he/she said. I got the same GPS
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