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What does your geocaching title mean?


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My family makes Maple Syrup. One of the ways to tell a tree is large enough to tap is for an adult to wrap their arms around it. When we have groups of kids visit, we have them wrap their arms around the trees because it's fun to watch :D


Now my son is old enough to start logging them himself and I wish I had come up with a different name and used this one as a group name.

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I have a 1973 Land-Rover Series III 88 inch wheelbase truck (see avatar to the left). These are normally called just "Land-Rover 88s", as opposed to the longer wheelbase four door 109s.


Anyway, I established the erik88L-R Ebay account name 15 years ago to buy Land-Rover parts from that site.


When I signed up on the geocaching site I hadn't given any thought to a geonick, and thought it would be a short lived interest. So I gave it about as much thought as if I were creating another throw-away hotmail account and reused "erik88L-R". Now I'm stuck with having to explain it, and at times defend it to those who think the "88" is a neo-Nazi thing.



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Fncnca is a combination of our two primary, (all other forum and email ) handles.

Mine is a gun, FNC Fabrique Nationale Carabine by the Belgian arms manufacturer Fabrique Nationale (FN) of Herstal. I have always been FNCxxx.

Hers is NCa which is northern California. She has always been xxxxxxNCa


Several years ago when I set up our first ISP connection, I needed a username in a hurry, Fncnca just popped into my head and it stuck. I use Fncnca for almost everything now.


I am a huge gun person and she is very proud of her northern California heritage.

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Ironically, after I posted the explanation about my caching name, I changed it to something that does reflect my photography interest, and I like it much better! Once Groundspeak made it easier to change user names without doing all the work to relog finds, I decided to make the change.

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Huge fan of the 1977 era misfits (punk band). Pretty simple lol.


eek. makes me feel OLD when I remember " how old" my music is. thurston Moore is 53! Peter Murphy is 55. neither of whom are really "old" so to speak, it's just that when you realize 20 years have gone by in a blink.....


anyways. Oxford comma. one of my pet peeves is the improper use of apostrophes . ( which I couldn't figure out how to turn that into a geoname. ) I also read fairly recently that about the oxford comma ( didn't even know there was a name for it) and how some scholars think it is unnecessary ( what?!?! ** gasps in horror **)

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I used to stalk a trout fishing forum where my profile name was "Creekwader." When I started geocaching I started using it so I wouldn't have to remember another name. Funny, that was almost three years ago and I never trout fish anymore but geocache every chance I get.

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I'm a Christian geocacher and I compile word puzzles based around the Bible. Philologus is a combination of two Greek words "philo" and "logos" meaning lover of (phIlo) the word (logos) and is the pseudonym I compile under. I simply carried it over when I started geocaching.

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Years ago my son wanted me to play Dark Age of Camelot online. He mistakenly thought that a segment from "The Tick" had a character named Thrakamazod. He made a toon called Amzod and I made one called Thrak. (The character's name was actually Thrakazog.)


The Tick: "I've had enough chasing; it's your turn now, forest-smog!"

Thrakazog: "Thrakazog! Thrakazog! With a 'K'! Boy, are you ever rude."

The Tick: "No brains today; we're only serving humble-pie, Whatchamazog!"

Thrakazog: "Listen buddy, for the last time it's..."

The Tick: "Four ax in a bog?"

Thrakazog: "Thrakazog!"

The Tick: "Ah, laxative-log!"

Thrakazog: "No no no!"

The Tick: "Lap lands a zog?"

Thrakazog: "No!"

The Tick: "Two laplanders and a dog?"

Thrakazog: "Thrak!"

The Tick: "Sapsuckafrog!"

Thrakazog: "No no no!"

The Tick: "...Susan?"

Thrakazog: "Oh, now you're doing it on purpose; how juvenile!"


I had wasted 3.5 years of my life in that stupid online game. I played 2 - 16 hours a day. Every day. A neighbor told me about geocaching and I went home and created an account to check out the forums. For convenience sake I just used the same name - Thrak - thinking I could always change it later. It turned out to be a nice short name to sign on logs so I kept it.


Once I found geocaching I never gamed online again. Wahoo! Geocaching saved my life.

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Ironically, Two Socks is not the dog pictured in my avatar, but, rather one of my cats. While I AM a crazy cat lady, I think I break every crazy cat lady stereotype!

Two Socks was already taken, so I added geo - kinda lame, but I can't change it now and I have yet to see the original Two Socks...

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I have a cat named Jinx and he was born the same year as my grandson. I am Grammy to my Grandson and his other grandmother is also called Grammy.

When my son was taking my grandson to his other Grammy, my grandson started crying and said, "No! I want my Grammy....?"

"I want my Grammy....???"

He looked around then said, "I WANT JINXY'S GRAMMY!!!" He knew my cat's name but didn't know mine!

Both grandson and cat are 13 years old and I am still GrammyJinx! I decided to use that as my geocaching name but added an extra "X". The extra X is there for no particular reason...attitude I guess!

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Two Socks was already taken, so I added geo - kinda lame, but I can't change it now


Yes, you can change your username.


Help Center → Geocaching → My Account and Profile


9.14. Username Change




Thanks Pup, but I didn't mean it literally, I know I am able to change my name. It would have been more accurate to say that I wouldn't change it now.



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Mine is a nickname from school.

At Christmas time my friends were messing around with those awful glitter spray cans and me being a "goth" (I wore band t-shirts and hoodies... Apparently that makes you goth) decided to try and cover me in the glitter, I pulled a finger and they sprayed it. I had a very glittery finger and they chose to call me sparklefingers... It stuck.

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My geocaching name is from a song of one my favorite artists Jackson Browne. I describes me well who I am what I've always loved to do, driving just to see whats out there, so adding geocaching to it was natural. I wish I would have known about geocaching long before 2 years ago I would have ten times the finds I have now.


My caching buddy For The Love Of Sunrises loves sunrises.


" I want to go to the place where the road and the sky collide run me over the edge and let my spirit fly" Jackson Browne.

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Well, I guess it was an old thread worth reviving.


I am usually just Woods, if it is available. I chose that name when I was in college because it is simply my initials (WDS) but with vowels inserted to make it pronouncable. I've been Woods on lots of forums, email addresses and so on for 35 years.


[Oddly enough, our first home was on Woods Avenue. Our second was on Woodlawn. Our third has a WOODS DR. sign on it (OK, so I ordered it, but....).]


However, Woods was already taken on the Groundspeak sites, and I didn't want to do the number thing. When we moved to the Ozarks back in 2003, we named our ranch Mountain Woods Ranch. Don't tell the locals that these aren't mountains, although we know better. (Guess most of 'em have never seen real mountains.) So the Mountain was chosen to "fit in". And it just sounded good to me for a ranch name.


So, Woods at Mountain Woods Ranch; couldn't use Woods as a membername, so MountainWoods it is.


(Yep. Sometimes folks get confused and think my last name is Woods. Oh well.)

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