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What does your geocaching title mean?


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Mine has a dual meaning to it, In the world of jeeps xj stands for cherokee, which up to a year ago was my daily driver a 97 jeep cherokee lifted 8" whit 33" mickey thompsons. also my indian heritage is cherokee so i decided to keep the name 1badxj even after retiring the xj.

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When I first got on the internet I wanted a nickname that denoted Pirates...well none of the services would allow me to use numbers before letters to create an ID. so!


rat............ rat is self explanatory.

314........... Mathmatical designation for Pi

65............ a Unique identifier which happens to be the year I was born.


Technically I guess I am rat pi 65!

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I made up my own caching name as I was sitting with pen and logbook in hand at my first geocache. My brother was with me, and as an avid chess player, already had a cool name "knightmare" chosen, which he went with. I had never really done much online, so I had nothing. I played basketball in college, but was not doing much with that anymore..the only thing I could really say I was "into" at the time was golf, but as evidenced by my double digit handicap, I was not much good at that, either. I decided to go with that, and considering the abundance of excessive strokes from the sand traps, decided that "bunker dave" was an apt moniker. In the months to come, I developed a tremendous passion for geocaching, and other new cachers in my area noticed how much time and effort I was investing into the game. Not knowing what the "bunker" part of my handle meant, some of them assumed that it had to do with artillery bunkers, and imagined me as an old, retired war veteran in shredded fatigues and combat boots out wandering the mountains and deserts of the West in search of geocaches. Clearly, the reality turned out to be less romantic, as three of them found when I arrived for a planned hike en route to my 100th find. Imagine their disappointment when instead of a bearded, grizzled, camouflaged old geezer in a rusty half-track I come rolling up to the trailhead in my adidas trailrunners and Subaru Outback. Mild mannered accountant and family man by day, suicidal geocaching maniac by night and weekend. It has all made for some entertaining stories, however you look at it.

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Gitchee-Gummee is an anglo adulteration of NA native Ojibwe name for Lake Superior. First put into written language by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in the "Song of Hiawatha". More recently propogated in the ballad of "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" by Gordon Lightfoot.


We further adulterated it (has many spellings, BTW) into a team moniker (Gitchee = he, Gummee = her)


Yes, we do live on the south shore of Gitchigume!



I hope all is as clear as mud :P:)

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Initially I signed up using the e-mail name that I've had "on the job" for, oh, 20 years or more. But then I decided that my internet presence was a bit to ubiquitous and I wanted more anonymity. So I was obsessing a bit one night to find a new name (I too am terrible about choosing names) when my wife came up with this one. It's a bit of a pun. In real life I'm a physicist working at one of the US national labs and I use a particle called a neutrino (signified by the greek letter nu) to probe the sub-atomic world. Thus "nu" + "sense". But pronounced as is: nuisance.

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The first time I found a cache, I thought "Dad would have loved doing this!" Unfortunately, he passsed away almost 12 years ago, before hand-held GPS receivers were affordable. His name was Arden, but all his friends called him "Aardvark", and I am his third son, so Aardvarkson 3 is a little tribute to my father. Whenever I sign a log-book, (and if there is room,) I include a stylized swan drawing which Dad always used with his signature.


Miss you Dad.

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Crafty cos I like arts and crafts but also I can think outside the box.

Turtle cos I like turtles the way some people like dolphins or butterflies or dragons. I have a tattoo of a turtle on my leg.

I've used this nickname for years - eBay, every forum I've ever been on, online games, etc. If you see "Crafty Turtle" on the web, it's probably me.

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Favorite local riding/offroading/hiking or whatever your into area has a trail that is actually a coal slurry pipeline road. I/we often refer to it as our backyard because it's just a short 5 mile trail to get to the trails from our backyard. We have spent a lot of time on the old pipeline road. Hence the name. It also used to be the lifeblood of my employment. Originally started with a different name we picked in a hurry and just recently changed it. Still pretty new to geocaching but liking it. Just another excuse to "get out there"

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Well, first off it of course means that we, my wife and I, are a team. We are a team in most every aspect of life. This is really special.


Second, it means that we are two of the most loved and respected geocachers found in the territory formerly occupied and/or owned by the Coast Miwok and Pomo bands of native Americans and later home to General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo.


Thirdly, we log every single found or not found geocache to the same and only geocaching.com account. We do this irrespective of which team member actually found the little container. This is because we are a team in every sense of the word.


It is really nice being a team member with your wife and life partner.


Unfortunately General Vallejo did not get along real well with the Miwok people. They fought a lot.


Team Cotati, while not in 100% agreement 100% of the time, does not fight. We are a team, teams do not fight. Those that do often cease to be a team.


Long live Team Cotati...... Viva Team Cotati!!! ;):(:)

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Whenever I read cache logs or the postings on the site I always find myself interested in what everyone's caching name stands for or means. Some of course are self explanitory, however, most aren't. I often wonder if it was a random decision, or some deeper meaning. If you would like to share I'd enjoy reading about what it means.


Take mine, lil'hobo, for example. I chose it for several reasons. The first is as a kid we lived not to far from some railroad tracks and on a quiet day/night you could hear the train drive by. I always had the secret desire to do the hobo thing, you know, jump on a boxcar and see where it would go. Of course, common sense has always got the better of me so I never did. Still, the thought of a rambling existence, however impractical, continues to hold some appeal. Secondly, I used to have a camper that was a "lil hobo" model. Lastly, I named my fishing boat the lil'hoboat in keeping with my camper's model. So, when I started caching, with its wandering around and rummaging about in search of treasure, the name lil'hobo just seemed a natural fit.

jj_snafu. Just about everyone who was in the Army and some of the other branches of service, know what snafu stands for. So my caching name is jj_snafu = John Joseph Snafu or snafu = situation normal, all F%$TH& up! :(

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Murphy was the name of the first dog my wife and I got after we got married 13 years ago. He was a doberman, with floppy ears! He ruled, so my name makes perfect sense... :(


The doberman in my picture is our new puppy, she's only a year old and her name is Maya. I don't think Mayarulez sounds as good though.

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In Northern Ireland, Irish Republicans are often derogatorily referred to as fenians, a word which originally referred to Finn MacCool's legendary band of warriors, the Fianna. Recently, especially since Seanchai released the song 'Fenians', many Irish Republicans have claimed the label as a badge of honor. Fenian was already taken so I added 16 for 1916, the year of the Easter Rising. <edit>I'm American, but used to be very active with INAC, and still hold very strong opinions.</edit>


I'm sure Abbybeth would rather I used Wakko or Ravenheart, but both of those were already taken. :):(

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Geocaching is something I do when I can't be in the mountains hiking to (and fishing) lakes. So I named myself after an obscure lake with a distinctive name in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. I knew the guy who named the lake but he was getting old and couldn't remember what the name meant. So I don't know what it means or how it is properly pronounced. Figuring out how to get to little blue spots on the map with no trail is a hobby not too unlike geocaching in many ways.

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I am a retired toolmaker (that's an expensive machinist :D ) I retired at the ripe old age of 55 and we headed west young man.

I am originally from Connecticut and my wife, from up-state New York.

When my kids were youngters we went to all the Star Wars movies and I'm still a fan.

We now live on a small ranch in my new state of Oklahoma. Okie-wan just fits.

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Mine is simple. I am Emt & Firefighter have been for 27 yrs both the career & volunteer sectors. The number "10" comes from a Ems Service I ran with years back, radio call sign was Emtfire10 since I was the 10th Emt/FF on their roster.


Our team name is TeamEmtFireKids. Which most of the Adults are either/or both Emts & Firefighters, as our kids are well apart of our team too. Hence TeamEmtFireKids

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Ours is simple - I'm an architect & hubby is a chemical engineer. ArchiChem was our first joint email address back in the early internet days and we always said that's what we'd name our company if we ever started one together. Company never came about, but it works well for our geocaching name :D

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Mine has a double meaning.


In the last number of years my drive was become more spiritual. So soul seeker. I'm looking for God within me. I'm searching for my own soul. I'm searching for my path.


But some medication I needed to take caused a severe depression that made me quite grouchy all the time(for over 9 months), so then it was important for me to seek the sun (sun helps depression: vitamin D). Sol, of course, means Sun.


So I can't be that spiritual being grouchy all the time, but living in the northwest I do also seek the sun because of that. I think most of us are sun seakers up here.


So Sol Seeker was taken so I had to go with Seaker.


I finally found out what the medication was doing, and am off of it, so hope to be not so grouchy in the future. Get back on track, on the right path. Do the right seeking again.

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Wow Well a lot of people responded to this topick. I get asked about my name so I thought I would respond too I know I have a weird name so I explane it in my profile but here it is


When I got my first GPS I was so excited, (that was only jan 17 09). I had herd of geocaching but it was stuffed in the back of my mind with all the other 100’s of things I would like to try some day. But when I started to tinker with that 1992 Magellan it moved to the front of the list. Having only herd the word geocaching (not even in my spell checker) not knowing much about it and never talking to any one about it. I went to the source for all answers the internet. I was short on time as usual but wanted to get started. I was also weary of the nothings free and the tons of spam you get when you give out an email address. So I made a new one. And not wanting to give up any important info I tried to be as anonymous as possible. So I started with some cool names and after about 10 tries and getting unavailable one of the many voices way in the back of my head yelled pickled dreams. I tried it and much to my surprise it was available.

So I said what the heck because I wasn’t sure there would be that many geocashes to find any way, and I didn’t even know if I would like it. Now that I have been doing it for 5 months, I realize that aside from all the gas I spend driving around to find them. And the 30$ a will spend some day to become a premium member it is free! I have also found that there are hundreds of thousands of geochaches every where. And all the geocachers I have met are very cool people. The website dose not send me any spam, and I am addicted to this hobby. I have thought about changing my name but it dose kind of fit me and I would have to establish a whole new geocaching identity. You can see how hard that would be for me.

I like pickles, pickled eggs, carrots, any vegetable, peppers, and green olives. But what the voice in my head wanted to focus on was not so much the pickle but the dreams. Lets look at pickles for a little. Wikipedia says Pickling, also known as brining or corning, is the process of preserving food by anaerobic fermentation in brine (a solution of salt in water), to produce lactic acid, or marinating and storing it in an acid solution, usually vinegar (acetic acid). The resulting food is called a pickle. This procedure gives the food a salty or sour taste. In South Asia edible oils are used as the pickling medium instead of vinegar. The distinguishing feature is a pH less than 4.6[1], which is sufficient to kill most bacteria. Pickling can preserve perishable foods for months. Antimicrobial herbs and spices, such as mustard, garlic, cinnamon or cloves, are often added.[2] If the food contains sufficient moisture, a pickling brine may be produced simply by adding dry salt. For example, sauerkraut and Korean kimchi are produced by salting the vegetables to draw out excess water. Natural fermentation at room temperature, by lactic acid bacteria, produces the required acidity. Other pickles are made by placing vegetables in vinegar. Unlike the canning process, pickling (which includes fermentation) does not require that the food be completely sterile before it is sealed. The acidity or salinity of the solution, the temperature of fermentation, and the exclusion of oxygen determine which microorganisms dominate, and determine the flavor of the end product


Now just think of that in the terms of dreams; day dreams, night dreams, even nightmares. Take your favorite day dream laying on the beach in the sun. The dream of a beautiful sunset, or spending time with that special person, becoming rich. Mabey just retiring and spending your days geocaching. O wait some of you are doing that right now, (I wish I was, I am sitting here at work typing this up) Some times we have lots of dreams but we get stuck in the 9-5 of normal life.

Ok so take your dreams and put them in salt water or vinegar, so you can preserve them for ever. Kill most of the bacteria in them (bad stuff). So you can enjoy them any time you want and they just taste a little sour or salty. Ok now that you know way more about me then you wanted to.

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Cool topic! This has answered a few questions I've had about the names of fellow cachers.


Here's mine: K2D2 = Kevin, Kelli, David, and Daniel. My wife came up with the name when we were looking for a good e-mail address name several years ago, and it seemed appropriate for geocaching too!


And I thought it was a Star Wars reference along the lines of R2D2!

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I started caching as mountain_lion, because of a vague interest in cougars. But a lot of people have similar names, and one of them caches around here. So when my wife joined the game we looked for a pair of names that would say something personal, and we came up with names that reflected where each of us grew up. Cairngorm is the sixth highest mountain in Scotland. It gives its name to a mountain range where part of my soul has lived since the weekend in 1988 when two of us climbed Braeriach, camped out in a thunderstorm, did some other stuff and hiked home through the Lairig Ghru. And since the other weekend a few years later when two of us camped by the highest lake in the British Isles before climbing 700 feet through snow at midsummer. And some solo trips. And some orienteering around the foothills.

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I helped create and run a production company for several years called Delphic Productions. During the time I would dj under a different name that I didn't think fit me all that well. After I moved on from production I took the name as my own (the production company still comes out for an event once in a while) and use it as my dj name and various login/user names.

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We are brand new Geocachers, full time RVrs, and professional storytellers. :)


Separately we are Big Jim and Yarntangler but we have used Taletellers as our collective handle for years on all forums. Made sense to stick with that as we know that we'll find some great new tales to tell as we seek out caches.

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