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  1. Nice edit to take the "I find it funny" out of your original post. There are people who can maintain them. Just like how my brother still has some in Atlanta, yet he lives in Minneapolis now.
  2. Why is that funny? I just moved back to my home town a couple months ago afterbeing in CDA, ID for 16 years.
  3. It's federally illegal, and some of those laws still apply to CO, WA, etc.
  4. I got an email from Oakcoins/Geoswag for a Pot or Pot geocoin for Geowoodstock. Although it is partially legal in certain states, it's still illegal federally. Am I the only one is is upset about this?
  5. I must have missed something along tbe way. One I started using apps for geocaching information and logging (as I don't have a dedicated ISP), I noticed I wasn't given an option to upload pictures to TB logs. I tried to go through the website, with similar results. So how do I go about fulfilling TB goals if I can't upload pictures? If this is something GCHQ decided to change, I will go back to just discovering TB's again (if I even get around to logging those).
  6. Final version available yet? Also, as my first CM, are the caches available as a PQ to upload into the GPS this week? -Russ
  7. ...even with a supplied clear location. My link Saw this on Yahoo News just now. Looked on the Geocaching map (because there's a Google map with arrow pointing to location in the article) to see if there was a cache in the location. If I lived closer, I would definitely use the idea....
  8. As virtual discoveries have been frowned on in the past, there is a Facebook page where people post their TB's asking others to be virtually discovered. One guy has a trackable that is his collection book. All trackables in the book are listed on the Collection TB page. I was kind of skeptical at first, but I did log the guy's collection.
  9. How do you log a DNF on a puzzle from the intro app? I thought it only showed traditionals. It does only show traditionals. DNF's on puzzles from the clueless? I cannot say I have ever seen this. Find logs on Challenge caches (also ? caches) from the clueless? You bet 'ya. As a matter of fact a teenage cacher found one of my challenges caches for his first find, and took it with him and hid it in another park as his own cache. Either way, these cannot possibly be intro app users. Paid app, or unauthorized free apps. We could, however, chalk it up to the unprecedented level of cluelessness exhibited by many of today's phone app newbies. I'm quite certain I never got a Tftc log from someone who found the first leg of my multi in 2005. Bwahahaha! That's one of the first questions I'm asked when introducing Geocaching to people. Those particular people lose interest when they learn that the can't keep the caches.
  10. countryrat71 hit find #100 on Farragut Night Cache (http://coord.info/GC34RG6) last Saturday. I didn't realize she was so close to her first big milestone so we weren't prepared for it.
  11. Geat responsibility has been bestowed on me. I took a picture of the envelope and sent it to some friends (both geocachers and muggles), saying "I got a wierd envelope in the mail. I havent opened it yet. Have you seen one of these envelopes before? I've only seen pictures of this particular envelop."
  12. I guess I won it. I just got an email saying it took the higher bid.
  13. Got my coins today (technically yesterday). Thanks!
  14. Im a little bummed. For the last 10 minutes of the Cessna auction, eBay would not let me bid again. I put quite a higher bid and the amount showed up in the confirm screen. But when I hit confirm, it came up saying "You need to bid higher than your last bid".
  15. If you have any firefighter themed coins, let me know.
  16. To me, activated vs inactivated doesn't matter. Infact, seeing a discovery history and travel logs makes them interesting. I've activated every single coin I get, and I travel with them to share with other geocachers. As for value, I already have a hard time spending more than $15 for ANY geocoin.
  17. Wooden nickles are an option too. But are not trackable... On Groundspeaks site. Here you go: http:/www.woodennickelgeocoins.com Fully customizable wooden nickels, completely trackable on geocaching.com....
  18. I wouldn't want to buy the whole lot because there are coins in the collection I have no intentions of ever being associated with (paying money for or even selling) do to personal beliefs. There are 4 or five I'd be interested in.
  19. We have a cnc plasma table at school. I have a "geocoin" in the works. There is a way to buy bulk tracking numbers. That's the step I haven't taken yet. Wooden nickles are an option too.
  20. Email sent. I'm the one off of ebay... -Russ
  21. Off eBay? Thats the coin I bid on. But I just spent my $25 on five FD patches with free shipping.
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