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    URWIGO builder

    How do I use the AND expression as well as the OR expression? Also how do I just the new feature of the Functions area?
  2. The reason I found this post is because I wanted to see if anyone else used "prototyping" here in the forums. Reason being, I am raising the funds for a desktop 3D printer on kickstarter.com it has some interesting implications for geocaching. Please visit my listing! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/johnecker/reprap-diy-3d-printing-in-your-home/widget/video.html My link
  3. Last post was 5 years ago and here I am just learning about this!
  4. Since writing logs does not work on the Wherigo site, I thought it would be nice to have a place to allow any notes or let everyone know that you finished the cartridge. In case you're in San Diego and don't know, I published this Wherigo to be playable in Balboa Park. It's made by J2B2, all I did was change the zones and make it easy to answer the location based questions. Here's the link. Remix:A Fremont Fairy Tale San Diego
  5. I just created the cartridges this week. Then complied the .gwz and uploaded to the site. Then downloaded the source .gwc file renamed to .zip and extracted. Opened urwigo and tried to import the .lua file. FAIL. Same with the Wherigo builder. I believe I dealt with the 32 bit vs. 64 bit problem when I first installed urwigo and it should be running in 32 bit mode. But how can I check?
  6. You could try playing it again. The market has a GPS Spoof app that will allow to select where you want your phone to think it is. You could play a whole cartrigde with it from your Armchair couch. LOL
  7. HELP! I had someone contact me asking for my files and I'd like to send them but I can't seem to get my .gwz file that I downloaded from Wherigo.com to open in either URWIGO or the standard builder. And yes, I renamed the .gwz file to .zip and extracted. Is this normally an issue when you build with URWIGO? That you can't open the source code after compiling and uploading to the site? Here's a photo attached.
  8. Hello All, I wanted to let you all know that I released a Wherigo cartridge playable in Balboa Park! It's not a geocache yet, just the game. It's called- "Remix:A Fremont Fairy Tale San Diego" My link It is a copy of one that was built by J2B2 commissioned by Groundspeak back when Wherigo got started. So the landmarks in the game will not be the exact landmark I have programmed it to lead you to but they will be decent analogs. My hope is that this might ignite more of an interest in the Wherigo platform and encourage others to build, like "Lets Look Over Thayer" has done with "Science Mission" (Which I still have to get) So please give it a try and I hope you have fun with it. John
  9. I will share my games with anyone out of my area or those nearby that have already played them. I just published a rest stop Wherigo- GC2KAG7 There are plenty of rest stops all over the country making it very easy to replicate. It would require some editing to fit your area though. If anyone is interested in the source file, please contact me.
  10. You can try uploading the .gwl file to Wherigo.com. Just don't try it from your phone. USB connect to a computer and copy the files from sd/wheryougo/game.gwl. Then upload it to Wherigo.com. But from what I hear on this forum the app my be breaking that file anyway. The developer can program the game to show you the unlock code and save it as an item in your inventory after you complete the game.
  11. So, if Urwigo says its error free I should be good to go?
  12. I am nearly finished with a new game and I want to make sure it works for everyone well. I've heard that Garmins have unusual problems that cause crashes. For instance, using "on click" events. I have tons of those programed in my game, I don't see how to get around using it but apparently it makes Garmins crash? Is there a list of work-arounds? Maybe a do/do not list for building? Does Urwigo automatically audit for these crashes?
  13. I don't know if it was included in this update or a previous one. But the reminder that you have unpublished field notes is AWESOME! Thank you so much for that!
  14. Make your voice heard. Feedback
  15. Please show groudspeak you still care about Wherigo. Feedback
  16. The 4.0 iPhone just came out.... What do I win?
  17. Do you have a smartphone? Droid, iphone? There are apps you can download.
  18. I did not have to active sync anything. You can either mount your phone's SD card via USB cable or download the .gwc file from Wherigo through your phone's browser.
  19. Works great for me. I found two Wherigos in Fresno. I finally feel like my phone can do it all! Garmin? Who need a Garmin?
  20. Hi, I just stumbled upon this thread. I'm down in Lemoore if you don't already know me. One question. Does the central valley want more Wherigo caches?
  21. Augmentend reality was a thought in my mind too. Just hold up your phone and you can actually see a character standing there. Or an item on a table. Layar on droid does kinda the same thing.
  22. Follow/chase a character along a path. Set the path in the builder and instruct the player to chase it. It will follow the path you programmed and keep moving at a preset distance and speed from the player. Example: Harry Potter's- catch the golden snitch.
  23. I am starting this thread so those that play Wherigo may request features for the next update of the Wherigo Player software. This is not a complaint thread, submit your bugs through that process. Number one on my list. Include the tutorial cartridge in the program so that the player can start playing right away.
  24. I'd like to start a thread on things we would like to see in an updated builder package. So that Groundspeak can know what we would like to see. First on my list, Visual Building Process. URWIGO has spoiled me! Sound off! Maybe someone is listening...
  25. I've been working on my Pick-a-Path game and would like to make it playable anywhere. It would have 13 endings so the replay value is awesome! Once I finish it, could someone with more experience try to hand edit the text file to make the zones play anywhere? I plan on using it for a Wherigo geocache but edit the same file to play anywhere but not to include the geocache location.
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