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  1. As of Sept 28, 2012 buses in the downtown Seattle core will no longer be free to ride. Fares are $2.25-$3.50 depending on time and distance. The website can help with trip planning as well http://metro.kingcounty.gov/ or customer service 206-553-3000. There are also customer service booths inside the transit tunnel at Westlake Station and International District station. If none of these get you the info you need drop me a note as A driver I am willing to help.
  2. We are it too. WWFM V - the quad project is in the works. May 2 at 10 am location TBD. We are looking for volunteers.
  3. I once cached on a day that was sunny and a hot one, like 75, with sweltering 50 percent hummidity. The cache was a ammo can in the city, but hidden in a bush. I had to walk 10 steps, uphill mind you. I did get the FTF and the prize was a $20 bill. No seriously, some of these war stories are awe inspiring. Way to go.
  4. Oh rub it in why don't ya Ya think I can get away with doing this for our Aniversary?
  5. We saw Donna and One of the boys interviewed on the news too.
  6. Working on a bookmark. I have one going too
  7. #9 is not at that location anymore!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Well those our out of my range as I sit chained to this desk in Kent. Good luck to those that are enslaved to the desk by 'the man'.
  9. We signed up too! Will probably bring the niece and nephew that enjoy caching with us. Look forward to seeing folks. Alicia & Bob So...how was it? We didn't make it due to family stuff.
  10. On behalf of the entire AKADAMY TEAM this is NOT a popularity contest! It is a way to recognize those cacher who have take the time any energy to make the sport better. Anyone can place a film canaster under a lampskirt (myself included) and call it a cache, but to construct a great puzzle or share a view with others or build a clever container takes time and should be rewarded. Our hope is that it will help encourage the high level cache quality that is already present in the northwest to get better. We do enjoy then, we plan on continuing to enjoy them and want other to be able to enjoy them. Nothing against the WSGA COM, but the ballot stuffing and limited voting pool is not what we had in mind. This is also a driver for an event. A way for cacher to get together and share 'war' stories and have fun during what for some is a slower part of the year.
  11. The Northwest of Northwest Cache Akadamy is proud to announce…… The Cachies, the first annual Geocache awards. We are currently accepting nominations for the best caches place in the year 2008. Any cache placed Jan. 1, 2008 until Dec. 31, 2008 is eligible. Caches in the “greater Puget Sound Area" are open for the awards. If you have questions just ask. Best Micro Most scenic Best puzzles Best Multi Best use of a nano Best Hike. Newcomer of the year. (a new cacher with great caches, BUT no fake accounts) Best cache page Best Container Most Unique Cache Best description Most educational Must do Cache Best Photo Add you own… Please add reply here or email THEAKADAMY at the mail after e and f but before h. Stay tuned for info on the event. ** THe AKADAMY
  12. Ohhh Hawk, it's been nice knowing ya.... Congrats to the Shop99ers! So much for that bachalor's party time to plan a wake. I aint touching that name for nuthin, aint going in the same hemishere as it. CONGRATS MARK AND DEB!
  13. Ohhh Hawk, it's been nice knowing ya.... Congrats to the Shop99ers! So much for that bachalor's party time to plan a wake. ( I aint touching that name for nuthin, ain going in the same hemishere as it.
  14. I thought it was a type of tie, popular with coyboys and in the 80's.
  15. I hadn't taken thetime to reead this thread until today, I really don't know why. But when I did I was truely blessed. It helped to lifte my soul out of a dark place that no pill or doctor could. I too thank you all. Friendship is truely better than an ammo can anyday.
  16. WOW Dick, you wild man, slow down. Just don't drink and drive.
  17. WOW Dick you wild man slow down. Just don't drink and drive.
  18. OMG!!! I starteed a forum!!!! I worded the original post, I "grabbed" a friends car after he added a TB to it ( and I remembered to write it down) and then took the TB car for a virtual joyride and park it for him. Thus I was a valet for car. nothing illicit
  19. We just signed up. I grew up in the area. maybe it will help.
  20. course there could be another South Sound Cacher formation meeting???? If Someone in the Oly area wanted to find a spot we could bring the dog and pony show. No real show, but ProjectFRED and JoeynCorey bantering each other.
  21. CONGRATS to COREYNJOEY on getting their number 1,000 while at the festivities of Champoeg '08!!! Great job guys!!
  22. I have had several FTFs. Shared and solo. I don't considerthen any different. I log them accordinly only to share the "pride" with all that have earned it. I can think of three or four caches that a team was needed to find or retrieve. Since there is no prize other than personal ego and glory for a FTF is see no issue. Current policy (unwritten) round these parts, all present at the time that the cache is found, log when the cache is found. FTF or not. Your not going to rehide it for the next person to find and rehid til the entire group finishes, especially if caching multiple caches together. Group caching + group find + group glory + team work + sportmanship eh check that sportspersonship. just must my .02 (if its woth that much)
  23. some local or loco favorites: cacher in the rye labotomy nudecacher (is infamous and real and a nice guy but not what I want to see nude at a cache) witz end
  24. Common sense is not so common. read that somewhere once. think it applies here
  25. But am I allowed to buy and brink bottled water or not?
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