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  1. Since I have no clue what it look like I don't know what to avoid so I am sure I have walked through it at some time, and have never had a bad itch or rash. So either I am immune to it or just lucky as heck.
  2. Mine is exactly what it says. I'll help some keep it clean.
  3. All the more reason to put in a recycled log book. I would ask the original owner if they wanted them before throwing them away. Since the archived it without retrieving them I would assume they did not want it, but you never know.
  4. Well if you didn't I was going to. Topic pretty well covered, just thanking Too Tall for the obligatory S/A comment.
  5. When I first started going on line I needed a user ID, I tried several combinations of my name, age, or birthday only to find anything I came up with and liked was already taken by someone else. At this point I decided that using my real name was out of the question. I college I got my name and that's what I used. Now how did we come up with the name humanloofa, it was not a name but more of an occupation at the time. There were several of us sitting around a campfire having a deep philosophical discussion while drinking tequila ( that should explain it). I surmised the human beings were by nature creatures of habit, and we had no way of knowing if every time we washed our back we missed a spot. I decided I should become an aquatic hygienic consultant, A few lime wedges latter the term humanloofa was formed. I even had business cards printed up, and they did work with a few people (good clean fun in the shower) . And that's how I got my name. Coincidentally my avatar is a tattoo on my right calf and the Latin in my sig line is written around it.
  6. I was doing shots with the minister before mine.
  7. Just stumbled to see what was going on in the on topic section. Congrats on the new arrival. Remeber no matter how bad it gets at night, he is not a trade item, neither are the dirty diapers.
  8. First three months, around 150 found, 34 are now archieved.
  9. I went from a big city, were I had two army surplus store five miles from me. I'm now in a smaller town and am still trying to find one that will suite my needs as a cacher. How can you have a surplus store and not have ammo cans decon containers, or MRE's? The two I have been to have mostly clothes and hunting related items. I have two spots that need a cache, but ironicly all my ammo cans are full of ammo. I could take the ammo out of one, but than I would not have to travel (cache) around to find an acceptable store. Nope I'm not addicted at all. As I am writing on the forums, planning a cache route to a town seventy miles away to search for a store that sells ammo cans, when I could accomplish it with a phone call, all while eating breakfast at a village inn on a laptop I had to get to log my finds as I moved across the country. Nope not addicted at all. And they best part of all is you can relate to this.
  10. Whoah - that'd be a great way to go for a first GPS. I love my old Legend, but were I looking to replace for cheap, that'd be mine. Of course, I want one of those 60CSx thingies I've been hearing so much about. I started caching with the legend. I never had a problem with it, found it to be fairly accurate, and easy to use. Loaded in everything through GSAK without a problem. Had close to 400 finds with it. Only reason I got a new one were; I moved to a new state and wanted the autoroute feature. Yes I did get a 60csx and they are good too, only problem is you need to constintly recalibrate the compass.
  11. T old broken cache L ammo can. This was a cache that had been there for a while and was in a good spot. And by some strange coincidence I happened to have an ammo can with me. I do normaly carry a spare notebook and a few different sizes of ziplock baggies with me to do some small stuff.
  12. I kind of like the idea. Seeeing a coin in a cache, what an idea. In close to 400 finds I have never once seen a coin in a cache. I have see them in nice binders at events where I could discover them. Allthough making people trade for them goes against the idea behind them. Now for the idea. you would have to have several containers all the same size. Put a few empty ones on the side of the cache. Put a coin in one and put it in the machine. Than the machine dispenses one container containg a coin. Should be fairly simple to rig up.
  13. I have a good one that falls into this catagory. Look at this one, and try to figure out why it has not bee archived or how it got approved.
  14. I had a similar situation come up recently, except it was the police that told me I was not to go where the cache was. To make it better it was on Tribal land, a specific no no. Link to the cache in question That was last weekend and no action has been taken yet.
  15. I have not had a problem with my E-trex legend, all though I upgraded recently to the Garmin 60csx. Look around and see what you want than look on froogle.com, lots of good buys there. Saved me about $150 off my new one. Just checked you can get one around $120 and you can add features to it latter if you want.
  16. Nothing like bushwhacking to turn those uneventfull T 2 into a challenging T 4 or better.
  17. A Geofundie? Hallalujah! (currently up to 14 finds) Congradulations 14 finds without a unit. There is a cacher out there with over 900 finds and he hates the gps units. He uses maps and a compass. nice to see someone dedicated.
  18. I hid one by my house and have done several placed on others property. The thing that seem to make others happy, ie go there, include photos of the cache, and include you exact address as the clue. This is the one that was by my house, untill I had to move. Includes pictures and address.
  19. A Pelican, they introduced me and my son to this obession. And even though he is banned Team 360.
  20. Just my $.02 here but instead of where the gunmen died, I would make it a tribute to LAPD. I've got a background in admin of justice and analized the tape several times in class, so I may be biased toward the law enforcment side. I do think you may get better feed back making it a tribute towards the police rather than the criminals. Yet again just my own two cents.
  21. Funny stuff here. I would not remove any of the offending caches however. Go out and find all the caches, and pee in them. That should get them removed or ignored rather quickly, or rehide them in a lovely pile of dung. If that doesn't work than try Ramblers sugestion. We have a person here who is not widely liked due to his attitude, we just laugh at him at events. I think this is the reason Jeremy included the ignore button.
  22. my first one is actualy printed around my avatar, and both are tattooed on my right calf. Translated it say We are all a bit mad. The second one is just true.
  23. I don't have the thread handy to link to, but didn't he just pull the rusted scrap out of a hole in the ground? It's not like it was willed to him by the 'inventor'. True, 360 was diging a hole to place a concrete footing to attach the plaque to and unearthed the can. 360 asked dave if he wanted it, and dave said he could keep it. I don't think it's anywhere near as important as king Tut, but it is a nice peice of history to geocaching. 360 saw fit to fix it up best as he could and share it with others in his travels. Had it not been at an event I may have never learned about the history of geocaching. It's more of a geocaching conversation peice than a holly grail, just my $.02.
  24. I would like to volenteer to be the keeper of the O.C.B. I will take it all over the world and share it with cachers at events. But first we need to talk about who is going to pay to have it proffesionaly preserved, and all my travel expenses. Furthermore since i will not be able to have a job, because I will be sharing this treasure with everyone, who will pay my house, car, insurance, and other expenses that normal people have. If we decide to pay someone to travel around with it I'd like to be first on the list. I am willing to bet that if someone was wealthy enough to be able to do all this, Team360 would give it up in a second. Untill than lay off him. he went out and mad a monument of the first cache, he was intrusted with the can by the person who originaly hide it, I don't want to even think about how much money he has spent taking care of it and taking it to various events over the years. Now to the OP. what have you done to help preserve the history of this sport besides openly flame the person who has done nothing but help preserve the history of the sport? I actualy met Team360 at an event, and saw the OCB. Up untill that point I knew nothing about the history of Geocaching, That day I got a nice in depth history lesson and a few intresting stories about it.
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