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What does your geocaching title mean?


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My name is two parts. The Lag portion has to do with the Audio/Visual Lag that occurs on HDTVs when playing music games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band (games that I get paid to play). The Pins portion has to do with my love of bowling and also the swag items I leave in caches (small bowling pins with the name Lag Pins written on them).

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In Dec. 95' we deployed to Bosnia for Operation Joint Endeavor. To help us pass time and save what was left of our sanity, (nothing but snow and cold that time of year) we created our very own RPG. My charectors name was Xoles, and when I got back to the states in 97' the whole online thing was really taking off and I needed a screen name. I've used it up til now and probably will stick with me forever in some shape form or fassion.

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Whenever I read cache logs or the postings on the site I always find myself interested in what everyone's caching name stands for or means. Some of course are self explanitory, however, most aren't. I often wonder if it was a random decision, or some deeper meaning. If you would like to share I'd enjoy reading about what it means.


Take mine, lil'hobo, for example. I chose it for several reasons. The first is as a kid we lived not to far from some railroad tracks and on a quiet day/night you could hear the train drive by. I always had the secret desire to do the hobo thing, you know, jump on a boxcar and see where it would go. Of course, common sense has always got the better of me so I never did. Still, the thought of a rambling existence, however impractical, continues to hold some appeal. Secondly, I used to have a camper that was a "lil hobo" model. Lastly, I named my fishing boat the lil'hoboat in keeping with my camper's model. So, when I started caching, with its wandering around and rummaging about in search of treasure, the name lil'hobo just seemed a natural fit.

:unsure: I used to use germanshorthair as my caching name- I was training the best bird dog, a shorthair, ever so I used that breeds name for geocaching. Then got out of caching for a few years and could not remember email address that went with it so changed to my current name. Timberdoodlehunter1 has several things 1 a timberdoodle is another name for a woodcock, a small migratory bird that likes wet areas with poplar trees and eats earthworms. 2 woodcock hunting is my favorite thing to do besides bear hunt so why not use that name- it is different 3 added the 1 just because 4 being a female who does all this stuff oftentimes alone, I thought this name was something nobody would think of for a woman so I chose this name

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Ok this might be a dumb question but can I change my name without loosing the caches that I have found so far? I had made my name before the family took interest in caching. If i can how in the world do you do it?


Email the GC.com crew and request a handle change. They will be happy to do it as long as the handle has never been registered before. AND you get to keep all your finds!



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My name is two parts. The Lag portion has to do with the Audio/Visual Lag that occurs on HDTVs when playing music games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band (games that I get paid to play). The Pins portion has to do with my love of bowling and also the swag items I leave in caches (small bowling pins with the name Lag Pins written on them).


We have seen your pins in a few caches. My daughter wanted to know where you get all of those little bowling pins.

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My online name is one I have used for many years. I dreamed it up back when I first signed up for America Off Line. I actually wanted 67RSman, but AOL would not allow a name start with numerical characters. The meaning, well, a picture is worth a thousand words I guess.



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Back in 2000 I was a contract employee for Intel (in fact, I'm on another contract for them right now) and they create your network username by using some combo of your first and last name. HOWEVER, if you're a contractor they put a giant X in the middle of your name so everyone who you email with knows you're just a lowly contractor. So my name is Nicole Erickson. At Intel it was NicoleX.Erickson So my network login at the time was nericksx.


I started using it as a username all over the web after my contract at Intel ended in 2001, when every username I WANTED was taken. I finally tried "nericksx" at a website thinking, "no way is this username ever going to be taken." I was right.


It's pronounced near-icks.


When I sign logs I usually say "nericksx and family" if my hubby and boys are along, or "nericksx and son" if just my oldest is with me.

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Cool topic! This has answered a few questions I've had about the names of fellow cachers.


Here's mine: K2D2 = Kevin, Kelli, David, and Daniel. My wife came up with the name when we were looking for a good e-mail address name several years ago, and it seemed appropriate for geocaching too!

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Pretty simple explanation really; the name comes from the black Panama Jack fedora that I wear while caching. I never wear it any other time (it was a gift, and I just don't think I could pull it off as a fashion statement). It's kind of my signature, and I'm totally convinced it gives me luck when I'm looking for particularly tough hides :drama:

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I used LOYAL in other online names - I didn't realize that your "title" would be something you are known by.


LOYAL is more than a word to me. It is almost a state of being. I am fiercely loyal to those I love and will stand be them through anything. But I found that I was loyal to a fault....because I wasn't being loyal to myself. I became what others wanted me to be. Now - I am loyal to me, loyal to living my life.


DIPITY - In October I was on a camping trip trying something new and trying to find "me". The group that I met up with camping were new cachers and had to take the new girl to find the cache. I was monumentally intrigued!!! although I didn't "get it" for months after - I thought it was only in Indiana State Parks and were only tupperware containers. So I found geocaching when I was trying to finds something else - serendipity! The entire month of October I tried new things and stepped outside the proverbial box looking for whatever was missing in my life. Serendipity again - I was searching for something and found a new me.


I don't like the name Sara (long story involving an Ex LOL) and I wanted my name to be something about Serendipty - so I combined the two things that mean the most to me right now!!!!





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Circles is the trail name I used when hiking. I would do section hiking, sometimes hiking north and sometimes hiking south. While hiking sections of the Appalachian Trail I would meet thru-hikers, I would be going north one day and going south another day, so they wondered if I were hiking in Circles.

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Portuguese is my first language and if "cache" were a word in Portuguese it would be pronounced with an open A, just like in French. I was playing around, trying to find some combination of words either in Portuguese or French that sounded nice when "cachecoeur" came to my mind.

In fashion, cachecoeur means a"wrap" or crossover style of top or dress). Literally, it translates as "something that hides/protects the heart". The term is totally meaningless in the geocaching context, but it sounds so nice that I didn't really mind... And I like fashion anyways :)

When my husband decided to join me in geocaching it was too late for him to have any word on this - so we both cache under this sissy french fashion name <_< Sometimes people refer to us as "the Cachecoeur duo".

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My old Geo-name was Boyscout64 but I usually cache with my daughter and intend on getting my girlfriend to go with me. So a team type name was needed and since my daughter and I are huge Dr. Who fans we decided on Tardis. The TARDIS can go anywhere and anytime.


Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Team Tardis!!!!!!!


If my name hadn't been Green Lantern for the longest time, my next name would've been TheBlueBox, or something like that. But I like Team Tardis!

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I capitulate. Sort of - since I know the explanation may not be quite as esoteric as some may believe.


It seems lately folks have really taken notice of this "jeepdog" business and have queried what it may mean. This culminated recently with Andrewasking in ZnG mail.


So, here is the response to that query, for the information of all who frequent here...


Jeep Dog: Sort of weird, this. In the early '90s, my phreaker handle / Internet persona was >>>>Huey Dog!!<<<< . This grew out of the fact that I am, among other things, a helicopter pilot, and was damned proud I was flying around in antique Huey helicopters. Also, at the same time, probably due to my preference of great retrievers (I also was a bird hunter back then, which is an activity which I have ceased), friends called me "dog." Mind you - this was before "dog" was a popular discriptor within Hip Hop culture...


In 2004, when I began geocaching I took the handle of jeep dog since I stilled liked the dog part, and replaced "Huey" with "Jeep" for a number of reasons.


First, I am fond of the the '30s Popeye cartoon "dog" named Eugene the Jeep. Incidentally, the "go anywhere across any dimension" magical powers of Eugene may have lead to the popular - slang - name for hardy Willys vehicles (now a brand name).


The reason I am fond of Eugene is that he was ahead of his time, and surprisingly transcendental.




Yeah, you read that right, transcendental. He's flat-out cool. Read on...



In a comic strip entitled "Wha's a Jeep?" published in a strip on August 9, 1936, Popeye asks Professor Brainstine of a description of a Jeep.


He received the following response:


"A Jeep is an animal living in a three dimensional world-in this case our world- but really belonging to a fourth dimensional world. Here's what happened. A number of Jeep life cells were somehow forced through the dimensional barrier into our world. They combined at a favorable time with free life cells of the African Hooey Hound. The electrical vibrations of the Hooey Hound cell and the foreign cell were the same. They were kindred cells. In fact, all things are to some extent are relative, whether they be of this or some other world, now you see. The extremely favorable conditions of germination in Africa caused a fusion of these life cells. So the uniting of kindred cells caused a transmutation. The result, a mysterious strange animal."


Well, crap. Perhaps this "jeepdog" business borders the esoteric after all!



A strange enigma of an animal indeed.


There's slightly more to the tale (tail?).


Second, "jeep" is a state of mind. There's a certain Zen about Jeeps.


For example, about a year ago, my family was out for a drive (my mom and dad were along for the ride, nicknames moonstarand Stinky), and we headed up LaBrocita Canyon (New Mexico) to find beautiful trees and explore.


Have you ever gotten on a road and just followed it until either you could not follow it any farther or perhaps stayed on that road until it played out? That is what we were doing this fine day. As we headed up LaBrocita canyon, Stinky announced that the road would get rough, and we probably wouldn't make it, but eventually the very rough roads would connect into other roads back to Tularosa.


That was inspiration enough for me to carry on. Past bend, through puddle, straddling small rocks, and maneuvering carefully, we were Jeepin'!


There was a small problem, however. I was driving a minivan.


This was pointed out, when moonstar wisely proclaimed "Jeep is not a vehicle. Jeep is a state of mind."


Can we hear an AMEN? Well - AMEN! Ponder that perhaps adventuring is not something that you do, but perhaps something that you are. Perhaps you have to remember the joy of life. Perhaps you have to remember that there is more than having a deliberate destination planned. Perhaps - sometimes, you have to stop, look around, and realize you just drove through 5 eco-zones, and pause to smell the Douglas Firs.


Combine this with and the fact that I steadfastly refuse to drive anything but a Jeep (well, when I don't have to worry about 5 additional passengers, um, and when I'm not typically pedaling a bike to work) - since in my mind, "jeep" is a state of mind that happpens to correlate to a vehicle, of all things.


By the way, I now exercise the right change my mind about "jeepdog" not being esoteric.


Now, my friends, you know "the rest of the story." Perhaps "jeepdog" makes perfect sense. I am a bit saddened that the "mystery" and "aura" behind the moniker are displaced with this writing.


Oh well.

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I am a candy salesman, and have been for quite some time. Back when I got my first email address, I thought it would be case sensitive. Candyman and Candyman19 were both unavailable. I tried CanDMan (which I thought would always look like that and not candman and be pronounced "canned man") then CanDMan19. That worked. The 19 is for my favorite hockey player Steve Yzerman. When I went to change my email due to too much spam, (adult and otherwise) I kept my now well established CanDMan and switched to my all time favorite baseball player, Jack Morris number 47. My user name has been with me in some form or other as long as I have had the internet.


I've never really had an avatar, but I thought maybe I should have one on here (not usually a big forum person, but this obsession has brought it out of me). I just figured Willy Wonka is the most famous candy man I know, with Sammy Davis, Jr. and the man from the Candy Man movies being 2 and 3.


(As a side note, the first person to give me the name Candyman was an acquaintance of mine at the time. He could never remember my name, but knew my occupation, so he'd refer to me as the candyman. As things turned out, he became one of my closest friends. He seems to change my nickname amongst our group of friends everytime the one he is currently using catches on with the rest of our friends. Right now I'm Zilla. Don't know what that means. He does know my name, but only uses it when, "I'm being serious. You know I'm being serious because I called you John." That's an exact quote.

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Anavolena was how a friend wrote the name of the Peruvian horse he bought that he was very excited about. Turns out it the horse's registered name was really Ana Bolena (Spanish version of Ann Boleyn), but then again Spanish apparently isn't always picky about using b versus v.


I started using the name as a login about that time on a couple sites I didn't want to use my real name, and I still like it.

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Three reasons


I love to travel and love the deserts of the great southwest, what better logo and name than a Roadrunner


When I signed up Roadrunner was already taken, so this was the alternate.


At one time (Decades Ago) I was on the run. From who and why is best left unspoken (However that Issue was resolved in my favor long long ago.)

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A good friend of mine, who died a few years ago, used to joke about our dream job -- being a brewmeister at a brewery. Actually we just wanted to be the person who taste tests the beer.


When I started geocaching, and continuing today, I love hiking. So I combined 'hike' with 'meister' and came up with hikemeister.


About 1200 caches later I still like the name, even if it is a bit lame

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My Geo-name comes from an insult to me when the movie "The Last Boyscout" came out. I really liked it and the name stuck. The 64 comes from the year I was born in. I shortened it to Boyscout cause Im sure Im not the last one.


INdeed you are not Sir. My name, Scout Shadow, has similar basis. I am a Boy Scout, and it is very much a part of what I do. I learned about geocaching through a siminar on it by a friend and fellow scouter. Since he included Scouting in his name, I did as well. The Shadow part comes from my own personality, in a way. I am very much an introvert and a loner. I try to keep to the shadows. So I adopted a whole Shadow motif for my geocaching themes, such as incorporating shadows in to my hidden caches, at least in the name. THat would be how my name got started, and I really like it, and have used it elsewhere.

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Real name = Janeen


Some people have difficulty with it ... really... and try calling me "Jan." I have a strong aversion to "Jan."


As a result, I have several nicknames: Neenee, Neener, Neen, Neenskee, Neeners. When I wanted a domain name, Neenerz was the only version that was available. Now I use it everywhere.


Asleep yet?

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Mine is a permutation of the online name I've used for online gaming - Chewy. The Chewy handle was bestowed upon me in the 90's when I worked as part of a Canadian Coast Guard Inshore Rescue Boat crew at Desolation Sound. The guys called me Chewy. They claimed it's because I remined them of the famous wookiee.


I have no idea why they would have said that. I'm not tall & hairy at all. Then again...


At least it wasnt because I sounded like him. [;)]


The 06 part - that was frustration, it took 6 tries to get a version that was available.


Now that we have a lab puppy who seems to enjoy geocaching (she doesnt much like micros either!), it's appropriate - I call her the chewer - and me, since i'm the one most often chewed, im the chewee.

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I do a lot of crosswords. When I came across the word uxorious, everyone told me the name fits me. So I kept it. ;):rolleyes: (Better than the politically incorrect slang term some people used on me. )


Uxorious means excessively fond of or doting on ones wife.


I cracked up laughing!!!! you are hilarious!

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When I signed up I used the domain I registered back in 1999. I spent hours trying to find a domain name that wasn't already in use and I think I was delirious when I found one hadn't been taken so I signed up for it. I've had www.dragonswest.com since. I hadn't given it much thought at the time and still think it's not terribly important. I've certainly thought of some cool names :rolleyes: since, but I'm known by it now and will stick with it.

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Mine is my first two intials followed by last name. Jamalone, which could be read as jam alone. ie, having a good time solo. Given the solitary nature of geocaching and hiking and such, I thought it was ok. Not too terribly creative, but after coming up with the name, I begin to think of someone jamming alone ;) , it acutally became quite humurous to me, but alas, it was too late. Keep your minds out of the gutter, please!

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My name was my dad's name until i decided that i wanted my own name, so he said that i could use that as my own. SpotHunter is in two parts. The Spot part is from his company's name, and Hunter is kinda self explanatory (hunting for caches). I love looking at other people's names and trying to guess what they mean. It's fun to be able to have a name that expresses yourself is whatever way you want. :(

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I've been a referee for Women's Lacrosse since 1993. Lax is an abbreviation for lacrosse (la-x, x for cross). Been doing both high school and college, although I retired for a few years, so I lost my college rating. Hoping to get that back this fall. Been back refereeing for the last 3 seasons after taking 5 seasons off.

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