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  1. We would like to do some caching in Greensboro while we're in the area. I pulled up a cache, the first one, and read a log that one cacher wouldn't cache in that particular area at night. Any areas of Greensboro to avoid? Especially with the kids! Thanks!
  2. Thanks for this! I just subscribed and am looking forward to some fun and interesting reading!
  3. I agree with this. A geocaching sticker on the outside would have helped the cachers. Non-cachers?
  4. We must have searched/found close to a dozen in cemetaries. They're always interesting places to visit. I can't help but say a prayer while we're there. It's always interesting to read stones along the way. I can think of two caches off the top of my head where we needed information on a stone to go to another stage of a multi. Placing one? Not sure about that.
  5. We're year round geocachers, but we stay away from the woods in the summer. We used to not care. But after a few trips with stagnant, HOT air and the critters including ticks and snakes, we'll skip it until the fall and winter. We like urbans in the summer!
  6. I still miss the zip codes being faded but visible on the maps. Now I resort to going to zipcodes.com, enter the city and state, and choose one of their zip codes that comes up, then enter it in gc.com.
  7. I've sent out 6 TBs/coins. Out of those, 4 are either missing or being held captive...for over a year! Why bother picking up a TB when you know you won't be caching due to other commitments for an extended amount of time. They seem to go missing a lot in our area. I almost want to add a tag...don't leave your TBs around here!
  8. Did you read through the past logs on that cache? Did any of the latest finders indicate whether the TB was still in the cache? It might still be in the cache, or it might've been picked up and not properly logged out. I wish that was a rarity Either way, it's worth the trip to retrieve the bug or to verify for the bug/cache owner that it's no longer in the cache it shows in. Bruce In the past couple weeks I posted notes on cache pages asking whomever stopped in the future to verify whether or not our coin and TB were in the caches. One person picked up the TB...YEA!!!! With the coin the next person who stopped posted that they didn't see the coin in the cache. At least I was able to mark it missing at that point. What's the right way to get longevity out of a bug?! If you send out something too interesting or cute, it's gone quickly. The missing coin is a USA geocoin...plain gold tone and tarnished. Probably the least attractive coin I could send out. Yet it disappeared.
  9. I inherited the name from a friend I've had since we were 4 years old. I had lived in FL 15 years and was ready for a new place! Ended up moving to Virginia. My friend said...I can't call you Florida Gator any more. Now I have to call you...Virginia Gator! Ta da! P.S. I had a good laugh a couple years ago when there was a small alligator found in one of the lakes in our community. Unfortunately, they attributed it to someone letting a "pet" loose.
  10. I've run into police officers at two caches and one park ranger while enroute to one. I have to say...the officers were very nice. The ranger was nasty! I've been approached at caches while wandering around without a clue where something is. Hate it when there's no hint on the more difficult ones. Once was someone asking me if I was an inspector. LOL! Yeah, that's it! The other times I just tell them I'm on a scavenger hunt. Depending on the interest or questions they ask, I sometimes explain Geocaching to them. In general, I love urbans. So much better than the ticks and snakes in the woods! And if I'm caching in an area that's a distance from home, you better believe that I'm going to get that cache no matter what it takes.
  11. Count me in as one who will clue a muggle in if they are in my way. Stealth goes out the window. If someone hides a cache in such an area, expect us to do what we must to get the cache. I usually start by telling them I'm on a scavenger hunt...if they ask me about what I'm doing. If they persist, I explain Geocaching to them, find the cache, and show it to them. Either they'll join in the fun or have fun watching others searching! A few months back we took a trip to Arlington, VA and DC. Loved the virtuals in DC! We didn't have any problem with signals. But in Arlington, reception was less than spot on. All the tall buildings around us really made the GPS less than accurate. There was one right near our hotel that we tried a few times while there. We just couldn't come up with it.
  12. Can I get you to stop by one of our caches in VA? Just the other day I placed one of our coins in the cache. It wants to go to...GREECE! There is a particular cache there we've been watching a long time. If we can't get there ourselves, it would be great to get our coin there! You could e-mail the TB owner and ask them if they mind your taking a TB of theirs overseas. I recently had a cacher e-mail about a coin of mine he picked up. He's headed to another state on vacation shortly. I told him...no problem! PLEASE take it! And thanks for asking!!
  13. I can think of one around here that had DNF after DNF posted. The owners went out to replace the cache. They found the original cache a distance away from the original hiding spot.
  14. The problem being many on this forum are "dead horses" - they have been here so long they have heard it all and get "upset" I guess that is the word, when someone does bring up a subject that the above named dead horses have beat to death in the past and on some occasions many times to the waste of many hours of said dead horses. Now if you are a dead horse as described above - do not get upset, I was just trying to explain why there is a penchant for mockery when threads like this (even if done with good intentions) get started. I disagree. The real issue is that these threads repeat so frequently that many times, they don't even fall off page one before a new one is started. It's a wonder why people don't try to do a search before sharing their 'new' idea. So for anyone that does search and finds a "dead" thread, would it be preferred to add your comment to a dead thread and resurrect it than to start a new one?
  15. The best finds include a gift card for Barnes & Noble. There was a cache that was missing and the owner replaced it. When he replaced it, he added the gift card for the first finder of the replaced cache! Nice surprise! Also, anything military related...patches, coins, ribbons, pins, etc. From time to time I've left an unactivated geocoin in caches. And a signature pencil. I really need to get the geocaching pins out there. They've been in a box for a while.
  16. I looked at the logs and I really don't see anybody tearing you down. Some complaints about the difficulty being wrong, which can be legit. I see you raised it already to 3.5 stars which should cut down on complaints. As long as your difficulty rating is somewhat accurate you shouldn't get too many complaints. It's when people see a bunch of DNFs on a 1 or 2 star difficulty hide that you'll see some beef spewing. Another issue is that you don't have the size listed. I know a few people who get pretty miffed by that. It's becoming more and more popular among micro hiders to list the size as unknown so those who dislike micros won't avoid the cache. We have someone around here who hardly ever chooses a size. I've learned to watch his caches for a while before going after any. If I see a TB or coin listed, it's not a micro. At least that helps some. What gets me is a lack of information on a cache page. No, I don't want a hike in the woods to look for a micro that's impossible to find. When I do get to an area like that, you better believe I'm highly ticked off. There's even micros out there where the owner has supposedly told me right where it is. I go back and look, and I still can't find the thing. Extremely frustrating. And they don't want any previous finders giving hints or help to those who can't find their caches.
  17. It sure would be helpful for the numbers to be accurate! I tried to place a cache in a park one time where I had the closest caches in my GPS. I walked it to an area that looked good for a hide. GPS said the closest cache was .10 away. I walked a bit farther to be sure that it would be far enough away from any other cache. Submitted a page, was told that it was however many feet away from the cache I walked it from. Darn bird flight path! We are not taking a bird's route.
  18. No, as has been said earlier...Micro/Nano is a size...while Traditional is a category... If you are asking should there be a separation between micro and nano...then maybe... I'm all for a micro/nano differentiation!
  19. I don't even need to check Snopes for that one. It simply REEKS of Urban Legend!! Please forward to anyone with children And it really works!! I had a pediatrician tell me Those are some of the many "warning signs" that you should probably NOT forward it to anyone. When I once had a tick in a tough place and called the doctor's office, they said to put vaseline on it. It would back out on its own, but it would take quite a bit longer. I opted for going to an urgent care center since I couldn't get in the doc's office that day. Not only did they remove the tick, but they also gave me a booster tetanus shot! Now I know I'm still up to date on that one.
  20. We did a fake library book cache, too...actually, it USED to be a library book that was decatalogued. The librarian gave it to us and we hollowed it out and glued the pages to make a box. I wasn't there when she put it back on the shelf and even knowing approximately where it was, it was still hard to find without the exact Dewey number to find it. You can find it at: Gold & Iron This is still my favorite cache we've ever found! We first ended up looking on the wrong side of the aisle. We cracked up when we returned to exactly where we were previously and found it was directly behind us on the first try. Love it! We made this one #1,000 for us.
  21. It used to irritate me no end if I couldn't find a cache. And it was usually a micro in the woods. Now I have no problem adding that type to the ignore list. Throw in the caches with the intentionally inaccurate coordinates, too..."this will put you in the general area of the cache. good luck searching the 336 places it could possibly be."
  22. We've been to some great virtuals in DC. There's one on my watch list still because it was so interesting. There's always posts showing up from cachers in other countries. I get a laugh out of it because they usually have found a few virtuals in different countries...on the same day. There's even been a post by a reviewer suggesting the owner police the logs better. Hmmmmmmmmmm...if the owner doesn't want to keep up with them, I'll gladly adopt the cache and do it!
  23. LOL! That is my worst worry. That a police officer is going to come up behind me, ask me what I'm doing, and I can't find the cache! I worry about this one way too often. LOL! And it's the main reason for a number of my DNFs.
  24. I always tell them I'm on a scavenger hunt. Depending on their response, I go into a brief explanation of Geocaching or not. But whenever I come across a police officer, I always tell them what I'm doing. The best one was when we were coming out of the woods and were crossing a ditch. We were on one side, two police officers were on the other headed in our direction. They were smiling (I think due to child being with me) and asked if we were hiking. Me with print outs in one hand, a hiking stick in the other, and a GPS hanging around my neck told them what we were doing. Turned out we were actually able to help them and showed them what they were looking for.
  25. I really dislike them. We're lucky though...they haven't been a big thing in our area. When we go other places, we've come across quite a few in caches. They ALWAYS end up falling on the ground. I pick them up and stick them in the bag with the log book. And what if someone likes your card and they take it...and you haven't signed the log book. Hmmmmmmmmmmm...no signature for the log book. I think everyone with the cards should have a Tot stapler and staple them to a page in the log book!
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