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  1. Well, the road trip isn't 100% about geocaching, and I'm definitely a 'quality over quantity' cacher (which is why despite doing this for more than 2 years, I have only gotten about 150 finds). I'll have to ponder which rout to take. However, I've had a lot of people now tell me I really need to go through Moab, so I'll look at changing my course and seeing what I can do to get to Moab. I was hoping to spend a bit more time through CO.. we'll see.
  2. Hmm.. Zion is a pretty drive, but more caches and less milage if I pass it. It's a toss up, I'll have to ponder it further as I get closer to the trip. Thanks for the warning about dirt roads, I love 'em, but if the weather has been bad I may avoid them. I've got a 4x4, but I don't have mudders. If I can't take the 29, I'll probably actually just break my rule of no doubling back, as the 31 goes a lot further north than I planned. Although, if gas prices are good at that point, a ping up to Salt Lake wouldn't be bad, got a couple people saying I should go up there heh.
  3. A Jeep? >.> Sleipnir is offended. I drive a 4x4 Toyota T100 (which I named Sleipnir), he and I can handle low to moderate rated offroading trails though, so I'd love to hit some trails.. but my gas costs are going to be high enough that I won't really be able to afford a lot of extra driving Main reason I'm cutting through Utah how I plan to, is my grandparents are in Manti, and I haven't seen them in a few years. (Besides, the cut through the mountain there is a nice drive) Thanks for the weather info though
  4. So I've been quiet on the boards for some time, and haven't been caching as much as I'd like (person I normally went caching with stopped talking to me.. a lot harder to get motivated to go alone.) But.. I decided I needed a vacation and to get out of Tucson for a week, so in mid-September I'm going to be going on a road trip through 7 states (and if I get a passport card before then, possibly pop in to Mexico just to say I did).Decided to make this also a caching road trip, because.. well, that's just more fun. Presently the rout I'm looking at is more or less: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=210450964647509338072.0004a5c2bf07f07899c02&z=6 So if there's anyone who's familiar with legs of that rout, I'd be interested in a few pieces of information: What kinda weather will I want to expect in mid-September? Anything special I should be aware of? Any geocaches in the area that are just super awesome and worth taking a minor detour to get to? Also, if anyone wants to meet a roving cacher, let me know. I'm definitely down to hang out with random people. Though my plans won't be set in stone, even when I start driving. I don't want to try and have some super specific itinerary planned that I have to stick to.
  5. *plots to off RS67Man and steal his house* *then remembers life isn't a video game and things just don't work that way* In the "readily available to anyone" department, polymer clay is probably one of the best options. You can make your initial version, and then get the stuff to make molds, and make a few molds of it, so that you can make multiple at a time. You could also form a stamp that would allow you to make.. basically a coin out of polymer clay.
  6. Outside of FTF hounds it DOES happen, but extremely rarely. Out of over a little over 100 finds, it's happened to me once.
  7. Or there are those of us who do not have ready access to that many cache types. Here in Tucson we have Traditional, Multi, Virtual and puzzle. No Wherigo (one, inactive), no Project APE, no Letterbox Hybrid (that I am aware of), AFAIK no Earthcaches. Events are rare out here (one CITO every few months). So living in Tucson, and not driving, I guess under the 'log 6 kinds of caches' I am destined to forever stay a newbie? I think I'll make my "you're no longer a newbie when:" you know that there's no "scoring" in the game, and that everyone plays it their own way. >.>
  8. ... When you no longer feel you're a newbie. There's no solid statistic for it. Some people can still be 'newbie' cachers after 100 finds. Some cease being 'newbies' within 10 finds.
  9. ~8 I think. I pay no attention, and .. frankly, the only way I go for many urban micros is when I'm out on the bike caching. Most states in one day? 2.
  10. Okay first and foremost: Who-Dey isn't ENTIRELY to blame for his/his son's lack of a FTF. the simple undeniable fact is, some people can't just say "hey, there's a new cache I'm going to go get it." and if you're in a city with multiple FTF hounds, then the statistical odds of picking up a FTF are slim. That said, I believe every single individual involved in that 'discussion' needs to grow up a little bit. I, as of this moment, only have a single FTF, why? Because 1: I don't drive. 2: I don't care. The FTF I have infact, in my log I am heckling all the FTF hounds out there >.> http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...5d-df35165000ba Oddly this cache is frelling 2 months old, and has still only been found by myself and Team Redsky (my parents)
  11. Thank you Snoogans for saving me from wasting my time on Twitter. One of the myriad of "social networking" sites which are completely useless wastes of time.
  12. Lies! Horrible lies! We know the truth! You reviewers go find every cache before it's goes ive, and take all the super awesome swag that the hiders leave and replace it with broken McToys! I'm on to you! >.> (Yes, I am kidding, in case you couldn't tell.)
  13. My friend Roo will attest to the N810 being a bit obnoxious to try and use for geocaching. I'm guessing if you can afford it, within a month you'll be buying yourself a hand-held Garmin or Magellan.
  14. Because I'm not sure it's a snake I thought I saw something slimy, but it could be my imagination in overdrive. In fact, pretty likely, since I don't know anything local here that's slimy and moves that fast. Just think. You might have missed out on the discovery of a lifetime. It might have been a previously unknown life form that could cure cancer and hereditary baldness. Mental note: Chrysalides is afraid of things slimy and slithery. Oh well, you're afraid of spiders. I love poking at arachnaphobes! *wanders off to find lots of spider pictures* (Amusingly, I'm arachnophobic too, just not as bad as most.)
  15. Teese, is that your GPS or are you happy to see me? .. sorry, had to. (by the way, what brand is your 'bent? Looks familiar) Anyways, I cache on the bike from time to time, as it's my only method of transportation (not counting bumming rides). I have a handlebar mount for my Vista HCx, wear a camel back, and have a small chest on the rack on my bike for anything else I need. I do paperless with the DS when I'm flying solo, which the DS is nice because it's light, durable, and has a dadgum good battery life. Don't do much trail-type caches on the bike though, due to lacking the transportation to get TO the trail, and not being in good enough shape to ride there, around the trail, and back.
  16. Zolgar


    I will have to check that, but I do recall otherwise. >.>
  17. Can also be classified as an offset multi.
  18. A further note on this: If you have a 'lethal' weapon (firearm, knife, etc.) never take it out if you are not ready to kill if you have to. Being willing to use means being willing to use to the fullest extent of its ability. If you point a gun at someone, you should be ready to kill them. It may sound terrible, but never shoot to wound.
  19. The bike mount as-is DOES NOT WORK for a Vista HCx if you do not have the back clip. It comes with a back plate, but that plate will not attach to the back of the Vista HCx, at VERY least if you have a memory card in, but IIRC, it won't attach at all. If you check amazon, you'll notice a lot of negative reviews of the bike mount, because of people being too stupid to pay attention to the fact that the Vista HCx needs that clip
  20. Zolgar


    I feel the need to point out that 1: while 'half blood' is the proper term, those who only have one 'non muggle' parent are also often referred to as 'mud bloods', especially by the elitist "pure bloods" and 2: Hermione was a mudblood. I am 90% sure her mother was a witch. (though it's been a while since I have read the series.)
  21. You do realize that the rental company is no different from a private company specifically for the property owner. For example there is very little difference between the Target security guards, and the ones in Fry's locally, even though Fry's hires VSS. Rental companies are just more commonly used for temporary positions, or on posts that just a few exist. Or, by companies that don't want to have to go through the hassle of hiring and screening their own security guards. The "rent-a-cop" (which is a VERY inaccurate description by the way, "biological security camera" is better) is hired by the property owners in order to maintain the safety of their property while they are away. This basically means that the security guards, even rental companies, are the extension of the property owner's will. As such you should be up front with them about what you are doing, and if it comes to pass that they tell you that it's not allowed on the property, apologize and leave. From there, you need to contact the CO to find out if they got permission, because the security guard COULD just be abusing his (very limited) power. But it's possible also that two weeks ago a different guard stopped a cacher, reported it back and a memo came down saying "That isn't allowed on my property." What you don't want to do is piss off the security guards, or give them reason to suspect you. If you give them a vague answer or an outright lie and then keep looking, it looks suspicious and they may call the cops (all they can really do, at least in AZ), then you have to explain to the cops what you're doing, and then also explain to them why you lied to the security guard. -------------- On the subject at hand, I act like I belong there, and if someone asks me what I'm doing.. I just tell them the truth... buut, I'm a mid 20's, 6' tall guy with long hair and a long beard, so people tend to avoid me. It also helps when I'm alone that I'm on the bike, so it can looks like I'm just taking a break or waiting for a bus. (When when you're waiting for a bus, first people avoid you because you're one of "those" people, you know the poor souls who can't afford real transportation. and second, there's nothing to do but sit, or wander around. )
  22. Just to clarify for you...to find them, check out some local cache pages, and view all the logs at the bottom of the pages. The very first one should be the local review who published it (It will say so in the log). This is the guy you want to email. To further clarify: Look at this information on recently published caches. Doesn't do you much good to email someone, only to find out they moved to Aruba a year ago >.>
  23. Numbers. TB: Doesn't add to your smiley count. Proposed TB Cachethingy: Is a Geocache and therefor will add to your smiley count.
  24. Hah, up in He-.. I mean Phoenix? You lose 90% of the year! *Tucson*
  25. Loading topo maps should be pretty easy. 1: hook GPS to computer. 2: load MapSource. 3: open topo maps in MapSource. 4: select the regions you want to add to your GPS. 5: Send to GPS. 6: go in to your GPS's map settings. (hit the menu button 2X and select map, or maybe it's settings > map, been a little while) 7: confirm that the topo maps are selected to show. If they're not, set them as such. Also, if you find that you want a topo map for an area that the bundle didn't include, don't feel that you have to buy them. http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/ < legal map downloads for your GPS. I have AZ topo maps on my GPS, without having to pay $100 for 'em. You CAN also find pirated maps, but we cannot condone that, nor will I point you in the direction for them.
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