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  1. Absolutely dire in the UK at present. Come on Groundspeak its time this was sorted as it been like it on and off for a couple of weeks now.
  2. If you are insisting to introduce the new map then please give us the option to go directly to the old map from our home page. I've just looked at the new map for the first time and it is very limited in the number of geocaches it can display, or have I missed something?
  3. I have a silver Flower of Scotland that I would like to swap for a bronze one. Contact me through my profile on Geocaching.com please...
  4. I'd be very interested in your list please, my main collecting theme is early English and UK related coins. Thanks in anticipation, Henry - L8HNB.
  5. Hi, I'm interested in "Robin Hood Nottinghamshire 2006" coin, could you please pm me a price delivered to the UK please...
  6. We've avoided the kerfuffle so far but do feel let down by the way this thing has been handled, well put Paul...
  7. Hi, do you have any Wykenwizard (British) non-trackable coins by any chance please?
  8. Just wondering if anyone has any early or unusual UK related geocoins they may part with, drop me a message if you have please. Thanks, Henry - L8HNB.
  9. I'd find a cache in the centre of each city and do a PQ based on the co-ordinates of the cache. If you have GSAK you can combine them and pick out what you want to go for. There is an active Scottish fb page that might be worth joining... Enjoy your trip!
  10. As much as we'd have loved to come back to Scilly I know we can't do the dates. Lindy is a different matter though, will sort accomo and all being well log a WA soon. Cheers L&H.
  11. Hi Plem45, I would be interested in seeing the UK and Scotland coins please.
  12. We could probably fit something in again... :)
  13. Been happening with me for ages, just thought it was dodgy GS software or my slow internet. Its a real PITA! (Pain In The Donkey )
  14. Its a shame the Old Forge meet is a few days too early for the T/D5 souvenir!
  15. We love caching in Shetland and agree with Spooky Luke, but haven't been up there for a couple of years - next year its on the cards though! Our favourite, and one of our all time favourites, is GCG0P7 Can you here me mother from 2003. There is our cache GC1TBV9 Yell's No1 if you like an interesting drive and GCKFF7 Voxter View if you like a stiff walk. We could go on... Don't forget there is now a Scotland the Quest cache (GC4RJDB - we haven't done it yet) so you might as well get it while you are up there. Have a great trip, hope you have good weather - there's nowhere nicer when the sun is shining.
  16. Nice one cantika! We've been to Harris & Lewis twice, second time to go to St Kilda, but not visited any of the southern outer Isles yet. We have started the Scottish Quest while visiting the Ayr Mega last year so it just when we can fit them in! We love Scotland but trips to the outer Isles, including Orkney & Shetland, are just so special. Thanks for your efforts in producing the website, we'll be keeping an eye on it when we start to plan our next trip. Now where's that calendar...
  17. Deccca, don't take it to heart! Forums often seem odd places and slightly hostile when a smiley would have helped lighten the discussions, it's right to ask questions and learn from others (we are still finding things out after 9 years at it :D ). As you say get out there and enjoy the hobby...
  18. We didn't meet John but we did find and enjoy a good few of his caches. Our condolences to his family and close friends.
  19. You can paste this to your profile to show you found one on the day: <img src="http://i.imgur.com/NpQgLKN.png" width="160" height="240"> courtesy of Jonny Hope on the CM facebook page.
  20. We've lost count of the number of times we've come across clip-loks with something trapped between the seal and box that compromises sealing, often the placcy bag that the log is in! Also, seals get dirty so a quick wipe over with something damp (in a lot of cases the log would do - only joking!) Agree, with previous comments about O rings, I can't believe that sellers go to the trouble on producing such nicely crafted containers and then spoil the job with a rubbish seal that either way only costs a fraction of a penny.
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