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  1. Maybe nominate him as "Cacher of the Month" or to the Hall of Fame of your State Geocaching Association.
  2. Yeah, as if the CO was referring to a different geocache when they said it was missing. Weird indeed
  3. I see the cache was disabled by the owner, and has had a note placed by the Reviewer. The CO (cache owner) has since (on 9/28) placed a note seemingly indicating they will replace/repair the container. It is reasonable to expect the cache to be fixed within a month or so. Does your State Park have a Geocache Placement policy in place? My local State Park (Martin Creek Lake SP) requires a permit to be on file (free of charge and basically little more than a description of the cache, location placed, and owner contact information).
  4. I jave never heard of a continent called Oceania. The seven continents recognized by most sources are Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.
  5. I've been questioned a few times over the years. Three of these occasions were in small towns in various parts of Texas - maybe some of the same towns as the subject of the story. In some towns, anyone searching around or looking out of place is subject to being questioned by LEO, regardless of skin color. I've been questioned by Federal Game Wardens while out in the wild, but I've never been questioned in a large city.
  6. Looks like that cache was placed near a Boy Scout Camp, likely by a merit badge councilor & his class. CO has 3 hides along that road, there are 2 others with Scouting related names. I'll add to the mention earlier that a Needs Archive might have been the log of choice.
  7. I am planning a visit in July. What are five "Don't Miss This" caches?
  8. Take a look at Houston. There are a good number of caches in the parks there, and about a half dozen Adventure Labs in the downtown area.
  9. The flag counter only adds flags for those who visit the cache page, not finders of the cache. A person could get the cache information from a Pocket Query, use a GPS to find the cache, then use GSAK for logging, and their flag would never get raised on your counter.
  10. I read elsewhere that the location of promotions like this one is determined by the company/entity sponsoring the promotion. If I were Advertising/Promotions Manager for an Australian corporation, I would limit my Trackable release area to Australia (and maybe New Zealand). There is little reason I would advertise to North America or Europe, as there would not be much of a chance that those people would purchase my product.
  11. If you want people like me, with 239 FP "squirreled away", to award them, then have the CO in my area place some caches worthy of a FP. Just remember that the standard of worthiness is MY subjectivity, not yours.
  12. So, those of us who aren't twitter users can't get updates? How strange that the error updates are not posted on the Geocaching Forums.
  13. I can attest to this bug. Really an issue for me when I am planning an outing for our usual group.
  14. The only answer that matters is the one provided by the CO of the Challenge you are trying to fulfill.
  15. I finally discovered that I have to turn my phone to landscape to be able to see the full page. Can't zoom nor enlarge it to see the Log In button.
  16. How do I access the Builder page with a Mobile phone Browser. When I open https://labs.geocaching.com/ it only gives me the option to link to the play store to download an app that is already on my phone. I need to be able to adjust my AL when in the field, rather than going an hour back to my computer.
  17. Thank you to the volunteers who have hidden over 3 million geocaches. Thank you to the volunteers who answer so many questions and offer so many suggestions here in the forums.
  18. I only use the Geocaching App occassionally, but I would have presumed that all log types would be available to the user, just like on the website. Why would it not?
  19. A VERY important aspect that has not been discussed is PARENTAL APPROVAL for the children using the website. These Cub Scouts (I'd limit this to only those who have a parent along side for the caching activities) are not of age to have their own Geocaching account. I have taught the Geocaching Merit Badge a few times at Summer Camp for Boy Scouts. You could use that Handbook as a helpful resource in your endeavor. As most others have mentioned, Geocaching is not a "Treasure Hunt" and cache ownership is a long-term commitment. Having led Cub Scout dens from Tigers through 5 years of Webelos, I would skip the cache ownership aspect, emphasize the family involvement, and overemphasize the "Trade Even or Trade Up" idea (where you only trade for even value or leave more value than you take when trading). Good luck trying to teach something to Elementary School boys kids in an hour that takes a week at camp with Middle and High School aged boys kids.
  20. Sending an email to the approving reviewer isn't helpful when that person is no longer in the game. That's why there is the Needs Archived log. Maybe TPTB should rename that log type to Needs (Reviewer) Attention.
  21. In the "New Normal" days "due to COVID-19" much leeway is given to players in this hobby, especially cache owners who may not be able to get out to repair a cache. You have zero knowledge if that CO has communicated with a Reviewer, nor of any situation of the CO that may even include their demise from the disease. Without the life changes brought to the world over the last year-plus, I would agree with you. But now, just Lighten up. Go find other caches.
  22. Add another vote against this change. When I click to see a list of my owned caches, instead I get a list of all my recent logs. That is clearly a failure in a link. USELESS AND CONFUSING. The list I get has so much wasted space it makes for difficult reading on my phone web browser. I can only hope the developers are hearing what is being repeated so many times here, especially from those who have never posted prior. The dysfunction of this change has upset many users. Surely something can be done to give the same visual results with the new, safer(?) database system.
  23. I will most likely have a Fish Fry Event and a CITO in September again this year. I've hosted them for about 3 or 4 years now, and see nothing at this time to prevent it this fall.
  24. There have been a few times when I left some some "Presidential" trading materials in a cache (coins or small bills) for a trade, but it is not my usual thing. I've collected money as a FTF prize a few times as well.
  25. It would seem that this request would be suitable for a Pocket Query, but to have notifications check against the found status of every geocacher wpuld be a prohibitive use of server time.
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