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I was in the army for 12yrs, My MOS or job Title was, Hawk missile continuous wave radar repairmen designation 24kilo01. They phased out the system and my MOS was very few and far between thus 24kilo , BTW my wifes nick is Goldie Locks and loads, Goldielocks for short. Get it 24k---Gold....and she's blonde.. :rolleyes:

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Screen names. Ok, I know what your thinking, but let me explain :) After I watched the show CHARMED, I began to wonder about Wicca. So I went to my local bookstore and read about it. I went online, and after a fashion discovered that as far as religion goes, I kinda fit the bill. Wiccans aren't witches. (Ok, not all of them are) I'm not, but I do believe in things I can see...Nature, natural medicine..helping you help yourself..etc. as apposed to things I cannot...believing in someone I've never met, and taking the word of someone who supposedly met him/her and wrote about them.


Not only that, but I LOVE to bead, and I like to use charms the most!

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I have a great wife who allowed me to chase my dream of training thoroughbred racehorses a few years ago.


My first horse was big, good-looking gelding whose coat shined like newly-polished mahogany. He had been over-trained early in life, and had some ankle problems that caused me to retire him from racing and turn him out in a pasture for a long while. A year and a half later, he had forgotten he was a racehorse, so I gave him to a horse-loving family that made a great trail horse out of him. He spent several years doing that before passing away last year.


His name was Xgamehoss. My geocaching name is a tribute to his great, ornery and fun spirit.

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When I was thru hiking the AT. in 1983 I had a pair of Vasque Sundowner boots (1st of 4 pairs to Katahdin ). Shortly after leaving Springer Mtn. a sharp rock sliced off one of my boot sole lugs. As other thruhikers caught up to me they were commenting on boot prints in the mud and sand missing a lug. Later that night I looked at my boots and aching feet and realized it was me. Hence my "trail handle" was born and I've kept it ever since.


BrokenLug E to E in 83'.......

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I'm a big bald guy with a sick and twisted sense of humor. I used to be a commercial diver (underwater construction, ship salvage, etc.) and one day while suiting up in my black drysuit, someone said I look like Uncle Fester. So I bought a light bulb novelty toy that would light up whenever I placed it in my mouth.


Great party trick for years.


Uncle Fester was taken the first day I logged in to something years and years ago, god remembers what though. So the Unkle stayed.

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Before I knew about geocaching....


I was walking back to my car in the Walmart parking lot and I heard a faint but desperate whisper coming from, of all places, the underside of a lightpole skirt.


Lifting the skirt I saw a dirty film canister. It began whispering to me again, telling me of a cool hobby called geocaching. To my amazement, I found that I could communicate with the canister simply by gently whispering.


It told me tales of mountain peaks and deep canyons. Cold rivers flowing through gorges. Desolate deserts and golden sunsets. Oceans lapping at sandy beaches.


I was quite struck by all of this and when it asked if I could dry out his soggy logbook I could only nod in approval.


As I was placing it back under the dusty skirt it declared "You are the Whisperer."


When I got home I went to geocaching.com to register an account.


The rest is history.

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I'm a big P.G. Wodehouse fan, am a member of The Society, and frequent a fan newsgroup. Both in the society and the newsgroup (and now a Yahoo! forum), members are encouraged to use the name of a Wodehouse character. Since these organizations have been around for a long time, the more famous character names have been claimed. So, I chose one that's about as obscure as they come; Bream Rockmetteller was mentioned in one short story and one novel, never made an actual appearance and never spoke a single line! I now find that the name was used by Robert Smythe Hichens in his novel "The Londoners", written in 1898... 30 years before Wodehouse "created" the character! Wodehouse was born in 1881, so it seems likely that he may have read Hichens' work. Anyway, I've been using it practically everywhere. It's shocking to see what pops up on a Google search!

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My handle was coined as we have a passion for kayaking, mountain and road biking, hiking, and just about any method of transport that (as our website states) "burns passion rather then gas". And I must admit as gas has now topped $4/gallon the thought of infinite miles per gallon is one that brings a smile to most everyone's face :)

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Plate of shrimp!!!!! :)



I was JUST pondering submitting my name change request that I've been pretty much set on exploring for about a month. When I signed on I had no idea how important it is...didn't realize there were message boards or that I'd be meeting other cachers, etc.

While I was still thinking about it and wondering where this thread had gotten to that I saw last month because it's where I saw the instructions for requesting the change....Up it pops to the top of the recent posts list!!! :D:D:D




And for the record...Simba was an Elephant LONG before that silly little lion runied the coolest nickname I ever had (Let's just say my old goalie nickname, "Blotto" will NOT be the one I request :D ).



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Willox is (obviously) my last name. 96 is the original 1-ironbrand that was used on our family's 110+ year old ranch in Wyoming. 1-iron brands are very unique since they aren't many left and it is very difficult to register with the Dept. of Agriculture.


My "crew" and I take great pride in signing the logs using this special title while keeping the adventure of the Wyoming cowboy and the 96 Ranch tradition going!

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Willox is (obviously) my last name. 96 is the original 1-ironbrand that was used on our family's 110+ year old ranch in Wyoming. 1-iron brands are very unique since they aren't many left and it is very difficult to register with the Dept. of Agriculture.


My "crew" and I take great pride in signing the logs using this special title while keeping the adventure of the Wyoming cowboy and the 96 Ranch tradition going!


Sorry- avatar won't show up!

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"Even a blind squirrel can find a nut every once in a while!" is a Poker saying...It is most often used by a frustrated player who has just been beaten by a hand held by someone who was basically playing dumb luck or hit the card he needed for a stupid longshot draw on the river and takes big pot.


When I first came across geocaching on the web and started exploring it I thought to myself that anyone who would tramp through the woods looking for an ammo can full of dollar store items while relying on signals from the sky to find said ammo can was the ultimate "blind squirrel".


Soooo...when I signed up at Geocaching.com I decided to use the name. "Blind Squirrel" was already taken so I added the "Crippled" in honor of my aching back and joints I wake up with on the morning after tramping through the woods looking for an ammo can...you get the picture! :)


I haven't come across the first "Blind Squirrel" yet in any of the forums or cache pages yet so I would like to know something of him/her should anyone have that knowledge.

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I have been known to my friends as Lumpy for a whole heap of years. I tried using Lumpy while registering on a web site once but it was already taken. It suggested Lumpy223 as an alternative. I am a plinker at heart who loves to go shooting and .223 is one of my favorite calibers so Lumpy223 was a perfect fit. I use it on all message boards that I sign up on now.

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The only reason I did mongoriller is because that's what I do for every screen name on every website. I came up with mongoriller originally because I combined my last name and the kind of bike I had at the time, which I really liked. Originally, I was going to do mongorilla, but that got taken.

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Well, I had first made this username for some other website and now I just use it for everything. The "pfc" part stands for my club, the "fencer" part just says that I fence, and the 1 is there because the site I first used this name for required there to be a number so 1 was the easiest.

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I am a creature of habit. I have had the same nick for...15 or more years?


"mcw" = my initials

"tlg" = "The Little Guy". I was the smallest "m" (at 5'10, 180 lbs) to live in the house my house mate owned. To keep all the "m's" separate, each had a nick name. Mine was, "The Little Guy" or just "LG".


I just put the two together. It does not flow well, but everyone just calls me "LG" - GC1CJ0J

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I signed up as Birdaholic and do all the computer work for geo-caching. We sign logs as "Aussie and Birdaholic". I am an Aussie so that is self explanatory. We have both bred exoctic birds for many years and go as Birdaholic and Birdlady. I bred parrots in Australia for very many years and the wife bred macaws here in the states. We met on the net and decided after a time to amalgamate. Now living the "happily ever after" bit 10 years down the trail.

Aussie and Birdaholic.

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Where did your name come from?


We used to be known as the officepuke, but then my wife and daughter wanted to join in and that didn't seem aproprate anymore. Our daughter had this box of really cool blue stones and we thought "We can drop those in caches!"


Mine is because I spin fire. The art form is called Poi. You can see it slightly in my icon. That is me on my knees leaning back and those large bright circles are balls of fire on chain that I'm spinning.


I am part of a fire performance group (Soul Fire Tribe) and I've been spinning fire for about 4 years now.

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Well, I do a lot of insect photography. I adore bugs. Always have. Finding an interesting bug out in the woods, or in my backyard invokes the same emotions that finding the worlds most adorable puppy would.

"Aww. Look at him! Aint he cuuute?!"

I wanted an insect related name, but one that would put people in mind of something small and cute, rather than something creepy or scary. Wurmie seemed to fit just right!

I've been using it for years elsewhere. Can't imagine ever going by another nickname. :(

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Mine is kind of a double play. Since I live in Indiana and geo-caching is an adventure, I'm doing what the great adventurer does. Or....Jonesin' was a word we used growing up to decribe relaxing. ( Though I'm not sure why ), Hence...relaxing in Indiana. Therefore geo-caching is an adventure that relaxes me.


Indiana Jonesin'

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The story of my name was somewhat of a strange one or some people think so anyway. I've had it for around 20 or so years now. I was always in to cars and customizing them, cutting, painting, stereos, etc. It was with regular cars, models, hotwheels cars, bikes, just about anything with wheels. Well one day a friends girlfriend who was a little weird (or watched Herbie movies too much:) ) made the comment that I was "killing cars". One of our other friends heard it and started laughing and always joked afterward that I was the "Car Killa" and the name stuck. Coming from a military family, even my uncles and dad started calling me that as my handle. Yes back then like radios, service, or BBS's, it was your handle, nickname, or nick, not your screen name. :)


I've used the name ever since, even back then when dialing in to the BBS was what you did because unless you were at college or in the military using Arpanet, the only internet you could use was through Prodigy or Compuserv which would cost you $6 an hour to get online and you didn't get much only dialing in with a 300 or 1200 baud modem. :ph34r: Wow I feel old now.


Now I'm trying to incorporate it into my caching by leaving custom hot wheels cars I make into the caches I find as a little calling card and to maybe get kids into being creative with their hobbies. Hacking up hot wheels, models, and bicycles is what got me into it. Working in IT just pays for the hobbies and caching keeps me sane. Most of the time.

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Mine was given to me back in the day by a co-worker when I was a meter reader in the northeast. The hardest work days were those after a snow storm followed by freezing rain. This creates a ice crust on the snow that for the light weights like me made walking on top of the snow a breeze. After the sun would warm the crust it became even more work. You would never know which foot step would dump you thru the ice. If you break thru the ice you have to lift your foot out of the hole and there is no way to drag your feet. It's really exhusting and takes a huge amount of energy. All of us would come back to the office with bruises on our shins from breaking thru the snow crust. There is no easy way to walk thru deep snow with a ice crust...running helps a bit because it creates a bigger footprint and there is less chance of smashing your shins on the ice.


Even if the customers shovled paths to the meter it was safer to walk in the snow. Most paths were just coverd in ice and you would have a greater chance of slipping and falling on your arse.


That's my story.



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As for myself - current pet that had a habit of sleeping for days then just going nutso for no apparent reason - quite the conversation piece - hence manicgecko. my main cache buddy is my 11 year old son Senior Skidmark or Skidz - named after the total absence of paint on the top of his skateboard helmet - not his underpants which many are thought to believe :ph34r:


In my world - I get to play with the really cool toys......

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When i worked in Geilo, Norway as a skiteacher, one of the receptionists' were finnish. She called almost everyone "lainen". Some kind of ending in finnish, like "chen" in german. My boyfreind and I started to use it with the meaning "... that i love". So my real name is Ida plus the ending = Idalainen...

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