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  1. I am STILL looking for a GPS Adventure Maze Geocoin from the Boonshoft Museum in Dayton OH. I have a few unactivated coins I can use to trade. Since I do not come in here at all anymore, send me an email Email me. Thanks
  2. I am still looking for a GPS Adventures Maze coin from Dayton OH. I don't have many coins to trade, unless you find a couple of activated ones in my caching profile you like. But I am willing to buy. Let me know directly since I do not come in here hardly at all. sparticus06@verizon.net Thanks
  3. **WANTED** GPS Adeventure Maze geocoin from Dayton Ohio. We went to the maze and they were sold out of the coins, I was super bummed. Now I am looking for one. Let me know if you have one. I have a few coins I can use for trade or can pay. Email only. sparticus06@verizon.net since I don't come in here at all anymore. Thanks
  4. **WANTED** GPS Adeventure Maze geocoin from Dayton Ohio. We went to the maze and they were sold out of the coins, I was super bummed. Now I am looking for one. Let me know if you have one. I have a few coins I can use for trade or can pay. Email only. sparticus06@verizon.net since I don't come in here at all anymore. Thanks
  5. Yes the 2011 trail is still active. We are not sure as how long the 2011 trail will stay active, but I will find out at our next meeting. The next set of caches are Parks & Recreation and should be going live May 13th.
  6. The roads are mostly paved with a few being dirt, but none of them you should need 4x4. We did it in a course of several weekends over a few months. You might be able to do it in 4 days if you do just them and that is it. Some are a good hike, some are easy. Raven's Horn seems to be the worst of them since it is up a mountain side and a good long hike. That one alone may take just a day to do. If you have anymore questions email me at sparticus06@verizon.net. I dont come in here at all but did now as a request from PeachyPA.
  7. And just to make sure you understand, they were my wife's set that she never activated. She handed them to me and told me to do something with em. Since I wont release stuff anymore, decided to sell em.
  8. I have a complete set of Allegheny GeoTrail (AGT) coins up for auction. I just got tired of them being shuffled around my desk and could use the cash. Go check it out. I know some dont like the e place, but it was the only place I could think of to sell em off. AGT Coins on the e place
  9. If anyone got an extra 2010 Compass Rose coin, I would love one. I missed out on the presale. Let me know, I can either buy or trade, will send you a list of what coins I have for trade. Email me @ Sparticus as I am hardly ever in here anymore. Thanks
  10. I asked this over at the Garmin forum, but have yet to get a reply. I am thinking about getting the 62 and was wondering, does it have the Upload Field notes option like the DeLorme PN-40 and some other devices?
  11. Oh it is a tough decision, which one to get? I like em both...hmmm
  12. I still have it and still looking for something to trade for. Lemme know what you got. All possibilities are considered.
  13. I have an extra ASP Geobash 2010 coin for trade. Really dont know what I want at the moment. To make it easy for me, as I cant get in here as much, please email me @ sparticus2006@verizon.net. Thanks
  14. Ok I almost know for a fact that I have: Periwinkle crayon Ear Plugs (as many as you want, I work in a factory) 3" Styrofoam ball Ping Pong Paddle Plastic Harmonica (might be one in the cache in my yard) Dinosaur Cookie cutter (it is actually for sandwiches, but it would still work, right?) Furby (got an old one and a new one) Hackey sack Personalized matches from my wedding 8" Inch Floppy (would have to look hard, but I think I still have one somewhere) I will definitely check on all this.
  15. I am just checking the posts and just to reply we in Cologne only had one version. Picture can be seen on our event page. The Rhine version is from Christian /oakcoins and has a little different look. The Sepp&Berta version is looking totaly different and was only sold over the shop my.geocoins.de Germany-Koeln Ed.: Sepp&Bertha Ed.: Oh I so want the Koeln edition. If anyone at all has an extra, I am willing to buy. Very nice.
  16. Figured I better get in here and post...the Pittsburgh coin has been traded. Thanks. I am still looking for the Colonel Cachington Dragon. I am also looking for all at least a pic of all the 10 Year coins. Just curious of how many versions there are and what they all look like.
  17. Anyone have a pic of the Germany coin? If it looks like I think it does, and if anyone has an extra, I would be willing to buy. You know me, love my Germany coins.
  18. I have an extra 10 Year Compass Rose black & gold geocoin from the Pittsburgh PA event. I am looking for another 10 Year Compass Rose in another color. I dont know what all ones are out there in what colors. email me with what you have for trade with a pic if possible. My email is sparticus2006@verizon.net Also, I am looking for a Colonel Cachington Dragon coin. Saw this in the hands of the Yime man and just love it. I have a limited edition shiny gold Kathy's coin from Dr.Neal. I also have a Geocoin Club July 2008 Gargoyl. If anyone can help, email met @ sparticus2006@verizon.net Thanks
  19. I have not posted in here in like forever. I have not gotten much in awhile, like 1 here and 1 there. Now these 2 were not in my mailbox, but I did get them and was excited when they were in my hands. Saturday I attended the 10 Year event in Pittsburgh and got to talk to a guy I met back at GCF 08, YY. Was glad I got to talk with ya again Yime and thanks for the oh so AWESOME coins. My new & awesome Gamma Ray #30 Yemon Yime and my 2009 #15 Yime Compass Rose.
  20. I can't wait. I missed last years expo. Not gonna miss this year. I may have a coin to donate and I may be nice and donate my new Pathtag too....how about that?...lol
  21. Ok, I have not been into the forums in forever. Today I come home to a gold mailer too and this awesome looking coin. This only the 2nd mystery coin I have ever gotten and I absolutely love it. I am honored to have gotten it, even though I dont feel that I deserve it. It will definitely go with my other mystery coin. Only one thing though that I wish, I wish it were number 6 instead of 8....lol
  22. Nah, I would not make a very good mascot. But yep, I have been seen several times running through the woods up there. At least I am not like sasquatch, elusive.
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