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  1. Yes. It was a long time ago and I thought he might have redeemed himself by now but it seems he's still wandering in the wilderness, cocking his leg against random cactuses. I'm just dropping by for a short visit - Hamstercaching called me back to the forums, I needed to check on a detail. MrsB
  2. Oh my... The names on this thread... Are they still out there caching? It's time Hamstercaching made a come-back. MrsB
  3. Any specific part of Wales? If you're going to south Wales, try and do 'The First in Wales' GC2BA, near Abergavenny. MrsB
  4. Fantastic news that the Android version can now work in miles. Thank you! Chris
  5. You don't need any third party software. Just create the pocket query, download and unzip the 2 files created to the GPS. I've written a simple guide explaining how to do this. It's written for Windows but the process is the same for a Mac. In Windows you can unzip files with Windows Explorer and also copy the files to the GPS. I don't know Macs but there must be something similar. My guide is a PDF file you can download from my resource site here (bottom of the page). Chris
  6. I have brought this typo to the attention of Graculus - Been away for a week marrying off our daughter He'll correct the spelling it ASAP MrsB aka Mrs Graculus
  7. Very few UK geocachers use this forum now - You might get more response from joining a couple of the many UK regional geocaching groups on facebook, e.g. South Wales Geocachers. "The First in Wales" was the first cache we ever found back in 2004, hence our user name. Good luck on your trip. MrsB
  8. No, you're not prevented from contacting a Premium Member so your emails should have got through, unless the other cacher has some sort of filter blocking certain emails. It does seem rather odd that they've kept your trackable this long without dropping it off, and without replying to your emails. They've been caching regularly and have been to several caches which seem large enough to take trackables. It seems you've done all you can to try and nudge them to drop it off somewhere. I wonder whether they've accidentally lost it... but that's no reason not to let you know, such things happen the world of TB travel. I wouldn't send any more emails, just try and forget about it for now, I think it's a bit too soon to mark it as missing. If there's still no action/no response after about 10 - 12 months you might mark it as missing and then consider releasing a replacement trackable on the same tracking number. MrsB
  9. Just dropping by to see how my suggestion (the original post) is doing and I'm surprised and gratified to see that a faithful few are still keeping it active. It's four and a half years since I started this topic and the problem of ghost trackables is on-going and gets worse year by year with no reliable system in place to clear up the accumulating mess. It's sad. MrsB (Disappointed)
  10. Not many UK geocachers use this forum these days, most of the chat/discussion/advice etc takes place in the many, many, UK regional geocaching groups on facebook. If you don't use facebook then this event next week would be a good opportunity for you to meet up with local cachers: It's Leap Day event - Poole MrsB
  11. You can log a PM-only cache even if you are not a PM yourself. Go to the link below, enter the GC number, click 'Log visit'. Project gc dashboard MrsB
  12. Very few UK geocachers use this forum these days, so not many will see your request - virtually all the geocaching chat / advice / discussions take place on facebook. If you use facebook, I suggest you join Geocaching UK and then someone from the 7000+ membership will point you in the right direction for a group local to Watford. MrsB
  13. Wentwood, between Chepstow and Newport, has a lot of caches around it. Here's a starter... Wentwood Ring MrsB
  14. Very few UK geocachers use this forum these days so you'd reach more of them by posting in one or two or fifty or more of the regional geocaching forums on facebook. If you don't use facebook then you might try the UK Adopt A Cache site. MrsB
  15. Also, if there's resistance to the idea from the PCC try suggesting you put it in place for a trial period of, say, 4 months and let them know you'll remove it immediately if they decide it causes and problems. MrsB
  16. Hi Not many UK geocachers use this forum now, most of the geocaching chat/info takes place on the many UK geocaching facebook groups so, if you use facebook I suggest you join e.g. Geocaching in Kent , or Geocaching UK to get the help you need. MrsB
  17. I would put a NM log on each one that needs it. Then go back and look at them a month later - If nothing's been done, with no log response from the cache owner, I would put NA logs. All NA logs go to the reviewer as well as the cache owner - The reviewer will take it from there. MrsB
  18. Hi Cadetevon Very few geocachers from UK and Ireland use this forum any more, it's nowhere near as active as it was 5+ years ago. Nearly all the geocaching chat/help has moved over to facebook groups. If you use facebook yourself I suggest you join Geocaching Ireland. MrsB
  19. Our trackable with greatest mileage is Edelweiss, a free-ranging geocoin, with 80,000 miles on its clock. Much of that mileage has been added over the last 10 months by the geocacher Ride the Tiger who's been travel world-wide. A good survival rate for a geocoin released in November 2009. MrsB
  20. You may find the info on this link helpful: UK Geocaching Wiki - Permissions. MrsB
  21. Your requirement that finders take a photo in order to log a find on your cache is known as an ALR (Additional Logging Requirement) which is no longer allowed under the Geocaching.com Guidelines for placing a cache. They used to be allowed some years back but then, for a few reasons, they were disallowed. Your cache would not normally have been published so perhaps the reviewer accidentally missed this aspect of your cache listing when he reviewed it. The requirements for logging most caches are simply find cache, sign log, replace cache correctly - You can suggest that finders might like to do some other requirement but you can't insist they do, and you're not allowed to delete their log if they choose not to do it. MrsB
  22. Good morning from Wales, UK. I'd like to link Whoseyerwan to the UK Geocaching wiki, in particular this section: Why your cache may not be published. "Plastic bags (zip lock, carrier bags or bin bags) are entirely unsuitable as either camouflage or protection as they are often biodegradable and after only a few days will become wet and messy and unpleasant to unwrap. They eventually just become plastic litter... If your cache is in such a bag it won't be published until the bag has been removed. In addition, caches wrapped in a plastic bag could be mistaken for a 'suspect' package. Always make sure your container is clearly labelled. " Very occasionally one still comes across a geocache in a plastic bag in UK. Why? Because in the early days of geocaching (in UK) cachers would sometimes wrap their sturdy plastic container in a plastic bag, or black bin bag, in the mistaken belief it would give added protection from the elements. (You'll know all about those "elements" in western Ireland). In fact the additional plastic bags only hold wetness around the cache and attract colonies of slugs and snails which love them. (At least they were approved by our slimy wildlife.) So now most UK geocachers are wiser and have taken on board the No Plastic Bags guideline. UK cachers are encouraged to remove any plastic bags around caches and dispose of them appropriately. Caches are not individually inspected by the volunteer geocache reviewers before being published to the geocaching.com site so a reviewer will not know whether there's a plastic bag around a cache unless the cache owner mentions it in their cache description. If it's mentioned then the reviewer will ask for the bag to removed before pressing the publish button. If another geocacher finds a plastic-wrapped cache and reports it to the local reviewer then that cache will be temporarily disabled and, again, the cache owner will be asked to remove it before the listing is activated once more. Also please note that although I refer above to the UK geocaching wiki and guidelines, be assured that the reviewers for Ireland (they cover both Northern Ireland and Eire) follow the same guidelines. MrsB
  23. Thanks, kü There was me thinking it would be a simple case of 'Choose file' > Click > There it is, ready to post. I'll have a play around with it when I have more time. MrsB
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