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  1. Thank you for replying! I greatly appreciate it and think I'll just stick with my phone.
  2. I've done a few using my Android but really enjoyed using a GPSr. Maybe the ruggedness of the device? At any rate I dug out my Meridian color and thought I'd see if it was possible to update the maps...etc. Didn't have any luck calling Magallen direct and in fact was given another number which played a recording that and hangs up after giving you a web address for technical support...which also doesn't list my device. SO...I need to find it a home and start looking into what else is new and available or get into the habit of using my phone. It does have a bigger screen which is nice. Any other Pros or cons?
  3. Years ago I played a computer game called EverQuest. Warbones was name I gave to my character. When I discovered this forum I was too excited to think of anything clever and just wanted to dive in.
  4. I wonder why you say this. Why do you think people are overpaying? Where else could they find for less money? eBay sales pretty much set the price for used items and their value. Maybe it is just more than you would like to spend. What are you looking to spend? I'd like to swap to the dark side and go Garmin. I had thought about keeping it and getting someone else addicted.
  5. OOps sorry, forgot to post the price. We are asking $20.00 plus postage which would be about $5.50 Is this unit still for sell? I'd like a pic sent to me.
  6. I would like to have someone to cache with in or around wichita, ks. I'm married so not looking for anything more. Just some caching fun.
  7. Have a group invest in those hunting cameras that capture photos of what walks in front of it. Motion triggered I assume. Set them facing a cache at random in the areas. At least you might get a pic of him to post and nobody has to be hanging around and no confrontation.
  8. any particular program or settings you all are using to make these? I haven't found any yet but I think I'd like to collect them if and when I do.
  9. Where are these hides at usually? I think around here most parks close at dusk. I don't know about the trails here. I'd love to do some I just don't want to be caught in a park after hours.
  10. Welcome to the addiction I can't think of anything else like it.
  11. I haven't even thought about going after a FTF in my area much less searched to see who my competition is. Not to say that in the future I might not get to that point. I think it would be a fun part of the hunt and maybe down the road I might. Is it possible for someone to dominate all the first to finds in any certain area? Yes! That becomes an issue of common sense. Just because I'm the fastest kid to the broken pinata every time it's broken doesn't mean I won't step back and watch someone else get it. There's a certain happiness in that too. Sorry about the crappy analogy...I couldn't think of anything else. lol Some people are really, REALLY competitive. Is it really about Cahing at that point? After your First FTF it's really no longer your first. It's then your 2nd..or 3rd...ect You get the point. I think for a lot it becomes a friendly , playful game between a few people in each area. Trying to beat the other to be first and then rubbing it in the others face over breakfast. I can see where that aspect of it would be fun. Hiding at times I can see might be problamatic. In 5-10 years just how far will you have to go to hide a good cache? I hear complaints about micros ect... How many reg caches can a park handle? I would love to hide a cache in my area however I'm somewhat intimidated by the many already here. Does that mean that a few have hidden a lot?! Or is it more that I'm creatively challenged? I know it's the last one Perhaps meeting some geocaching locals would open my eyes and retrain my way of thinking and give me some ideas. I've had two ammo cans since I started To CachePolice... You're as harmful to this sport as anyone or anything else. Your self chosen policing isn't warranted nor wanted. Might I suggest that instead of taking caches away from others.. Might you instead set yourself a challenge to place a cache with a goal in mind that instead of a FTF you have First Five to FInd. Allowing more to find it and still have that happy feeling of being the top five. I really think there could be a few different ways of dealing with this then how you are. At this point you're poison and ruining it for those in that area. Is that really the results you were after? Hiding another cache in that area and taking turns hiding in the bushes until you show up to take it wouldn't take much effort. Or one of those huntuing devices that takes pictures of the game walking by hidden somewhere and aimed at the cache. Just something to think about. Bottom line is this. This isn't tit for tat. It's GEOCACHING lighten up and remember what you got into it for in the first place. Have fun with it. Be creative. Hide one that's so cool we'll be talking about it for years to come. I think your time spent in something like that would be time well spent. JMHO For the rest of you having to read this. I apologize in advance for the crummy spelling and poor grammer Warbones
  12. Just an update. I am now using my Palm for caching help Thanks to everyone for their help.
  13. One more time to see if someone can point me in the right direction to what program downloads the description as well as difficulty rated onto a Palm. Thanks again
  14. Thanks a bunch to everyone who replied. You helped me out a bunch! I am now a premium member, have cachemate ( the registered version ) and actually have some Caches on my palm. What do I need to do differently to get the description details and Difficulty rating? Again, thanks so much!!! David ( Warbones )
  15. I just got this off of ebay. Did not come with a manual or any software. I'm trying to find out exactly what I need for paperless caching. I have the Palm, portable keyboard, cradle and charger. Is this compatible with Windows xp? How do I get started? Thanks to anyone with helpful replies. David ( warbones )
  16. I myself prefer the larger size. I'm a gadget freak but I don't like something so small I can't keep a grip on it.
  17. I personally just wanna see what everyone says. I'm looking to maybe get a new one in the future and I don't know what's out there.
  18. I'm not a tech guy much less someone able to get an accurate measurement. I need to know the measurements that I should tell someone to make a screen protector for my Meridian magellan color. Not the actual screen measurements. I have a screen protector now that was made for this but it has extra on one side while having space at the top and bottom( which is fine ) . The actual screen size is 44.4mm x 55.9mm there's a bit of room from top to bottom. So I was thinking maybe something like 57.mm x 43.mm. Is there anyone that is precise enough to mock something up to see if this would be close to perfect without having too much ?
  19. ok, thanks a bunch. Had me worried. It's always been pretty accurate as far as right over the cache. I thought it odd that it showed me to the right of the cache when I actually needed to go to the left. I understand however what you're saying about there going to be some searching to do once I'm in the area. Thanks again for your quick responses. Warbones
  20. When I first turn on my magellion meridian color...My location on the map is not correct. I'm sitting facing south and holding the gps in my lap. Turn it on and it shows the arrow ( me ) facing north...the street that I'm on which is to my left. or east as being to my right or to the west. Once I begin to move this corrects itself. And it's a little off on going to a cache that I know where it's at. Was telling me to that I was on the right side of the cache when actually I needed to go towards the right to get to it. I don't remember it doing this before. Anything I need to be doing differently? New batteries. Map setup is Course up North ref is true I can't think of anything else You might need to know. Thanks a bunch in advance.
  21. I go alone some of the time and my wife and daughter might go as well. It's not that they're opposed to going. Just happens to be what I'm into more then what they wanna do. That never seems fun when you drag someone along that might wanna be doing something else. I don't go as often as I'd like to either .
  22. I don't have the life line to use. Althought there's one I need to spend more time on trying to find. It's got me stumped
  23. Whoo Hoo! Getting this pic thing figured out.
  24. This is one my dad had while he lived in the mountains. I inherited it when he died. It's been retired since. While living in the mountains of Colorado he spent his time carving this. The grip part for your fingers is actually monkeys faces. Sorry if this pic comes out too large. I'm new with the posting pics part. The 2nd pic is a shot of an interesting feature for what I'm now working with. I'd be interested if anyone has a name you think might seem fitting. Pm me with it. I haven't started as of yet on it. Just kinda waiting for some ideas to hit.
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