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  1. That would be me. Happened (again) this past weekend. Cut my head open again. Luckily someone from St. John Ambulance was in the group and helped patch me up. All my caching friends say I need to buy a helmet, as sadly, this was not an isolated incident I do a lot of my geocaching by bicycle. I keep my helmet on when I dismount the bike to look for a cache. I can't count the number of times I have whacked my helmet on a stout branch searching in the woods. I wear my Tilley to almost every cache. When the brush gets thick, I put my head down and use the hat like a shield pushing through the branches.
  2. I have found that the tweezers in my "Signature" Swiss Army Knife helps roll up small nano logs; just squeeze the tweezer to hold onto the end of the log and then roll it around the tweezers. It is easy to pull the tweezers out of the nice tight rolled log. (The included pen is also useful for signing the log.) I found one of those knives in a cache. I had no idea the pen was a pen. I thought it was some kind of poker thingie for making holes in leather, until I poked it into something, saw ink, and went "OHHHH, THAT'S what that part does."
  3. It worked - I got a replacement wheel for free. Thanks very much for the heads up!
  4. Thanks - I've tried google, but not directly to Garmin yet. I was worried that they would be prohibitively expensive. I'll give it a shot.
  5. Mine pops in and out, but doesn't stay in. Where can you find the wheels? I'd love to be able to fix it.
  6. I have a Colorado 300, which has had the inner wheel fall out. Is there a reliable, non-Garmin repair shop out there? The unit's pretty rugged, so I'd hate to just toss it.
  7. I'll be posting this on ebay soon; I just wanted to give cachers a chance first. If you have one already, this is a great way to build up a set. Make me an offer. I would trade for a newer etrex/dakota as well. Pictures available. Sold.
  8. I'll be posting this on ebay soon; I just wanted to give cachers a chance first. If you have one already, this is a great way to build up a set. Make me an offer. I would trade for a newer etrex/dakota as well. Pictures available.
  9. Rino 110, older model (2005-6), very good cosmetically. It was given to me by a relative who had barely used it. I have powered it on, got a satellite lock, listened to radio. Manual included, no cords. $100 CAD plus shipping
  10. I am using the latest version of iCaching. I have the full version. HI there. Did you use GSAK previously, and if so, how do you like iCaching?
  11. Looking for anyone using iCaching to talk too. I have just recently gone over to the Mac side, and am thinking of trying iCaching. I have searched for "icaching" and only found older or side references to it. Thanks.
  12. Unit comes complete as packaged, plus - 32 gig SD card - RAM holder (not the mount, just the custom holder for the PN-60w) - car charger - lithium batteries in Spot unit Unit is in good condition. $225 plus shipping. PayPal fine, money order good too, but I wouldn't ship until it cleared. You can contact me at jimgalbraith@gmail.com
  13. Interested. Does it come with the topo maps for Canada and the US? Can you post a pic?
  14. Thanks for some great replies guys - I appreciate the input so far! The Dakota is starting to move it's way up in the running; especially since I can get it with garmin topo for under 300 bucks...
  15. Hello fellow cachers - i am looking to buy a new GPS, and I am leaning toward the PN-60w. The only thing holding me back is the relative rareness of it; Are there any users out there who have had a chance to put these babies side by side and see which one delivers the best geocaching buck? If not the PN-60w, then it's one of the garmin units listed in the title. Would love to hear your feedback!
  16. I just noticed that I cannot make an event cache a favourite. I'm guessing that's because it's a one time thing, but still, I would have liked to been able to give the event host a boost by making it a favourite cache!
  17. I got the email telling me the PQ was ready, but then it wasn't available on the site.
  18. Our longstanding reviewer mtn-man, and his new cohort The Wizard of Ooze, are the bestest of the bestest reviewers ever, and you all should wish that your reviewers would be just like them in word and deed. My review is 5/5 stars for awesomeness, and 5/5 stars for coolness
  19. I like this new souvenir idea, but can't find any info on how I could design and submit one for my region. The current thread on souvenirs seems like a bunch of belly-aching, so I thought I would start a new one to get an answer to this question - Will cachers be able to design and submit souvenirs for their regions, and if so, how?
  20. Your wait is totally normal - we've waited anywhere from 8 hours to over a week - it all depends on the time your volunteer reviewer has for geocaching.
  21. Okay, but another poster made the point that toy items may bet traded out by people who aren't paying attention to the reason that they are there. Even if you made it very clear, some people will just not get it.
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