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  1. I wouldn't get too worried about it, the owner hasn't logged on in almost 5 years.
  2. I really wish I could but I'm stuck working on most weekends.
  3. Not a goat farmer, I'm just a horse farmer. Pretty useful when I don't feel like hiking. I'm still working on a way to mount the GPS between their ears.
  4. No way! The trip down the driveway to get to the mailbox is as far I go.
  5. I do whenever possible. Unfortunately near me most trails are for hiking and biking only. I want to place some in the woods behind the farm where I ride but I don't think there is any legal parking available for anyone to come in and find them.
  6. I only use one pair of shoes to go caching with. I regularly spray the outsides down with DOG flea and tick spray. Only on the shoes, let them dry before you put them on. Don't get any on your skin. Most ticks crawl up from the ground, so unless I sit down or crawl around, I don't really get any.
  7. I make a stack of PB&Js. Extra chunky with raspberry jam. I aslo love that new chocolate truffle chex mix but it gets sticky in the hot weather. Chocolate twizzlers are good and don't get too sticky.
  8. Sorry to hear about your loss. I usually bring along my little rat-dog. He hangs out inside my back pack and guards my TBs and coins. Try to steal them and you'll be missing a few fingers.
  9. I'm small and have been known to bite, so watch your step and mind your ankles.
  10. old enough to know better, too young to care. 33 going on 12
  11. That's a great idea. Too bad I can never get my significant other off his rear end to go caching with me. Maybe I should hide one under my couch or in the fridge behind the beer.
  12. That's a great idea! I wish there was one in Jersey.
  13. Anything in a high traffic area. I don't do stealthy very well. I much prefer to be in the middle of the woods where I can walk in circles and say bad words without anybody seeing me.
  14. You no longer read all the logs hoping to find extra clues.
  15. That's why I keep the soft top on my Jeep Wrangler. Just unzip and crawl in through the back windows. Being small and puny is helpful.
  16. That's a great idea! I have a border collie mix that's pretty smart, I think I can train her to sniff them out. Of course I'll have to fill the ammo cans with sausages.
  17. Clever idea. I've been thinking about getting a backpack with a solar panel in it like this one. http://www.weemscreeksolutions.com/v-dim-helius.htm It would be very useful to people who cache with cellphones.
  18. I like to use a smaller army surplus back pack. It's cheap, well made and olive drab. Usually they have a nice selection of ammo cans in the same store.
  19. I beleive the cache being referred to is GCX1E8 Find BrianSnat's Ammo Can #5 If I remember correctly the "X" looked like it was just some old graffiti along side the highway.
  20. I know, I was covered with them on Saturday. I am a tick magnet.
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