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  1. I am from Indiana and will be coming to the Arizona Biltmore Resort in Phoenix in June for a conference. Can anyone suggest some good caches that are near there that I could get while in town? Thank you all for your help. I can't wait to do some caching in the SW!
  2. The search function is your friend. Insp Gadget from Atlantic Canada is probably the first one who proposed getting one in these forums, and of course did it. You want pics? Here you go, pics. Including, well, you'll see when you look. Looks from this thread that I missed a lot of fun at the WMGB...
  3. I have seen a few great GC.com logos. I have often thought of getting a travel bug on me....but I am kind of a wimp.
  4. I have a premium membership but also don't agree with the idea of premium caches. The way that I have done this so far is to not search for or place premium caches. This is a silent protest, but we all play the game different. I choose to do this, and other choose to place and find these caches. My thought has always been that the more regular caches that are out there, the more chances that regular member have to get hooked and pay to get a premium membership and use the other benefits of PM. The true reason for getting a PM is to support the sport/game/hobby we all love.
  5. "if it still doesn't turn-up, re-release the bug." This is probably what I will do. It is sad that the person just can't tell me what happened. I would like to TB to still be moving, but just knowing what happened would make me fel ok. To re-release do I need to get another set of TB tags? Any advice would be great. Thanks
  6. I had a TB that was picked up by someone. They mentioned it in their post for the cache that they found that they picked it up, but they never logged the actual TB find. I have been trying to contact the person through GC.com but they have not answered back in over 4 months. I can see that they log in on a regular basis from the information on their profile. i am afraid that they are ignoring me. Is there any way that I can try to contact this person other than by the send message link on their profile? Can Groundspeak help me with this. Help me geocachers, you are my only hope.
  7. Got my coin in todays mail! I will be setting it loose soon.
  8. I have had two brand new coins stolen from the first cache they were placed in. I was thinking about creating a coin proxy card to take their place. The problem is, I have misplaced the coin tracking numbers. Ii can't find this information anywhere. Is there anyway to get this information from Groundspeak so that I can create these proxy cards? The coins have been activated to my account, so they can see they belonged to me. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Love the proof art!!! can't wait to get a few of these. My parentst that used to take me here every summer are now into geocaching and would love this. Keep us all posted...
  10. Greetings... I am looking for an XL travel bug tag. I am talking 1 foot by 2 feet or larger. Does someone make these or is this some thing that I will need to make myself? Thanks for the info
  11. these look GREAT!! can't wait...
  12. There are no time and cost restraints in my opinion, nobody says anybody has to cache a lot or cache far, it's a play at your own pace game I've had to buy all 4 GPS units I've had, and have worked full time my whole caching career. I guess what I'm saying is it's all about how much you want to, most young people would rather do other things, but they COULD cache as much as anyone else if they wanted to. I think what i was trying to get at was that with a young family and few extra funds, buying a GPS'r can limit who can cache. I too have worked full time my caching career, but buying diapers/food and paying the bills prevented me from getting involved initially. This is a great sport, and love it. I also try to show new people the sport and loan out my GPS'r so that others can participate at zero cost.
  13. And only a few locals would really get this... I LOVE IT
  14. congrats... I know one of my items is heading to German soon. I am so excited to have my first traveler make it to Europe!
  15. congrats... I know one of my items is heading to German soon. I am so excited to have my first traveler make it to Europe!
  16. congrats... I know one of my items is heading to German soon. I am so excited to have my first traveler make it to Europe!
  17. I am about to release a TB that is attached to a small toilet i found (a bit smaller than barbie size). The plan is to have this travel and have people take pictures of all the places (both normal and odd) that they go potty while caching. I am doing this because I know that nature calls in many places and I have gone in some interesting places while caching.
  18. This has been quiet for a bit... I am really wanting some of these, and would like to hear more about where this idea is going.
  19. I always log the first and second attempt. after that if there are other people finding the cache i don't log more DNF's. If I notice that there are other DNF's i will log again though...
  20. worst thing i have ever found was what could have been an underwear collection. Seems one of my caches is located near a high school age hangout late on Friday and Saturday nights. Atleast someone is out having a good time.
  21. I have a church cache. This location was approved by the pastor and the trustee board and grounds crew all know about it. This way if there are any questions, someone will know about it. The way the church looked at it, this was another way to get people to the grass of the church. If they made it that far, maybe the would come inside. My thought was, approval was gotten and they were actually keeping an eye on the cache for me and let me know when there was an issue or it came up missing. The exposes alot of people to geocaching. Recruiting from both sides of the table.
  22. I am in my twenties. I think that alot of cachers are older due to time and cost restraints. I know that I wouldn't be caching if I had to buy my own GPS'r. My career and young family also keeps me from getting out alot.
  23. Anyone that come to the MWGB this year can stop by Area 51...
  24. I placed a cache in my home town where the MWGB was last year. The cache was muggled a few days before the event. I got a new container out before the event, and ran into a few cachers that were in town early for the event. I asked them to turn around and not peek as I placed the new container. After finding the container, we talked for probably 10-15 minutes about the MWGB and the history of the cacher area. Great to meet some cacher, and had great fun forcing them to turn around while I placed the cache.
  25. I actually have been storing the few I have on the drivers side floor of my car... I was thinking, since my collection is getting pretty big (about 4-6) I might upgrade to placing them in a zip lock bag on the floor... Evidently from this posting, I have some major upgrades that I could look into. I like the cardboard box idea! I will take a picture and post it here soon.
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