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  1. Located the below US Coast and Geodetic Survey Benchmark on the eastern shore of Marrowstone Island in Washington State. I've emailed NOAA about it. Any other ideas about how to find a datasheet or even a marker number for this one?
  2. Go to your account settings, then click Edit. You'll see a link to change your username. My wife just did it the other day.
  3. I think it would be cool if there was a way to designate the car travel bugs as such so that they got their own icon, instead of the regular barcode bug. That way you could visually track how many vehicles you have come across.
  4. Solicitations? I couldn't find that guidline. Could you provide a link so I can familiarize myself? In my humble opinion, even if it does violate some guideline, this is for the troops. I would really hope that TPTB look past any violations for this type of giving. Do these "guidelines" also mean we can't have an event to gather items for disaster victims? I know the guys and gals over in the sand are not COMPLETELY cut off from the ability to purchase their own caching items, but come on. Really? A solicitation violation? Buzzkill! Lone Sapper, count me in. I can't attend, but where can I send stuff? SUPPORT THE TROOPS -CacheMonkey- US Navy, Submarine Vet
  5. I agree, I don't know what I would do with one. If you really wanted to place one though, I suggest creating one in MS Word. You can download certificate templates and just change it to say what you wanted and insert images. I suppose kids would like it.
  6. Maybe it's just me, but doesn't this belong under, say, the Geocaching.com web site forum? Hey look, it capitalized it for me!!!
  7. Muggle spray or those little stink bombs from the joke shop. You'll have no problem searching the area alone for a few minutes!
  8. -Groundspeak- doh!!! OMG!!! What will I do now? It's STILL capitalized!!!! The horror!!!
  9. I know that. What I was suggesting is that the upcoming events on the main page reflect those near my home, not those that are 8000 miles away. It's not a big deal, just something that would be nice.
  10. It's their site! What's the big deal?
  11. Would it be possible to have the Upcoming Events box on the main page display events close to my home coords? As neat as it is, I'm not too concerned with events in Germany this weekend being that I'm in Seattle. It's fine the way it is if you're not logged in, but it would be cool if it would recognize your home area and display events accordingly. Also, I liked the My Inventory better when it was on the right side, rather than it's current position on the bottom.
  12. I love it! Bring it to GC please!!!!
  13. The TB number is NOT the coin tracking number, just the trackable number assigned by GC.com. What you need is the number engraved directly on the coin. THAT is the actual tracking number. You need that number to prove that you actually have the coin in hand.
  14. I personally would rather find the cache myself, using my own geosense. A little nudge from the owner is sometimes needed, but just being told where the cache is is no fun. What's the point? For my caches, if somebody wants a spoiler from a friend, and they can look themselves in the mirror, or sleep at night, that's on them.
  15. I agree with the "No Find" posters here. I trekked up to the top of Squak Mountain here for Crazy Monkey Tripod (GCMYJK), knowing full well it was at the top of a 50+ foot radio antenna. I got about 1/2 way up and could see the cache container, but I had to overcome my fear of ladders to go the rest of the way for the find. My kids wanted me to throw it down so they could sign it. They learned the hard way that some caches you just can't "find".
  16. My two boys (9 and 10) asked for their own account not long after I started caching last year. They don't always log their finds online, but they enjoy watching their own travel bugs or geocoins travel. My oldest just placed his first cache and really likes watching for cachers to come find it.
  17. Yeah, shovel is a no-no. I carry a multi-tool. I've only needed it a handful of times, but without it, I wouldn't have been able to retrieve the cache.
  18. You could do all that with your online, geocaching.com logs. You can type as much or as little as you want. You're not charged extra for a long entry. You can also post your photos there for a visual record. I love seeing log entries on my hidden caches that are meaningful, not just the plain TNLNSL. Enjoy.
  19. They are loaded into the internal memory. They are caches, not waypoints.
  20. No, these are unfound, unowned, active geocaches.
  21. My mom and I both have Colorado 300s. When she loads a couple PQs, some of the cache icons are still showing up as the old treasure box, while most are the actual cache type (traditional, multi, puzzle, etc...) Mine all load fine and never with the treasure box. Does anybody out there have or have had that issue in the past, and if so , how do you fix it?
  22. Again, the winning code will simply allow access to a second cache and will have nothing to do with the ability to log the first. I guess I've got my answer in that I should just put the second, prize cache out and not list it. I was simply looking for a way to get the prize to the cacher without having to mail it, and afford them the opportunity to log another smiley to claim their prize. Thanks to all who participated.
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