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  1. Those underlying map symbols come from the map provider, not from Geocaching.com. Google Maps, Apple Maps or whichever other provider you select are your source for that Legend of symbols.
  2. No, you set the Pocket Query to return only caches with the negative attribute you want. The results should be the caches you need.
  3. When you say meeting, was this a geocaching event? That will qualify as a Find for the souvenir.
  4. Is this Help Center page somewhat hidden, like on the website, or does it pop up for the first few times a new player opens the app?
  5. They are more likely logging because they visited the location, and think that constitutes a find. They probably don't know about the container and signing the paper log inside.
  6. If you can't get there to fix it before publishing, how are you planning to maintain it after?
  7. When I look at each of those pages, and click the cache owner name link, I am taken to the profile of Geoguin Jones. It looks like these two have been transferred.
  8. Have you asked in the Wherigo Forum? Link for your convenience
  9. I believe that any time a geocache location is moved more than 528 ft, a Reviewer had to be the one do it for you, regardless of geocache type. Perhaps @Keystone can clarify?
  10. Not for me. I didn't like it with an older Garmin GPSr, and don't like it now. I like the smiley.
  11. At GeoWoodstock in Ft. Worth, I overheard a couple geocachers talking about how in their 200-some-odd finds that day, they had completed two full Fizzy Loops. I laughed out loud at that. (There were a couple GeoArts that were placed prior to the events that had the false D/T ratings to bolster the egos of those grid fillers.) That's why the old date and cache type restrictions should remain on those Challenges with one.
  12. I see that marker as a monument to all the various graves of the unknown souls lost to those three disasters who were buried in the cemetery. Clearly they are not in a mass grave, since the three disasters happened several years apart from the other. It looks like a three-in-one for a Disaster Memorial category.
  13. When I look at your profile, I see you have 32 souvenirs. When you look, you see them all, with the hidden ones faded out.
  14. During the tour you mention, is there a guide giving you information along the way, or is it one of those self-paced tours? I ask because as a visitor, and cacher, I would have to split my attention between the guide and getting answers for your Virtual.
  15. THANKS!! OK, so it's down at the bottom of the page, where almost nobody ever looks. Why wouldn't that be atop the page under the tab marked "Play"?
  16. I'm at a loss when trying to direct new hiders to the Guidelines and Regional Land Policy pages in the Help Center. WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR NEW HIDERS TO LOCATE THIS INFORMATION?
  17. Good to see an old-timer returning. I've found a few of your hides around the Houston area. I'm sure the folks in your new area will enjoy what you hide for them.
  18. I've never seen one. How would it work? You need gps signal, right?
  19. I noticed that your Owned AL are shown on the app as Unfound, instead of being hidden or a different mark of Owned. This is an annoyance that I was only able to cure by 'finding' my own AL. There must be a better way.
  20. I thought there was something in the Guidelines that said they must be free to access? Do I misremember?
  21. I couldn't know that, you didn't mention Prague in your OP. Regardless, it is beyond likelihood there will ever be a Mega as a side event to a Giga.
  22. As basic as I can be for the How To: You fInd a geocache. Sign your geoNic on the log inside. Replace everything as you found it. Tell of your exploits in your on line log. (If you don't sign the paper log, it isn't a find in this game/hobby.)
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