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  1. Thanks for the tips. I have registered for an account there now, will probably be posting there a bit before the trip. I was able to find some garmin city navigator and topographic maps that will work in both the Nuvi (for the city driving) and my Colorado. Hooray!
  2. Hello all! My husband and I are coming down to visit Australia starting the 13th of November through the 23rd. We're primarily going to be in Sydney, but are visiting the Snowy Mountains and hiking Kosciusko for a couple of days. Of course, I want to geocache! (and grab that one near the summit of Kosciusko!) A couple of things: I need to get Australian maps for my Garmin Colorado 400t. Does anyone have any good insight on what to get? Anyone want to meet up whilst I'm there? We're renting an apartment in Neutral Bay and I'd love to meet up with local cachers and swap bugs and whatnot. How's the camping in Kosciusko? Also, any local cache group pages that I could connect with before my trip? Thanks guys!
  3. If I were to place a MOC it would be to keep the riff-raff out of it, plain and simple. Especially if it were in a high-traffic area or a spot where a lot of newbies go.
  4. Anyone coming to the event via MN or even WI? I would love to go but can't afford to go on my own all the way from northern MN. Anyone want to carpool?
  5. I bought a couple sets of L&L multi size sets a couple months ago. I have found that the ones that latch under a lip around the rim keep breaking tabs off. I have lost 5 covers now because the first time I go to latch it on, a latch breaks off. I have to say it's excessively frustrating. If anything, get the ones with the tab you latch through. Those I haven't had any trouble with and they keep moisture out. The only trouble I've found with containers that seal like this is that some times a tiny bit of moisture will find its way inside, and then on a hot day or if the cache is in the sun, the container heats up and then everything seems to get moist because of the humidity. Yuck.
  6. There are a lot of husband/wife teams in MN. I'm a female, college aged cacher.
  7. I'm excited to be going this year. Anyone from MN want to carpool with us?
  8. Anyone wanna rideshare from Wisconsin? I'm coming from the north!
  9. I am a girl scout since I was in 7th grade (I'm 22 now). I actually got another troop-mate to go geocaching with me once. We were an extremely outdoors troop- we only sewed something once. The rest of our interest patches were in outdoor skills and the like. I would say that a lot of my girl scout experience has a large impact upon the choices I make in the woods and how I decide if it's worth sticking my hand in that dark, cobwebby stump.
  10. Good luck selling, CCT. I unfotunately don't have a coin collection to sell, and finding a job for me is just as difficult. I've been selling tags, but they only go for so much. :/ Good luck to both of us.
  11. Ignore him and encourage others to ignore the caches as well. If no one finds them, maybe this cacher will get the drift and quit placing them? Another option would be to contact your local reviewer and inform them of the gross negligence of the rules/guidelines and express your concerns in a civil manner.
  12. I have a premium membership and I have yet to hunt any premium caches. I have found that they are along the same lines of quality caches as non-PM caches anyway, so why go out of my way to hunt one? I have no desire to hide one, unless there were local issues of thievery (which there have been in the past).
  13. A friend of mine is an avid birder. She's often out in the elements and is not extremely good on her feet. While it may not be for everyone, she sewed her own case to fit her telephoto lens attached to her Nikon, and it works very slick around her neck. It certainly isn't a waterproof bag, so I wouldn't suggest it for kayaking, but I know you can get deck bags that are waterproof for several brands of Kayaks.
  14. Hey, we have a Garmin Colorado 400t for sale. Its never been out of the package yet! We would like $500 for it.
  15. Interesting. Would be nice to know more details. Like where it is.
  16. Where I cache you need to be wary of black bears. But they're more apt to run off before you see them. The main predator around here is this:
  17. I use Pathtags as my signature item. I now have 4 designs and I love leaving them and getting messages from people who pick them up.
  18. I am 21 and have been caching solo since I was 17. I never could get any of my friends into it, they thought it was weird (Just like being a Girl Scout was weird at my age). I've finally been able to convince a couple friends, but this was only recently. I am one of the youngest solo cachers in the local area near me, as most others my age cache with other people or with their parents. I personally enjoy caching solo because I like taking challenging routes and wandering off looking at rare plants and rock formations. Most other people I know aren't into that and wouldn't want to do that whilst caching.
  19. I received a package of MiGO Pathtags (20!), as well as about a dozen other pathtag trades. I keep bidding on ebay coins too, lol. It's addictive!
  20. You're houseboating? Or just Canoeing? I've never taken my GPSr up to the BWCA before, I just use conventional maps. Good luck finding the marine waypoints you need. BWCA is a beautiful place. There are various softwares out there for Garmin GPSrs that have marine navigation exclusively. Though I don't know if the E-trex can handle Bluecharts.
  21. The game is always changing. I was away from caching for 4 years, and the entire thing changed while I was gone. Back in 04, geocoins didn't exist! Imagine the mind-boggle that I got when I "re-joined" in February of this year. Just be aware of the changes that have occurred and adjust accordingly. That's all you can do, or quit I guess. I'd rather keep caching, so I adapted, and I'm probably happier now than I was in 04 due to all the different options and new things to do.
  22. I love to trade and find that the quality of swag has decreased over the years, but I've also noticed that the amount of trading has also decreased. In the logs I get from my hides, I rarely see a log stating they traded something for something, not including travel bugs or geocoins. It seems the trend now is to trade for coins or bugs, or don't trade at all since it's mostly junk anyway.
  23. There is a series of caches around here honoring certain cachers who get FTFs a lot... and they're not allowed to be FTF on the cache named for them. I think it's fun and creative. Creating a cache to honor someone and requesting that they get the FTF isn't a big deal. Especially if it is for cachers who have a good reputation, high numbers... they're not going to let it sit for days on end without finding it. Around here, they're usually found within 30 minutes or an hour, since most of the cachers around here get phone alerts and have flexible schedules, lol.
  24. It took a lot of hard work to get the Minnesota State Parks to adopt a Geocaching policy. Check out the MnGCA forums, they'll be able to offer some good advice on what to do and say to your commissioners.
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