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  1. Personally I got a Spot Gen3, see attached link for more info. https://www.findmespot.com/en/index.php?cid=100
  2. 2 caches found on 8/9 equaled 22 coins. Really not sure how the calculations were preformed, seemed like should have only been 21
  3. Odd that HQ doesn't know who made the date changes on the listing. Would be helpful if the original CO verified the placement date. A brief note from the adoptee (current CO)on the cache listing clarifying date would be nice also.
  4. My preference is to 'write note' for the date we signed logbook leaving that note forever. Then upon completion of requirements submit an online 'found it' log as of completion date. Will also reference in that physical date of found. ie: note made 1/1/2013, found 1/1/2016 (with comment of found on 1/1/2013).
  5. RE: Costco cans Haven't put them on scale or measured actual thickness, but comparing them to ones I bought years at a surplus store. Feel same weight, look identical even the spec number imprinted through metal. Gasket quality looks good.
  6. Our Costco had them and sold out. They are back again. In a 2 pack as mentioned in a prior post. Keep checking stock or ask at member services
  7. Mine are in the bsmt as the last ones I used for caches vanished.
  8. Chrome broke/unsupported the plugin for other devices also namely DeLorme Earthmates
  9. Many times I have a brain ____ and can't remember the date. Then I end up writing wrong date in paper log. Sometimes easier just to sign w/o date or just use month/yr. The phone and gps know the right date for online log.
  10. Apparently I'm in the minority here with my not real smartphone. Did not use wap that often, yesterday was the first I needed field access in months. The regular site is worthless on my phone, could not get any info needed. Sure would like to see something similiar to wap return.
  11. Going off on a slight tangent here. A cacher we know decided to stay home on a dark and stormy night a couple years back. She still had many dates to fill and wasn't concerned that night about filling in that one. Some time later she got obsessed with completing the calendar and mentioned in a cache log regrets about missing that date. Did her a surprise favor by placing a cache nearly across the street from her house with publication held until that missing date. Figured that no matter how bad the weather she could finish filling her calendar on that day.
  12. Yes, but. On the rare occasion of seeing a suspicious log, I have checked the logbook for some marking of a find. Lacking that an email is sent questioning the find. With no response for missing sig the log will get deleted.
  13. No charge premium memberships for "Geocache Maintainers"
  14. A few years back this area had Chumopoly. It was a combination of traditional caches containing clues to locations of puzzle caches which had clues to a final location.
  15. Started the streak for the same reason as OP, but quit at 85 as we were only trying to beat a cache slump.
  16. I've submitted caches well in advance and asked for it to be held until a specific date. My reviewers had always been able to honor my request. They may even have a tool to OK the listing and auto publish on the requested date.
  17. This reminded me of an event that recently took place. A group of cachers from my local area travelled to another state on a quest to find a particular cache. In advance of their arrival they set up a meet&greet event in that state. Well they turned out to be the only attendees even with several weeks advance notice.
  18. Was wondering about that too. Just deleted and resubmitted our log (then edited it)
  19. That language doesn't sound like you can not own any weapons, they just can't be used or seen by anyone on the property.
  20. Educational cache page. Very easy solution. We usually ignore puzzles, but this one was fun to solve.
  21. Use some additional waypoints for the entrance to the correct road, parking, trailhead and maybe make it a multi.
  22. Found this very interesting as I knew we had found caches at Service Plaza on the PA Turnpike. Even more interesting, those caches caches are still there, but disabled by a Reviewer pending review by the PTA (for nearly a year), yet they are being found by cachers on a regular basis.
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