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  1. Not to toot my own horn but my cache "mine's bigger" is the largest I have found/hidden. GC43MJ1
  2. You are surfing the geocaching forums instead of paying attention in BIO 101.... :cool: You know the cardinal directions without looking at the sun/moon/stars, just based on the location of geocaches near you.
  3. It's Tupperware. And LnL in not a Tupperware product. And LnL IS not a Tupperware product. I'm also not fond of starting a sentence w/ a conjunction. I am pretty sure "tupperware" has become the common word associated with plastic containers.
  4. I actually assumed this was the bumping of that old thread. Not sure why the poster feels the need to thump her chest for reporting a cache. Who knows how the hole got there? Can you actually prove the cache owner dug it? Oh, so you read through all the old logs to try to figure it out. That's what we call being a cache cop. +1 Also, did you log the cache as a find? If so, you couldn't of been that offended about it being buried.
  5. I wasn't really worried about the container flying out at a high velocity because the set up I have now is capable of putting out ~25-35 psi which is just enough to have it come out of the barrel. as for the resetting part I don't see how it would be much more difficult to reset than a spring mechanism. In my opinion a spring mechanism would be more difficult because with my idea all you'd have to do is turn the ball valve back into place. I knew when I posted this that I would get a lot of nay-sayers simply because of the word cannon. This isn't a pumpkin chunkin' type cannon it isn't even capable of putting out that much power.
  6. I just wanted to get some opinions on an idea that I have had for a new geocache for a while. I am sure you all have seen the air cannons you can make using a few pieces of PVC pipe and a ball valve. My question is: Would you think using one of these to shoot a container of some sort (film canister or bison tube) into the air be a good idea? I know these things can be pretty dangerous but I would make sure to secure it in a way that it can only be fired straight up so as to avoid injury from the container taking out an eye while coming out. I also know that some geocachers don't go after geocaches that require them to bring a special tool with them, I wanted to add to the challenge and require them to bring the bike pump out to GZ in order to operate the cannon. I have seen many geocaches that use pressurized air to extract a geocache but none in this fashion. I have also seen many that use a spring to shoot the cache into the air in the same way. I couldn't find anything in the guidelines about this kind of cache so could it even be published? Just looking for input and possible ways to make it safer.
  7. on both sides of the argument. as a cache owner: does it really matter if you have what you think is a bogus find on your cache? (provided it's only like one) as a cache finder: does one measly find make that much of a difference?
  8. April 2, 2015 it'll be a an unknown thats part of some geo-art somewhere
  9. "Mine's Bigger" had fun lugging this one all the way out to GZ! GC43MJ1
  10. iPhone, keys, wallet ect, Swiss Army Knife, pen, camera (35mm canon AE-1), some swag items, and my pocket bible that just happens to go everywhere I go!
  11. I appreciate everyone's responses and I respect your opinions. In brief anyone who has walked on (attended) any of the aforementioned retreats are a part of the 4th day community. The weekends (as already mentioned) are Christian retreats that basically offer a "crash course" in Christianity. The 4th day community started with the Walk to Emmaus movement in the 60s and 70s. here is a link with more detailed history. All that being said, I am not trying to convert anyone or shove this down your throat, just answering questions that where asked. If you do have serious questions you can PM me and I'd be glad to answer them. Back to geocaching, while the retreats don't offer the chance to geocache while attending, they are normally held in pretty scenic areas containing geocaches like, 4-H centers, summer camps, and church retreats. Just wanted to see if anyone who shares my favorite hobby was also part of one of my favorite communities
  12. I have had some really bad days geocaching but even the worst day geocaching is better then the best day doing something else . I had one really bad day where I. 1) stepped on a yellow jackets nest (note my forum tittle) 2)lost my GPSr (still using my phone to this day) 3) didn't find a single cache out of 5 attempts (mainly because I couldn't feel my legs after #1)
  13. You can't download the geocaches that way, but you can download the official geocaching app off of the android market. If you have a data plan with your tablet you can certainly use it to geocache.
  14. Same post, different international community.
  15. Well seeing as this thread was posted in this forum I figured my post would be fine
  16. Just wondering if any of my fellow geocachers are a part of any 4th day communities? (Chrysalis, Emmaus, Kairos, Ect) If you are I would love to know who you are and what number you walked and your community. I am Nick, I walked on NCA C-74, and I sat at the table of "only on Chrysalis"
  17. hmmm tie-dye shirts, Baja hoodies in the winter, and jeans or cargo shorts. Normally barefoot in the summer time and parts of winter!
  18. #1 continue to have fun #2 reach at least 200 (I'm at 166 or something like that) #3 place 5 more geocaches. #4 not really related but geocaching is helping me go from couch to 5k! Oh! i forgot! #5 release more travel bugs! (they are what got me into geocaching)
  19. but what if i painted it rainbow? like an easter egg!
  20. Most of my friends call me a hippie and i love those cream filled sponge cakes called twinkies.
  21. I recently found a cache that was on the opposite end of a ~500 ft drainage pipe under a street. the hardest part was forcing myself to wear flip flops so i wouldn't ruin my feet on the exposed and rusty metal re-bar half way through the tunnel. the rest was just concrete and i was at an advantage because of how easily my feet could contort to the edges of the pipe. all i have to say is, don't knock it till you try it... but then again don't try it and then come back at me if any of you are even a little interested i would suggest finding a nice creek bed in the summer and starting there. after your walk down the creek bed walk along the trail on the way back to your car barefoot as well (provided there is a trail) start easy. don't walk through a desert or bush whack your first time going barefoot or you'll have a bad time.
  22. glad to know someone out there understands me! i guess it isn't for everyone. i always have a firstaid kit with me and i know that it won't protect from something like a rusty nail but it's always a good idea to look where you step! i have also stepped on thorns and briars several times but with the way my calluses are i just pulled them out like they where stuck on a sock.
  23. i have never personally owned one but there is the one on the official GS shop page but if that is to much look on amazon there are plenty that are under $10. hope i helped
  24. i realized today that i must look insane on a lot of the trails geocaching has brought me to because i love to walk barefoot. in fact the only times i put shoes on (mostly flip-flops) are, when i go to church and into a store that tells me i have to. anyone else love the feeling of dirt and mud between your toes when you grab a cache in the middle of the woods? anyone think i am crazy for walking around in the woods barefoot?
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