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What does your geocaching title mean?


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Bentlegs was a nickname given to me by my dad's uncle, I guess it was from our surnames, Bentley, my great uncle was a Leaves. Anyway he always called me Bentlegs whenever he saw me, just before he gave a hug, a very wise man that knew a lot about a lot. He taught my father and I a lot of things over the years. Oddly enough though in my early twenties I started role-playing D&D with a group of friends and they started calling me Bentlegs too, none of them ever knew about my great uncle calling me it nor did they ever meet him. Guess it was meant to be. The Taffy bit is because I am Welsh.

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Mine goes way back to a name I used in a computer game, I made a lot of friends through the game community and the name stuck. I used it in different games, made more friends and as the name gets used so much online, when I get together with online friends in real life, it's weird when they use my real name so we all use the name Maxx, in fact only my family and work colleagues use my real name now. Even my wife says it sounds weird when she calls me by my real name.

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Live in Oxford (though soon moving elsewhere in Oxfordshire) and was born in Maidstone in Kent. I support Maidstone United FC which makes me a Stone, they're the Stones. Every time I find a cache hidden under stones (or in one case inside a false one that you can buy in garden centres to hide a key in) I have to refrain from leaving a giveaway pun in the log. My 3-yr-old son is very proud to be Oxford Stone Junior and makes sure Iadd that when we go out "looking for treasure" together.

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mine's Oxford Comma because i read a whole debate about how some think it's unnecessary, and I was nerdily into reading the Whole thing. plus, I am an apostrophe nazi.


this wasn't the post but it's still funny.





although, I am Apparently not into proper capitalization. J.P. Donleavy? hello!!

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Ours is easy. It's after the animation The Incredibles. I started off as Wonderwoman, but then my family started coming along so we sat down and brainstormed ideas. My daughter came up with The Incredibles (we've watched the movie about 200 times) and it fit perfectly as we have 2 kids: an older daughter and younger son. 'cept our Mr Incredible is Chinese, ha ha and I'm not that stretchy.

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NewEnglandah - once known as Natureboy1376..


Got back into caching and changed up the name from Natureboy1376 ( One who spends most free time in the woods ) I've also been called a woods dwelling hobbit by a few...

The new name NewEnglandah, well I was born in NE will most likely die in NE, Love NE, hate that it is losing it's Old time character rapidly by strip malls.I know NE inside out in general and often people ask me, how do you know all these places. If you ever met me and I was far away from New England I would stick out instantly by my non-rhotic accent.

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A interesting question.


Geo=earth, geocaching, outdoors, etc.


Guy=self explanatory


14= I'm not sure myself. All of my usernames have a number. Two possible responses:


(1) Since my birthday's sometimes on Friday the 13th, I added one to make it lucky.


(2) How old I am in my first full year of geocaching.

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Our caching name was very much set up for my two boys although it is me that is well and truly hooked and they just come along for the ride at weekends.


They are mad on Lego so that was automatically incorporated into the name. When we started we were going to insert a small lego piece into each cache as a sort of signature item but when we started doing greater numbers and series this got to be a bit of a pain (literally , as i was carrying them round in my pocket) so we dropped this idea.

The Chugglers was a bit of a newbie mistake as the boys were calling muggles, mugglers so as we were very new to the game and they were children they called themselves chugglers.


Anyway, how I wish now that I had come up with something a little more manly like THE GEOMARAUDERS or THE PHANTOMGEO etc etc.

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Whenever I read cache logs or the postings on the site I always find myself interested in what everyone's caching name stands for or means.

Nothing to do with GeoCaching but just a domain name I had. Bertrand Zerpersande is a comic alter-ego made up from Inspector Clouseau of the The Pink Panther, some Monty Python and an Iranian friend I have. Weird accent. He has a limited number of things to say about life that most people think to be funny. Bertrand because I liked the feel of it. Zerpersande is just The Person, with a screwy French accent. He grew up with a friend named Dummaza. Bertrand would go to his friend's house sometimes and have dinner with Dummaza's family. The Sackahammerz were nice people. The kids in school always made fun of Bertrand's and Dummaza's names.


Zilch to do with GeoCaching, everything to do with what to do with that domain name I bought from GoDaddy.

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Long ago in a place far away my parents gave me a German name (which makes sense because that’s what we were). This name got shortened to "Heiner" by my friends and family long before emigrating to the USA. One day in 2003 I came back from a business trip to find that my wife had take a liking to a little yellow GPSr and was heading out on Saturdays to hang out with folks pretending to be searching for pretend treasure. That sounded a bit too absurd to me so I offered to accompany her. It was a picnic in a park and all these super-geeks were there with mostly made-up names and they would be calling each other by these goofy names and comparing stories about hunting for tupperware with million-dollar military hardware. I thought that was weird but since my wife was enjoying it, I figured I should be supportive. It made a lot of sense to me to go ahead and pick a name for myself that was different from my actual name (so as to be incognito) but would sound just like my actual name in conversation. Turns out to have been a really good decisions because many of those geocachers are really good friends now and its great for them to at least have an inkling of what my actual name might be.

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When I registered my first username on a Finnish forum I picked Belgiter for BELGIan TERvueren (or, well, in Finnish we often shorten 'belgianpaimenkoira' into 'belgi') which was (and probably still is) my favourite dog breed and thatforum was for dog enthusiasts. But later I joined international forums and learned that people can get my nick a bit wrong since I am not from Belgium and have never been there. Thus I decided that any new international forum I join I must pick a name without that Belg part. And neither of our two Tervuerens are no more around though I plan to have a Belgian shepherd dog again. Some day...


So, when I started caching I looked at my old nick, said I have tho modify it or pick something else and then I looked at Alva who is my rough collie and my loyal ally in finding hidden little plastic containers I decided I'll include her in my username after I had rolled it on my tongue. So Alvater it is.

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Condorito is a South american cartoon figure... He is famous in chile and peru... My dad is from Chile, and so Condorito it was...

Neighbors were from there and I've traveled there in 2009. I recognized the icon, but forgotten where from. It dates back to the 1980s or earlier if I remember right. Edited by TheWeatherWarrior
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Mine has a two way meaning. Bass... as I am a musician and Bass player in a bands..many bands thru the years.


I also am a fisherman and Bass fishing is my fav but fish for allot of other types. I used to fish semi- professional but now it's just for fun.

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We have 3 cats and use the suffix "mon" (short for monster) to describe them. When they are purring - they are purrMon, when they are stretching - stretchMon, when they are sleepy - SleepyMon etc.

Our favourite sort of "mon" is when they are confused or startled and their ears are back and they look all owlie - Thus, OwlieMon. It is plural because there are two of us (me and my husband)

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The king of Œta had a daughter named Dryope. One day Apollo decided to take the form of a tortoise and Dryope played with the tortoise and put it in her lap; the tortoise changed into a snake to bind her and then ... nine months later Dryope had a baby boy. The son grew up and made a shrine to Apollo for "honoring" his mother. Dryope was taken in by the dryads nearby and a poplar tree and fountain sprang up at the spot. Two maidens who witnessed this and intended to tell the town were instead turned into pine trees. The son initiated a foot race at this location which supposedly goes on to this day.

The œ is most often rendered as "e" in English (I don't want to use alt codes every time I log in). The race is through the woods with magical mythical creatures, which is akin to the numinous sensation I experience while in the woods. So that is why I chose etarace.

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