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What does your geocaching title mean?


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Mine is an homage to the show Firefly and movie Serenity. Plus caching is a very serene activity for me... a chance to step away from all of the craziness. BTW - you can watch the whole Firefly series at www.hulu.com for free. Awesome show.

My buddy was one of the writers for the show and even has a part in one episode as "guy on planet" or something awesome like that :D He writes and produces for Lost now... Neat to see that you based your title on that show :P

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One day, a wife looked at her husband and said, "You look just like a frog!" This was an unsolicited comment and totally at random.


Without missing a beat, the Frog look at his wife and said, "Well, if you married a Frog, that must make you Miss Piggy."


And so, Frog and Pig were born.

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This is a fantastic thread topic!

I agree - Learning about the handles helps introduce eachother, and can often tell a great story.


Mine is pretty basic, but it's my choice all the same so here goes:


7 year old son = Bracken

Mom = Andria (Andi)

Dad = Mak




We love the idea behind nestling little treasures out in the world for others to enjoy. Like treasure boxes.




We just got into actually being able to cache because until my birthday we didn't have a gps - so now the fun will ensue!

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Back in the 70's, my Dad chose a CB Handle that reflected his occupation and favorite hobby. He was a Navy Pilot and he loved to golf. Cleverly, he chose Topflite. Sharing his interest in airplanes (but not the golfing) and to carry on the tradition so-to-speak, I chose Topflitejr1.

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I spent 24 years in the U. S. Navy as a submarine "nuc" ET. The title refers to the first submarine I was assigned to (USS Lafayette), and on which I earned my dolphins. Since FBM submarines have two crews (Blue and Gold), the "G" means that I was on the "Gold" crew.

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People tell me my caching name is quite weird. No one else has it!


Joy in the Litterbox is also the name of my blog. First off, I love cats. Next, I'm a writer. My middle name is Joy.


While trying to come up with a memorable name for my blog (and doing the icky deed of cat clean up) I was stuck by an analogy. Life was rotting for me at the moment, but somehow I found ways to twist the trials and laugh.


I saw The World as a litterbox. Turds are inevitable. But do we have to be down about them all the time? Part of my "branding" as a writer is to infuse humor in tough life situations. Hence, Joy in the Litterbox. You can find joy among life's turds.


Sick I know, but it works well. People remember my blog and I have a huge reader base.


It's also a general enough ID because I write contemporary young adult fiction as well as being a Outdoor Recreation journalist for Examiner.com. My JITLB "philosophy" applies across the board. :rolleyes:

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SHCO stands for Susquehanna Hose Company - the volunteer fire company i ride with... the 531 stands for the tower(truck) 531 i ride on...


We happen to be the fastest volunteers in the nation!! check out www.susquehanna5.com

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Mine is my first inital with my last name. I would have used my normal screen name, which is Davidw, (first name with last inital), but it usually gets taken quickly when people start choosing screen names. I halfway wish I had chosen something that reflects my photography interest, but I don't want try to change it now.

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OK, changed mine, I used to be HondaH8er (see page 2 for my original post), but just got it changed on Monday. "Hrethgir" is from the Dune book prequels written by Brian Herbert (Frank Herberts son, the author of the original Dune books) and Kevin J. Anderson, excellent books. Anyways, back when the Machines ruled, and humans were just slaves to them, the Machines used the word "hrethgir" as a derogatory word for humans.

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My geocaching title: Well, according to Wikipedia:


The term "demigod", meaning "half-god", is used to describe mythological figures whose one parent was a god and whose other parent was human


[edited by knowschad]

Oh, wait.... you must be referring to my geocaching NAME! Oops! :lol:


I know a guy named Chad.

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This is the name I was stuck with when gc.com removed the ability to change your own username.


Blue Meanie was taken but I remembered that deuce was an obscure term for devil.


Hence why my main avatar is a blue and evil.

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I inherited the name from a friend I've had since we were 4 years old. I had lived in FL 15 years and was ready for a new place! Ended up moving to Virginia. My friend said...I can't call you Florida Gator any more. Now I have to call you...Virginia Gator! :laughing: Ta da!


P.S. I had a good laugh a couple years ago when there was a small alligator found in one of the lakes in our community. Unfortunately, they attributed it to someone letting a "pet" loose.

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when I joined, I spent ages looking round the room for something to use, being a star trek fan I had loads of books and films that I thought of using but didn't want to be TOO much of a geek! :laughing: I also then spied my collection of church books and had a wonderful idea. (you know! The first one is usually the worst one!!). :D

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we have no paid preachers, we operate a system of laypreaching, so... Lds Preacher. I got so much stick of the wife later for it and I still get called sad and a geek for it!! Ah well :laughing:

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The Rainbow Spirit is the Dreamtime Spirit in Australian Aboriginal mythology that created all the features of the world.

It is also the name of my sailing boat, and I have always had a deep appreciation of the seven colours that make up the rainbow, I even have a rainbow coloured tandem bicycle..so it made sense to me to call myself.....

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I am a big fan of The Allman Brothers Band and wanted a Geocache name that would relflect that. My first two choices, "Ramblin' Man" and "Southbound", were taken. I tried "Ain't Wastin' Time No More" but ran out of characters. So I shortened the name to make it fit.


Right on Brother! lol i guess no pun intended. I was a VERY spoiled kid. I got to grow up with access to my old man's record collection. I still have his old turn table along with hundreds of LP's. I'm only 26, but often enough people tell me that i was born a generation too late. I tried to find obscure references to make a handle, but couldn't come up with anything. '82 being the year i was born, and well...DeadHead is more than self-explanatory.


On a side note, Bobby Weir and Ratdog are on tour this summer and I'm going to see them in my state capitol on July 5th! Screw vacation, let's go see some shows!!

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Well, I started out as franklin_cacher, because I was from Franklin, and I cached. And I never thought my wife would get into this. She is actually more active than I am, and took over that account with a new name, Col. Flagg. I created my own after I got my own GPS, as Cpl. Klinger. As you can tell, we're huge fans of MASH. Even going to order the full series on DVD this month.

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When I first created my Caching ID I didn't know that it would become my 'name' and so I chose my surname and initials. Unfortunately my surname isn't easy to pronounce correctly (Bouskill) :D and so, after a year ago I changed it to The Caching Vicar.


I love caching,


I'm a vicar (Church of England Priest)


So know you know. :)

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Ours started as an experiment in junk mail years ago. I used to sign up for catalogs and whatnot using various fictional names just to see what company would spawn more junk for other companies. I always used book character surnames - anything from Moriarty to d'Urberville. Pendragon was the one that kind of stuck. We still get catalogs and even telemarking calls for the Pendragons.


We added the Crew just to signify that we are a group.

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