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  1. Been a while since I posted but I think I'm back in the game. Going to try hit all the Mchenry Caches that I have not gotten yet I think there are about 10. Should be cool. Some of them are in my old stomping grounds.
  2. Great attention to the sport but they sure did "overact" the FTF OMG IM THE FTF
  3. I started out using TOM TOM or navigation. Although TOM TOMS are designed to get you to a location from a road map. It would get me to the vicinity of the cache but I had a hard time finding it. I started using Geocache Navigator on my phone gps and it works a lot better!
  4. Ahh Round Table pizza. Geocachers and pizza, can't get much better than that! Did I mention pizza is my favorite?? :-D
  5. Thats a great idea!! That happened to me the other day..."my pen BROKE on site!!" Next time I'll take a pic
  6. Are we talking monday as in Labor day monday?
  7. To all the locals I am curious as to what gps you guys use? I am using a cell phone with geocache navigator.
  8. It's actually funny that this thread has gotten as big as it has. When I am looking for caches in my area that I haven't done yet or sometimes I read ones that I have done just to read them. I see a pattern of people writing the same thing over and over on all the ones in the area. It just bugged me, thats all! Its fun to see what other people thought about it as well, thanks for the find!
  9. It doesn't bother me, especially if the finder is writing lots of logs at once. It's even more okay if the finder uses the cut and paste text as a starting point, and adds some extra details about the specific cache. But, if all I get in a log is cut and paste text, that's okay. I'm just glad someone found it. The nice thing about this sport is we all get something different out of it
  10. No... nice theory, but I'm afraid it is not that simple. Even inspired hides get uninspired logs way too often. Exactly! It could be a great location, a hard find, and still "Out cachin with so and so had a great time too many caches to remember!"
  11. Thats understandable, I'm sure that was quite frustrating!
  12. Went and did 3 of the 5 caches in East La Loma Park in Modesto. Will have to make a few trips back for the other two. One of them is 4/5 difficulty it looks fun. I attempted it but will have to try again.
  13. Its amazing how threads shift directions!
  14. Actually reading and comprehending my post is required for your comment to apply...which it doesn't. Go back and re-read this part of my post: I was specifically referring to this You can't tell someone how to log. As long as they sign the log in the cache, it is an official find. When they log online, technically, it's a courtesy to write anything at all. People get worked up over how other people write their online logs? I can't think many things that are more petty than that. Eh we all have our own peeve's about caching. I personally like to read others logs. And after reading this thread I just may do nothing but CnP!
  15. Good advice on the first part. For the second part, I think a huge "it depends" applies My personal pet peeve is an "easy find" log on a cache I'm visiting for the 3rd time. LOL ya sit there and wonder "how the hell", and they have only 3 finds before that one.
  16. Sometimes, but I've got bigger things to worry about. When I cache with friends I use a template for my logs, but I always put at least one line unique to every log. If it was a memorable cache, I write a few lines (or even a few paragraphs) to tell the story. I tend to write short logs for quick Park & Grab caches...unless they were an FTF. I agree sometimes if it is just a LP hide that there really isn't much to say about it. Sometimes I think when reading these logs especially when it is one you have already found, you want to know that someone else had the same frustrating time finding it or found the same thing cool about it. Not "out doing 100+ caches today with so and so had fun thanks!" Eh just venting lol
  17. I like looking at the caches I have found or the ones I haven't found yet in my area and read what others have wrote. Lately I have noticed when people go out and get 20-50 caches a day they tend to copy and paste the same response to every cache they found. Maybe I am weird but it irritates me. I suppose the fun is in the find and not the log? Well I like both personally. When I find a cache I try to write something good about the cache, unless it was really easy like a lamp post grab. Does this bother anyone else?
  18. Ya I've been reading about fire tacks and flashlights it just sounds fun
  19. I don't know if I can make the merced event, although if there is one closer to Modesto I will probably attend. Another question! Are there many night caches near Modesto? Or do you pretty much have to travel pretty far out of no where to get to some?
  20. You can also email the owner of the cache for a hint or a friendly cacher that has already found it in the logs! I've found everyone is very helpful.
  21. Ok so I love going to the library. Have any of you found a cache somewhere in a library. Like a log in a book thats never checked out? I've read some where on the net about them. I think it would be fun to set one up but would probably be a high maintenance one?
  22. I'm sure at the time it almost seemed like a lynching but afterwards I'm sure it was quite amusing looking back on it.
  23. I've been doing geocaches for about a month now. A few tips I can offer: Go find the caches!Even if you can't find it, keep trying. Look in places where you think "you" would hide it so others can't see it. Or even look for the obvious! Sometimes the caches look like they belong. The most important thing is to just go out there and try it. Depending on how you want to geocache you can always look at the hints provided or read the 'entire' log entries sometimes people put out hints and or pictures that can help you. Starting out this is helpful just to get things rolling. Or just stay at one location without hints until you find it, sometimes this is more fun. Try for "small" or "regular" caches and a rating of 1/1 (which means easy). I started searching for micros and I never found them until I knew what to look for. I think the small and regular ones are more fun because sometimes they have to be more creative to be hidden especially in an urban area. Lastly if you go to a location several times and can not come up with it, email the owner of the cache! Sometimes they will provide additional hints to help you find it. They don't always email back but that happens. Happy Hunting!
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